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Hallowed Ground
Directed by David Benullo
Produced by Eric Gozlan,
Mike Greenfield
Written by David Benullo
Starring Jaimie Alexander,
Brian McNamara,
Ethan Phillips,
Chloe Moretz
Music by Neal Acree
Cinematography Keith Duggan
Editing by Yale Kozinski
Distributed by SCI FI Channel
Release date(s) 9 October 2007
Running time 83 min
Country United StatesUSA
Language English
Budget $1,500,000 (USD)

Hallowed Ground is a 2007 horror/thriller film, released on 9 October 2007. It went direct-to-video and was first aired on SCI FI Channel in the USA.


After she becomes stranded in a small town, Elizabeth Chambers, (Jaimie Alexander) discovers her arrival was foretold a century earlier by the town's founding preacher (Ethan Phillips) and that she is an integral part of his impending--and terrifying--rebirth.

After her car breaks down, Liz is forced to stay overnight in the town of Hope while the local mechanic orders a replacement part. Hungry, she takes a seat in the booth of the nearby diner. The clientele and the waitresses alike stare at her. As she awaits her order, a blonde takes the seat opposite Liz, introducing herself as Sarah Austin (Hudson Leick), a reporter for a tabloid newspaper. She is in town to investigate legends of living scarecrows--men, women, and children who have been nailed to crosses in a cornfield to frighten away the crows. According to Sarah, a girl alerted residents of the nearby town of Liberty, who, horrified and outraged to learn of the multiple murders, nailed the local preacher who spearheaded the sacrifices to a cross in the same cornfield in which he had murdered his many victims. Legend contends that he will be reborn.

Sarah persuades Liz to accompany her to the cornfield. They enter the farmhouse next to the field, and Sarah takes several photographs of its interior, and of the many crows that seem to haunt the place. They then enter the cornfield itself, where Sarah takes more pictures of a scarecrow that she and Liz construct and hang on a cross, intending to use the photograph for the newspaper's front page. When Liz retreats into the cornrows to urinate, Sarah is attacked and killed by the scarecrow, which comes to life and tears itself from its cross. The scarecrow tries to kill Liz as well, but a deputy arrives, and although he is killed by the scarecrow, Liz manages to escape in the squad car.

She drives to the sheriff's office, where she tells her tale, and the Sheriff O'Connor (Brian McNamara) leaves with a shotgun to visit the crime scene and retrieve the corpse of his deputy, leaving Liz in the care of his other deputy, whom he tells to request backup. When the deputy is unable to reach anyone by radio or telephone, he leaves Liz alone while he goes to find out what the problem is. Liz arms herself with a shotgun, and, using it, is able to fend off the scarecrow when it arrives at the sheriff’s office, stalking her. However, the gun jams. She tries to flee in her car, hoping that it has been repaired, but it won't start. Looking under the hood, she sees that the engine has been removed.

She takes refuge with the town's preacher, but, when she finds a book explaining the scarecrow's origin and nature, she discovers that the preacher is the leader of the townspeople, who worship the spirit that dwells inside the scarecrow. The preacher intends to bring the spirit back to life by fathering a child by Liz, whom the spirit can possess. The sheriff, who is not a native of the area, but moved there to get away from the mean streets of the city in which he had previously been a lawman, arrives in time to stop the townspeople, but he loses consciousness in the car crash that occurs when a truck driver, following them, rams his squad car, running it off the road and into the cornfield. The preacher and the townspeople return to Hope with Liz. When the clergyman tries to have sex with her, she smothers him with a pillow and escapes through the window in the bedroom's rear wall. As a result, the scarecrow weakens.

As she flees from her pursuers, she finds Sabrina (Chloe Moretz), a young girl in hiding. Her parents were killed by the scarecrow, but she escaped and hid. Meanwhile, in accordance with the instructions in the book, the townspeople, now led by the mechanic, Earl (Jim Cody Williams), who supposedly repaired Liz's car, torch the farmhouse and burn up the scarecrow. Afraid the girl will slow her down, Liz hides Sabrina in a hole in the cornfield while she goes for help. She makes it to the next town only to find everyone's dad. She is picked up by the sheriff, who escaped the townspeople, and Liz tells him about Sabrina. When they return to the cornfield, ostensibly to retrieve Sabrina, Liz discovers that the sheriff has been possessed by the spirit of the scarecrow. She manages to fend off the townspeople and kills the sheriff when he attacks her and Sabrina.

She flees with the girl, but the spirit of the scarecrow possesses the body of Sabrina's father, which they encounter hanging on one of the many crosses in the cornfield. Vines ensnare Liz while the animated corpse of Sabrina's father appeals to the girl to help him. At first, Sabrina believes that the possessed corpse is her father, despite Liz's insistence that it is not, and she walks toward him as he hangs upon the cross. However, when he tears himself from the cross, speaks to her in a demonic voice, and she sees a nail through his hand, Sabrina runs to Liz.

After burning the body of Sabrina’s father, Liz and Sabrina escape, hitching a ride from a truck driver (William Stanford Davis)who is passing through the area. He turns on the radio, and a song comes on that reminds Liz and Sabrina of their ordeal. Liz turns the radio off, and the driver and the two hitchhikers, Liz and Sabrina, continue down the road, leaving Hope behind.


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