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The term Gypsy scale, (alternatively known as "Ciprian scale") refers to one of several musical scales used in Gypsy music.


The main kinds of Gypsy scales

Minor gypsy scale

  • The Minor Gypsy Scale can be made by raising the fourth degree of the natural minor scale.[1]

The sequence of steps comprising the Minor Gypsy Scale is

  • whole step – half-step – augmented second – half-step – half-step – whole step – whole step
Full octave Minor Gypsy scale on C

This scale is also known as the Hungarian Gypsy scale [2][3]

Spanish gypsy scale

  • The Spanish gypsy scale is a scale that may be played on the white keys of a piano from E to E, except that the G is sharpened (using G# which is a black key). The Spanish Gypsy scale is the fifth mode of the harmonic minor scale, and is also known as the Phrygian major scale or Phrygian dominant scale, the Neapolitan minor scale, or the Jewish (Freygish) scale, often used in Klezmer music.

The sequence of steps comprising the Spanish Gypsy Scale is

  • half-step – augmented second – half-step – whole step – half-step – whole step – whole step
Full octave Spanish Gypsy scale on C


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