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Hafizabad District
—  District  —
Map of Punjab with Hafizabad District highlighted
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
Capital Hafizabad
 - District Nazim Ch Mubashir Abbas Bhatti PML-Q
 - District Naib Nazim Mian Zahid Hussain Khan (PML-N)
 - Total 2,367 km2 (913.9 sq mi)
Population (1998)
 - Total 832,980
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
District Council
Number of Tehsils 2

Hafizabad District (Urdu: ضلع حافظ آباد ) is located in Punjab, Pakistan. Hafizabad was made a district in 1991; formerly, it was a tehsil of Gujranwala District. It is situated in the central Punjab and is known for its rice industry on agricultural side and cotton textile industry on industrial side. The capital of the district, Hafizabad, was built by Mughal emperor Akbar for strengthening administration of the Punjab District.



Hafizabad is very ancient city here all the emperors have ruled in the past.It is situated in a very good surrounding.

The Chenab River forms the Northern and North-Western boundary of the district. On the North-West touches Mandi Bahauddin, on the South lies Sheikhupura, on the West Sargodha and Jhang districts and on the East Gujranwala District. The district Hafizabad has a total area of 2,367 square kilometres.

The district is included in the agricultural areas of central Punjab and is home of one of the most amazing canal networks in the world. Hafizabad is famous for its rice production. The Hafizabad City Grain Market and Jalalpur Bhattian Grain Market are considered the biggest Rice Export centres of the country.

Hafizabad District has many colleges that provide high quality education. The majority of the population in the district 97% is Muslim, while Christians & Ahmadis inhabit the area in small numbers with the share of 2.9% and 0.1%, respectively. Punjabi is the dominant language 98.7%, while, other languages spoken in the district are Urdu 0.9%, Pushto 0.3% and Siraiki 0.1% . [1]

Hafizabad is known as "Sheraz-e-Hind" as many a poets and scholars of international repute were born in the area.

Geographic Location

Hafizabad is situated at a height of 800 feet (240 m) above sea-level. The district is located between 32°-20' north latitudes and 73°-12' and 73°-46' east longitude. Situated in central Punjab Hafizabad has its border with the Sheikhupura District and Gujranwala in east, District Mandi Bahauddin in north, District Sargodha in west and District Jhang in south. Hafizabad is situated at a distance of 300 km from Federal Capital Islamabad and is 90 km away from Provincial Capital Lahore.[1]


The climate of the district is of extreme. In summer it is very hot and in winter it is very cold. The maximum summer temperature in the month of June, goes up to 48 degrees Celsius while in winter, during January, the minimum temperature goes down to 7 degrees Celsius. The climate of the district is hot and dry during the summer and moderately cold in the winter. Owing to the proximity of the hills there is more rainfall in the East than the Western part of the district. May and June are the hottest months with temperature rising up to 48 degree Celsius monsoon starts usually from the midst of July and continues till September. The soil is alluvial and fertile. It is a flat strip of land running roughly East to West. [1]

Political representation

Hafizabad has two constituencies in Pakistan's National Assembly, and three constituencies in the Punjab provincial assembly.

Afzal Hussain Tarar is the main political leader in this district. He mainly does all the politics. Afzal Hussain Tarar was Previous MNA of Hafizabad. Saira Afzhal Tarar (the daughter of Afzhal Hussain Tarar) won the Election NA 102 (PMLN) and became the MNA.


The district is administratively subdivided into two tehsils. Hafizabad and Pindi Bhattiyaan.

Tehsil No. of Unions
Hafizabad 25
Pindi Bhattian 17
Total 42


According to the 1998 census, the district had a population of 832,980, of which 26.73% were urban.[2]

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Hafizabad District (Urdu:ضلع حفزآباد) is a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city of Hafizabad is the capital.

  • Hafizabad Tehsil
  • Pindi Bhattian Tehsil


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