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Gutterball is a compound word devised from "gutter" and "ball", which has several meanings:

  • Gutterball is a phrase often used in American ten-pin bowling to describe a delivery that falls into one of the gutters before it reaches the pins.
  • Gutterball 3D and Gutterball 2 are ten-pin bowling games released by Skunk Studios, the latter in 2004.
  • Gutterball is a '90s indie supergroup rock band that consisted of Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate, Stephen McCarthy of The Long Ryders and Bryan Harvey and Johnny Hott of House of Freaks.
  • Gutterball is slang for a quasi-legal urban traffic maneuver in which a motorist who wishes to pass other motorists stopped at a red light moves into the far right lane (often a right-turn-only lane) and times his approach to the intersection so as to be able to suddenly accelerate past said stationary motorists when the light turns green.
  • Gutterballs is now defunct band that has morphed into Gweeter
  • Gutterballs, a 2008 film

It is also a sport in the water polo family. Played in the shallow end of a pool, the object is for one team member to hold a ball on the side of the pool for 5 consecutive seconds without the other team knocking the ball away.

Poker player Joe Stillman is comically labeled "Gutterball" Joe Stillman due to his appearance and poor moves at the table.

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