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Miranda Gutierrez (??-??) was the captain and governor of Castillo de San Marcos (1577-80) and governor of Florida (1589 -1592).


In 1577, Gutierre de Miranda, brother of former Governor Hernando de Miranda, was appointed to serve as Governor and Captain of San Marcos (a new fortress built in St. Augustine, Florida) by Pedro Menéndez de Márquez and Philip II. From that moment, Miranda Gutierre traveled to Florida and settled in Santa Elena, la Florida. Pedro Menéndez Marqués, governor at the time of the other Florida soon decided to Miranda rights, among which were to convert this in the interim governor of Santa Elena, but this election could not take place then, in 1578, Captain Tomás Bernaldo de Quirós was appointed acting governor of that city. Between 1577 and 1580, the Governor of San Marcos, Miranda and acting governor of Santa Elena, Captain Bernaldo de Quiros, along with the governor of Florida, Pedro Menendez Marques, attacked and subjected to several indigenous groups who had participated in the destruction of the first city of Santa Elena. In November 1580, Gutierre de Miranda took the post of commander in Santa Elena and he built a large ranch near the city. In On October 14, 1586, Gutierrez de Miranda, after learning the news that Francis Drake might have intended to attack Florida, informed the king of the state of Santa Elena and he said he planned to go help Santa Elena, as soon as the wind would allow sailing. began work at the Fort of San Marcos and enhanced it with curtain walls, bunkers and new weapons platforms. In 1589 he was appointed governor of Florida. Under his tenure, Florida's economy was very low and the population of the province was sustained with little food. In addition, there were native revolts against the settlers. He left the governor's office in 1592. Gutierre de Miranda has a sizable estate in the area that included well-bred horses.




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