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HP Garage
Know for: Birth Place(s) of:
Silcon Valley
Owners: Hewlett-Packard
Spencer Family
Official Website: Official Website

HP garage is a museum where the company Hewlett-Packard was founded. It is located at 367 Addison Avenue in Palo Alto, California. It is considered to be the "Birthplace of Silicon Valley"[1]. It is a designated California historic landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The home, originally designated as 367 Addison Avenue, was first occupied in 1905 by Dr. John Spencer, his wife lone, and their two adult daughters. Dr. Spencer was selected as the first mayor of Palo Alto in 1909.[2] In 1918 the house was divided into two separate apartments, numbered 367 and 369.

In 1937, David “Dave” Packard visited William “Bill” Hewlett in Palo Alto and the pair had their first business meeting.

In 1938, newly married Dave and Lucile Packard moved into 367 Addison Ave, the first floor 3-room apartment, with Bill Hewlett sleeping in the shed. Mrs. Spencer, now widowed, moved into the 2nd floor apartment, 369 Addison. Hewlett and Packard begam to use the garage, with $538 in capital.

In 1939 Hewlett and Packard formed their partnership, with a coin toss creating the name Hewlett-Packard.

HP's first product, built in the garage, was an audio oscillator.[3] One of Hewlett-Packard's first customers was Walt Disney Studios,[4] which purchased eight oscillators to test and certify the sound systems in theaters that were going to run the first major film released in stereophonic sound, Fantasia.

The HP garage is not open for public tours, but the property can be viewed from the sidewalk and driveway.

Historical Designations

  • California registered landmark, 1987[5]
  • National historic landmark, 2007[5]


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