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Systematic (IUPAC) name
[(1R,2R,5R)-2-[2,6-dimethoxy-4-(2-methyloctan-2-yl)phenyl]-7,7-dimethyl-4-bicyclo[3.1.1]hept-3-enyl] methanol
CAS number 256934-39-1
ATC code  ?
PubChem 5311172
Chemical data
Formula C 27H43O2  
Mol. mass 414.621 g/mol
SMILES eMolecules & PubChem
Pharmacokinetic data
Bioavailability  ?
Metabolism  ?
Half life  ?
Excretion  ?
Therapeutic considerations
Pregnancy cat.  ?
Legal status Legal
Routes  ?

HU-308 is a drug which acts as a cannabinoid agonist. It is highly selective for the CB2 receptor subtype, with a selectivity of over 5000x for CB2 vs CB1.[1] The synthesis and characterization took place in the laboratory of Prof. Mechoulam at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the late 1990s. It has analgesic effects,[2] promotes proliferation of neural stem cells,[3] and protects both liver and blood vessel tissues against oxidative stress via inhibition of TNF-α.[4][5]


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