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Hamaguri rebellion
Part of Bakumatsu conflicts
Hamaguri rebellion.jpg
An 1893 ukiyo-e print by Yūzan Mori, depicting the Hamaguri rebellion.
Date August 20, 1864
Location Kyoto
Result Shogunal victory
Chōshū Domain
Sonnō Jōi Rōnin force
Tokugawa shogunate
Aizu Domain
Satsuma Domain
Tokugawa Yoshinobu
1,600 men (Chōshū army + Rōnin force)  ?
Casualties and losses
 ? 28,000 houses burnt down

The rebellion at the Hamaguri Gate (蛤御門の変 Hamagurigomon no Hen, also 禁門の変 Kinmon no Hen) of the Imperial Palace in Kyōto took place on August 20, 1864 and reflected the discontent of pro-imperial and anti-alien groups. The rebels were grouped under the Sonnō Jōi slogan which had been promulgated by the Emperor as the "Order to expel barbarians" in March 1863, and wished to take control of the Emperor himself to accomplish the restoration of a xenophobic Imperial throne.

During the bloody crushing of the rebellion, the leading Chōshū clan was held responsible for it.

During the incident, the Aizu and Satsuma domains led the defense of the Imperial palace.

The Shogunate followed up the incident with a retaliatory armed expedition, the First Chōshū expedition‎, in September 1864.


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