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Hammerskin logo

The Hammerskins, (also known as Hammerskin Nation) is a white supremacist group formed in 1988 in Dallas, Texas.[1]

The Hammerskins' primary focus is the production and promotion of white power music (also known as Rock Against Communism) and many white power bands are affiliated with the group. The Hammerskins are affiliated with the record label 9% Productions. The Hammerskins idealize those they consider historical warriors for the Aryan race, such as Vikings and Nazis. Many of its members have been convicted of harassing, assaulting and even murdering non-whites.[1]

The Hammerskins are considered the United States' most well-organized racist skinhead group. Power struggles had split the group into several factions, some of which are now defunct[2], but the members reorganized and strengthened the organization. In addition to the five active chapters in the United States, Hammerskins chapters currently exist in Canada, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia. The Hammerskins also have supporter chapters in most of these nations known as Crew 38. The Hammerskins host several annual concerts including Hammerfest, an annual event in both the United States and Europe in honor of fallen Hammerskin Joe Rowan, the lead singer of the band Nordic Thunder.

The Hammerskins logo, depicting two claw hammers crossed to resemble goose-stepping legs, is based on a fictitious neo-nazi organization depicted in the 1982 film Pink Floyd The Wall. However, the portrayal of the fictional group in the film was intended to show Nazism negatively. The Hammerskins logo and their motto Hammerskins Forever, Forever Hammerskins (HFFH) often appear in their paraphernalia and tattoos.


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