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Illustration of HLA-DR

HLA-DR2 (DR2) of the HLA-DR serotype system, is a broad antigen serotype that is now preferentially covered by HLA-DR15 and HLA-DR16 serotype group. This serotype primarily recognizes gene products of the HLA-DRB1*15 and HLA-DRB1*16 allele groups.



DR15, DR2 and other serotype recognition of some DRB1*15 alleles[1]
DRB1* DR15 DR2 DR16 Sample
allele  %  %  % size (N)
1501 76 23 6428
1502 77 16 676
1503 81 13 286
1504 >50 1
1505 >25 2
1507 >50 1
DR16 DR2 DR15 N
1601 41 29 19 703
1602 47 30 16 239
1604 >50 1

Disease associations

DR2 serotypes are associated with Goodpasture syndrome, multiple sclerosis[2], and narcolepsy, tuberculoid leprosy[3] (multi-drug resistant tuberculosis or leprosy),[4] Hashimoto's thyroiditis[5], ulcerative colitis(Japanese)[6], primary biliary cirrhosis and autoimmune hepatitis[7]. DR2 is also found in all patients that test positive for anti-anti-Asn-RNA-synthetaes and chronic interstitial lung disease.[8]

Genetic linkage

DR2 is linked to the HLA-DR53.


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