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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Teen Titans #20
In-story information
Member(s) Breathtaker
Shock Trauma

The Hangmen is the name of a DC Comics supervillain team.



The Hangmen herald themselves as next-generation assassins. They were hired by the nation of Qurac to assassinate the mercenary Cheshire. They target her daughter Lian Harper, but she is saved by her father Roy Harper in his Arsenal alias.[1]

Infinite Crisis

They also joined up with Alexander Luthor, Jr.'s Secret Society of Super Villains. Ever the opportunists, the mercenary group used the Society's full-scale assault on Metropolis as a cover to loot the city. When Dr. Psycho discovered their duplicity, he psychically forced a group of citizens to literally tear the Hangmen limb from limb.[2]

Final Crisis

Finally, they also tried to apply for membership in Libra's Secret Society of Super Villains. They explain that Doctor Psycho was the one to fake their deaths. They also request the deaths of every single Teen Titan as Libra has promised favors to every member who joins. The third Spectre attacks Libra, attempting to kill him. The Spectre fails and leaves, but not before slaying the Hangmen with ropes of energy.[3]

The person, who looks like Killshot, was among the villains in the ambush of the JSA led by Tapeworm.


  • Breathtaker - A devious American girl who can control the wind, using it to suck the air out of her victims' lungs-the perfect way to kill someone without leaving behind any evidence.
  • Provoke - A sadistic Australian who can dominate the mind of one person at a time. He uses this talent to "convince" people to commit suicide.
  • Stranglehold - A Puerto Rican. He is eight feet tall and has enhanced strength.
  • Shock Trauma - A Japanese youth who is the youngest of the Hangmen. He can generate electricity.
  • Killshot - A Russian cyborg who possesses the latest in hi-tech killing hardware, from smart bombs to surface-to-air missiles.


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