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Hammadid dynasty

The Hammadid dynasty (green), c. 1100.
Capital Beni Hammad (until 1090)
Béjaïa (after 1090)
Language(s) Classical Arabic, Berber , Mozarabic
Religion Sunni Islam (Maliki)
Government Monarchy
 - 1008-1028 Hammad ibn Buluggin
 - 1121-1152 Yahya ibn Abd al-Aziz
 - Established 1008
 - Disestablished 1152
Currency Dinar

The Hammadids, an offshoot of the Zirids, were a Berber dynasty who ruled an area roughly corresponding to modern Algeria for about a century and a half (1008-1152), until they were destroyed by the Almohads. Soon after coming to power, they rejected the Ismaili doctrine of the Fatimids, and returned to Maliki Sunnism, acknowledging the Abbasids as rightful Caliphs.

Historical Capitals

Their capital was at first Qalaat Beni Hammad; when this was endangered by the Banu Hilal who lead a Fatimid expedition against Zirids and Hammamids, they moved to Bejaia (in 1090.)

Hammadid Rulers

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