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The Kibbutz Movement (Hebrew: התנועה הקיבוצית‎, HaTenoa'a HaKibbutzit) is the largest settlement movement for kibbutzim in Israel. It was formed in 1999 by a partial merger of the United Kibbutz Movement and Kibbutz Artzi.


United Kibbutz Movement

The United Kibbutz Movement (Hebrew: התנועה הקבוצית המאוחדת‎, HaTenoa'a HaKibbutzit HaMeuhedet), also known by its Hebrew acronym Hatkam (Hebrew: התק"ם‎), was founded in 1981 and was largely aligned with the Israeli Labour Party and its predecessors. It had been formed by a merger itself, when HaKibbutz HaMeuhad and Ihud HaKvutzot VeHaKibbutzim came together


HaKibbutz HaMeuhad

HaKibbutz HaMeuhad (Hebrew: הקיבוץ המאוחד‎, lit. The United Kibbutz) had been formed in 1927 by the union of several kibbutz bodies and was associated with the Poale Zion and later Ahdut HaAvoda parties.

Ihud HaKvutzot VeHaKibbutzim

Ihud HaKvutzot VeHaKibbutzim (Hebrew: איחוד הקבוצות והקיבוצים‎, lit. Union of the Kvutzot and the Kibbutzim) had been formed in 1951 by the union of Hever HaKvutzot (Hebrew: חבר הקבוצות‎, lit. Group of the Kvutzot) and Ihud HaKibbutzim (Hebrew: איחוד הקיבוצים‎, lit. Union of the Kibbutzim). (Kvutzot were an early form of kibbutzim). The movement included kibbutzim which had left HaKibbutz HaMeuhad for ideological reasons and was aligned with the Labour Party and its predecessors. (Mapai)

Kibbutz Artzi

Kibbutz Artzi (Hebrew: הקיבוץ הארצי‎, lit, Nationwide Kibbutz) was a Kibbutz movememt associated with Hashomer Hatzair, a socialist-zionist youth movement. It was founded on 1 April 1927, and had 85 kibbutzim and 28,000 members in 1998.

List of members

See 'Kibbutzim of the Kibbutz Movement' at List of kibbutzim

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