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Yeshiva Hadar Hatorah is a Chabad men's yeshiva in Brooklyn, New York. It is the world's first yeshiva for baali teshuva.[1]



Rabbi Yisroel Jacobson giving a class in Hadar Hatorah in 1962

The yeshiva was founded in 1962 by Rabbi Yisroel Jacobson, a Chabad activist, to accommodate baalei teshuva interested in full-time study in a traditional yeshiva environment. It is located in the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic community of Crown Heights in Brooklyn, New York.

The yeshiva is a branch of the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education. Rabbi Jacob J. Hecht, dean of the NCFJE, played a pivotal role in the yeshiva's development and was its dean. After his death the yeshiva renamed Yeshivas Kol Yaakov Yehudah - Hadar Hatorah in recognition of his efforts.

The yeshiva curriculum includes Torah study, prayer, Jewish law, Hasidic teachings and Jewish values. Some of the courses are academically recognized and can be transferred to colleges for credits.

Yeshiva Hadar Hatorah

The school accommodates students of all backgrounds, and with affiliation to all Jewish movements.


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