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Haakon Magnusson (1068–1094) was king of Norway from 1093 until 1094. He was the grandson of King Harald Hardråde, son of King Magnus and nephew of King Olav Kyrre. He was raised by chief Tore på Steig of Gudbrandsdalen. After the death of Olav Kyrre he was hailed as King of Norway in Trondheim, while his cousin, Magnus Berrføtt, was hailed in Viken. He soon came into conflict with King Magnus and war seemed inevitable, when he suddenly died during a trip over Dovrefjell in 1094.

In 1090, he undertook a Viking expedition to Bjarmaland, in northern Russia.



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Haakon Magnusson
Cadet branch of the Fairhair dynasty
Born: 1068 Died: 1094
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Olaf Kyrre
King of Norway
with Magnus Barefoot
Succeeded by
Magnus Barefoot


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