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Hank B. Marvin

Hank B. Marvin live on stage 22 April 2005 in Esbjerg, Denmark
Background information
Also known as Brian Robson Rankin
Born 28 October 1941 (1941-10-28) (age 68)
Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Genres Rock
Occupations Musician
Instruments Guitar, banjo, piano
Years active 1956 - present
Associated acts The Shadows, Cliff Richard
Notable instruments
Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster
Burns "The Marvin" and the "Shadows Custom Elite Guitar"

Hank Brian Marvin[1] (born Brian Robson Rankin on 28 October 1941) (at 138 Stanhope Street, Newcastle) is an English guitarist, best known as the lead guitarist for The Shadows. The group, which primarily performed instrumentals, was formed as a backing band for vocalist Cliff Richard. Marvin has a distinctive guitar sound and appearance, primarily using a clean sound with very distinctive echo and vibrato giving a dreamy effect. He was and is a great influence towards many musicians such as guitarists Mark Knopfler and Pete Townshend, and his excellent guitar work is of extreme importance in the development of British (and European/Australian/New Zealand/South African) rock/pop music.

His name, Hank Marvin, is an amalgamation of his childhood nickname of Hank (to differentiate himself from a number of friends also named Brian) and Marvin Rainwater, a country and western singer. (reference)



Marvin was born in North Shields near Newcastle upon Tyne, in the north east of England. As a child, he played the banjo and the piano. Hearing one of Buddy Holly's songs made him switch to the guitar, although he occasionally played both instruments on recordings. At 16, he travelled with his Rutherford Grammar School friend Bruce Welch to London, where he met Johnny Foster, Cliff Richard's manager, at The 2i's Coffee Bar ("two eyes") in Soho.

Foster was looking for a guitarist for Richard's upcoming tour of the U.K., and Marvin agreed to join as long as there was also a place for Welch. Foster had actually been looking for guitarist Tony Sheridan at the Two 2i's, but by chance he encountered Marvin. Marvin and Welch joined the Drifters, as Cliff Richard's group was then known, and began their careers as professional guitar players.

They met Cliff Richard for the first time at a nearby Soho tailor's shop, where Richard was having a fitting for a pink stage jacket, and had their first rehearsal with him at his parents' home in Cheshunt.


Sculpture of Hank Marvin by Victor Heyfron, M.A. 1964

Hank Marvin played and owned the first Fender Stratocaster in the UK, serial number 34346, finished in Fiesta Red, with gold hardware. This guitar, with its tremolo arm, contributed to the Shadows' sound. The guitar was imported from America by Cliff Richard.

Marvin's original sound was achieved with a Stratocaster, a Vox amplifier (AC15 and AC30 models) and a tape echo machine Meazzi Echomatic that was shown to him by Joe Brown (of Joe Brown and the Bruvvers fame) as Joe was asked to try it, but couldn't get on with it. He later used a Vox-badged Meazzi, then a Binson Echorec (Drum)Echo Machine and finally another tape-loop machine, the Roland 301 Space Echo, before moving on to electronic units like the Alesis Quadraverb. Many aficionados now use similar units programmed by Charlie Hall with his "Echoes from the Past", authorised emulations of the original sounds. Marvin currently uses the analogue TVS3 echo which was developed by technicians, in particular Paul Rossiter, and musicians in Australia in an attempt to replicate the sounds of the original drum echo machines used on the early Shadows records, and preferred by Marvin.

In 1959 Marvin and Richard searched through a Fender catalogue to find the model of guitar played by James Burton, Ricky Nelson's lead guitarist. They assumed it must be a Stratocaster because the most expensive guitar in the brochure was a gold-plated example with a red body and a one-piece Maple neck. Burton, however, played the Telecaster, and the Stratocaster was a relatively new model, available only to special order. Cliff Richard made the arrangements and the chosen guitar was imported specially for Marvin, who used it between 1959 and 1961. It remained Cliff's property and was returned to him when Jennings Musical Industries (the makers of Vox amplifiers and the importers of Fender guitars) outfitted the whole group with matching Fiesta Red Fender guitars which featured necks with rosewood fingerboards. However, Marvin continued borrowing the original Stratocaster for recording whilst the new Stratocasters were used mostly for stage work. The 1959 instrument is now owned by Bruce Welch - a gift from Cliff Richard in the 1970s for his production work on Cliff's hit albums 'I'm Nearly Famous' and 'Every Face Tells A Story'. Cliff had the guitar sprayed white before giving it to Welch, who had it sprayed Red to match a 1958 Stratocaster purchased in Paris by Hank Marvin whilst on tour, both of which actions partly erased the physical signs of its history on this guitar. It must still, however, be one of the most valuable guitars in the world! Another twist to the story was added in Alan Yentob's 2008 BBC TV series on the history of guitars when Hank Marvin said that Cliff Richard told him he had merely lent the Fender to Bruce Welch who didn't give it back. That same anecdotal remark was made in jest by Cliff Richard in an interview in UK Guitarist Magazine, and then retracted in the following issue as the guitar really was given to Bruce Welch. In 2009 to mark the The Shadows 50th anniversary and "34346" that original Stratocaster is being reproduced in detail by Fender's Custom Shop in California. Built by Fender Master Luthier Greg Fessler, the run is limited to 50 pieces and has been produced within Fender's Dealer Select program. The guitar is a faithful reproduction of the original down to the mythical colour which Hank and Bruce always called Flamingo Pink. This colour is also referred to by Dire Straits Guitarist Mark Knoppfler in Alan Yentob's BBC TV series. Fender who have always denied the existence of that colour are true to form calling it "Custom Red". Each one of the limited edition includes a certificate of authenticity from Fender stating that the instrument is a reproduction of "The first Stratocaster to be imported into the UK" signed by the Master Builder, there is also a signed certificate of endorsement from Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch.

In the early 1960s Jennings named a range of guitar accessories (including plectra, a guitar strap and a Bigsby-styled tremolo unit) after Marvin. They used the Hank Marvin signature tremolo unit on several of their own Vox guitars. More significantly, Marvin also worked with Jim Burns (head of the Burns London guitar company) to develop his own signature model: the "Burns Marvin". The "Marvin" appeared in 1964 and a 12-string version called the Double Six appeared a little earlier. The Burns London company was taken over by the American piano-maker, Baldwin, in 1967, and partly as a result of that, the fewer-than-400 original Burns-made Marvins are now sought after. More recently, the revived Burns company made a limited reissue of 2004 signature Marvin guitars with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Marvin. Those instruments were promoted on the Shadows' 2004 Final Tour. Marvin's original Burns guitars had been stolen in 1972 and never appeared again.

Marvin influenced many later guitarists, and Pete Townshend, Mark Knopfler and John Fogerty are among many who acknowledge his influence. Although neither Marvin nor the Shadows were ever well known in the United States, despite several appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, Marvin is listed by Frank Zappa as an influence on the first Mothers of Invention album, and Afrikaa Bambaataa cited the group's first UK number one single "Apache" as a big influence, though it is likely that Bambaattaa was referring to the cover of Apache by The Incredible Bongo Band (which was massively popular amongst early hip hop DJs due to the extended bongo break).

In Canada, Cliff Richard and the Shadows met with success, especially 1961-1965 when they enjoyed several top 10 hits. Canadian guitarists Randy Bachman and Neil Young have credited Marvin's guitar work as being influences. Carlos Santana's nickname in his formative years was Apache because it was one of the earliest pieces he learned to play.

As well as playing with The Shadows, Hank has had a successful solo career. He has been willing to experiment with styles and material, doing some purely instrumental albums, some with only vocals (e.g. "All Alone With Friends"), one with only acoustic guitars and one with a guitar orchestra ("The Hank Marvin Guitar Syndicate"). In 1970 Marvin and Welch formed Marvin, Welch & Farrar, a vocal harmony trio which failed to appeal to many Shadows fans or to contemporary music fans. They reverted to being The Shadows in 1973 for the Rockin' with Curly Leads album.

As a writer Marvin was solely responsible for "Driftin'" "Geronimo" "Spider Juice" (his daughter's name for orange juice) and "I want you to Want Me" for The Shadows and "The Day I Met Marie", and as co-writer with Bruce Welch, Brian Bennett and John Rostill he wrote other hits mainly for Cliff Richard such as on "I Could Easily Fall in Love with You" and "In the Country".

In 1988 Marvin collaborated with French keyboardist and composer Jean Michel Jarre on the track "London Kid", which appeared on Jarre's "Revolutions" album and taking a guest role in the Frenchman's giant Destination Docklands concert at the Royal Victoria Dock. Jarre stated that the Shadows' success had a huge influence on him and his decision to devote the majority of his career to instrumental music.

Marvin and the Shadows reformed for a 2004 Final Tour, which was so successful that a 2005 European tour was also organised.

He was offered an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2004 Queen's Birthday Honours List for services to music, but declined this, citing 'personal reasons', while awards were given to his Shadows colleagues Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett.[citation needed]

In 2007, Marvin duetted with French guitarist Jean-Pierre Danel on his Top 10 hit album "Guitar Connection 2" for a new version of the Shadows' standard "Nivram". The single hit the French charts at #15.

Hank Marvin's name is also used in cockney slang to signify hunger: 'I am Hank!' ie 'I am Hank (Marvin)' - ie 'I am starvin.

Early career groups (pre-Shadows/Drifters)

1956 - Riverside Skiffle group => Crescent City Skiffle Group
  • Marvin(banjo)+John Tate(g)+Derek Johnson(g)+Joe Rankin(b)+Mal Malarky(mandolin)+Howard Muir(wb)
1956/7 - The Railroaders(#1)
  • Marvin(g)+Welch(g)+George Williams(g)+Jim ?(d)
1956/7 - The Railroaders(#2)
  • Marvin(g)+Welch(g)+Eddie Silver(g)+George Williams(b)+Jim ?(d)
1958 - The Vipers (aka The Vipers Skiffle group)
  • live concert
  • Wally Wyton(v)+Johnny Booker(g)+Hank Marvin(g)+J.Harris(b)+Johnny Pilgrim(wb)
1958 - The Five Chesternuts
  • 7"single - ("Jean Dorothy"/"" on Columbia)
  • Gerry Hurst(v)+Marvin(g)+Welch(g)+Neil Johnson(b)+Pete Chester(d)

UK solo tours

  • 1994 - w/Brian Bennett(d),Ben Marvin(g),Warren Bennett(g/kb),Mark Griffiths(b)
  • 1995 - w/Ben Marvin(g),Warren Bennett(g/kb),Mark Griffiths(b)
  • 1997 - w/Ben Marvin(g),Warren Bennett(g/kb),Mark Griffiths(b)
  • 1998 - w/Ben Marvin(g),Warren Bennett(g/kb),Mark Griffiths(b)
  • 2002 - w/Ben Marvin(g),Warren Bennett(g/kb),Mark Griffiths(b)

Instruments (career)

  • 1958-1959: Antoria. (The Drifters).
  • 1959-1970: Gretsch country gentleman. (The Shadows).
  • 1959-1961: Fender Stratocaster. 1959 Fiesta Red (aka "Flamingo Pink"). (The Shadows).
  • 1961-1962: Fender Stratocaster. Fiesta Red. (The Shadows).
  • 1963-1964: Fender Stratocaster. White. (The Shadows).
  • 1963-1970: Burns Double six. (The Shadows).
  • 1964-1970: Burns Marvin. (The Shadows).
  • 1970-1971: Fender Stratocaster. Sunburst ->(conversion to)-> 'Black' (Marvin Welch & Farrar).
  • 1971-1979: Fender Stratocaster. Black. (Marvin Welch & Farrar) & (The Shadows).
  • 1980-1990: Fender Stratocaster. Red. (The Shadows).
  • 2004-2010: Fender Stratocaster. Fiesta Red. (The Shadows).
  • 2009-2010: Fender Stratocaster. "Scotsman" artwork. (The Shadows).
  • 2009-2010: Burns Marvin 12string. (The Shadows).
  • 1961-1970: Gibson J200. (The Shadows).
  • 1962-1970: Bouzouki. (The Shadows).
  • 1970-1973: Gibson 6 string,12 string. (Marvin Welch & Farrar).
  • 1970-1973: Yamaha 6 string. (Marvin Welch & Farrar).
  • 1970-1973: Martin D-28,D-45. (Marvin Welch & Farrar).
  • 1973-1990: ? (Shadows)
  • 1991-2008: Tommy Emmanuel Signature Maton.
  • 2004-2005: ? (Shadows)
  • 2009-2010: ? (Shadows)
Echo/SFX units
  • 1960-1961: Meazzi Echomatic 1 (models F & J).
  • 1961-1964: Meazzi/Vox Echomatic 2
  • 1964-1965: Vox Long Tom
  • 1961-1980: Baby Binson
  • 1962-1980: Binson Echorec
  • 1973-1978: Maestro Echoplex
  • 1978-1980: Binson EC3
  • 1978-1979: Roland RE-201
  • 1979-1990: Roland RE-301
  • 1990-1995: Roland RE-301 (solo)
  • 1980-1990: Roland RE-501/SRE 555
  • 1990-1997: Roland RE-501/SRE 555 (solo)
  • 1996-1997: Alesis Q2 EFTP (solo)
  • 1999-2008: Alesis Q20 EFTP (solo)
  • 2004-2005: Alesis Q20 EFTP
  • 2009-2010: TVS TV3
  • 1958-1959: Selmer Truvoice Stadium. (The Drifters).
  • 1959-1960: Vox AC-15. (The Drifters) & (The Shadows).
  • 1960-1960: Vox AC-30. (The Shadows).
  • 1960-1961: Vox AC-30/4. (The Shadows).
  • 1961-1961: Gibson (SA tour w/The Shadows).
  • 1961-1970: Vox AC-30/6. (The Shadows).
  • 1970-1973: Arbiter(?) & Jennings amplifiers. (Marvin Welch & Farrar/Marvin & Farrar).
  • 1973-1984: Vox AC-30/6. (The Shadows).
  • 1985-1990: Mesa Boogie Mk2c. (The Shadows).
  • 1991-2002: Matchless DC30. (solo)
  • 2004-2005: KCP and Pinnacle and Vox AC30/6 top boost. (The Shadows).
  • 2009-2010: JMI AC30/6 and Vox AC30/6 top boost. (The Shadows).
Foot pedals
  • 1965-1970: DeArmond 610. (The Shadows).
  • 1971-2010: various models (Boss). (The Shadows).
Tone boxes
  • 196?-1970: Maestro Fuzz tone. (The Shadows).
  • 1971-2010: various models. (The Shadows).
pickups/strings/misc etc.
  • 1958-2010: ?
Bass guitar
  • 1958-2010: ?
  • 1958-2010: ?

Production credits

  • Spaghetti Junction Work's Nice - If you can get it / Step right Up Columbia DB 8935
  • Des O'Connor - Another Side Des O'Connor - LP - NSPL 18559.
  • Flair - Stop look & listen. - LP - MLP 15611.
  • Flair - Fair. - LP - CC 227324.
  • Flair - Fair play. - LP - CC 327224

Guest appearances

In addition to the above, Marvin also plays guitar on the following tracks of library music recorded for Bruton Music:

'Fighter Plane' (with Alan Hawkshaw) on Top Of The Range

'Conquest of Space' (with Alan Hawkshaw) on Grandiose Impressive Panoramic

'Human Desert' (with Alan Hawkshaw) on Human Desert




(V) - Vocal

Year A-side B-side UK Singles Chart[2]

Columbia DB 8326

London's Not Too Far (V) Running Out Of World (V)

(The Shadows)

March 1969

Columbia DB 8552

Goodnight Dick Wahine
June 1969

Columbia DB 8601

Sunday For Seven Days Sacha*
September 1969

(Cliff and Hank)

Columbia DB 8615

Throw Down A Line (V) Reflections
November 1969

Columbia DB 8628

Slaughter on 10th Avenue

(The Shadows)

Midnight Cowboy
February 1970

(Cliff and Hank)

Columbia DB 8657

The Joy Of Living (V) Leave My Woman Alone (V)


July 1970

(Unreleased, promo only)

Break Another Dawn Would You Believe It** (V)
July 1970

Columbia DB 8693

Break Another Dawn Morning Star

(Australia and New Zealand only)

Morning Star Evening Comes***
November 1977

(Hank Marvin Guitar Syndicate)

EMI 2744

Flamingo Syndicated
1981 (New Zealand only)

Hank Marvin EP


Sunday For Seven Days

Morning Star

Evening Comes

February 1982

Polydor POSP420

Don't Talk (V) Life Line (V)

Polydor POSP479

The Trouble With Me Is You (remix) (V) Captain Zlogg
April 1983

Polydor POSP581

The Hawk and the Dove (V) Janine
June 1983

Polydor POSP618

Invisible Man (V) All Alone With Friends
March 1986

(Cliff Richard and The Young Ones featuring Hank B. Marvin)

Living Doll
January 1989

(Jean-Michel Jarre featuring Hank Marvin)

London Kid

Polydor PO 229

We Are The Champions (with Brian May) Moontalk / Into The Light (CD)

Polydor PO297

Wonderful Land (with Mark Knopfler) Hot Rox (CD) / Nivram


Jay-Z 'Pray' Featuring Beyonce Knowles with Marvin (sampled from 'New Earth', The Hank Marvin Guitar Syndicate)

    • 'Would You Believe It' featured as the title track of an extremely rare 1979 Shadows / Hank Marvin bootleg, later officially released on the 1987 See For Miles CD
      • 'Evening Comes', exclusive to this release, later released in the UK on 1987 See For Miles CD


  • 1969 Hank Marvin' #14
  • 1977 Hank Marvin Guitar Syndicate (no chart position)
  • 1982 Words and Music #66
  • 1983 All alone with friends (no chart position)
  • 1987 Would You Believe It...Plus (reissue of 1969 LP with bonus tracks)
  • 1992 Into the light #18
  • 1993 Heartbeat #17
  • 1994 The Best of Hank Marvin & The Shadows #19
  • 1995 Handpicked (no chart position)
  • 1995 Hank plays Cliff #33
  • 1996 Hank plays Holly #34
  • 1997 Hank plays Live #71
  • 1997 Plays the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber #41 (includes re-issued tracks by The Shadows)
  • 1997 The Very Best of Hank Marvin & The Shadows The First 40 Years #56
  • 1998 You're My World (1 track featured on Jane Mcdonald) 'Jane Mcdonald' #1
  • 1998 Another Side Of Hank Marvin (no chart position)
  • 2000 Twang A Tribute To Hank Marvin & The Shadows (Hank & Ben Marvin 1 Track: The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt Live) (no chart position)
  • 2000 Marvin at the Movies #17
  • 2001 The Singles Collection 'The 80's & 90's' Hank Marvin & The Shadows (no chart position)
  • 2002 Guitar Player #10
  • 2004 Shadowing The Hits (no chart position)
  • 2004 Guitar Ballads (no chart position)
  • 2007 Guitar Man #6
  • 2007 Hank Marvin & The Shadows Play The 60's (no chart position)
  • 2008 The Solid Gold Collection (no chart position)

Personal life

Marvin lived in the hills above Perth, Western Australia from 1986 but has since relocated to a luxury apartment in East Perth. He is a committed Jehovah's Witness.[4]

When not relaxing at his home in Perth, Marvin runs a successful recording studio: Nivram studios (part of Sh-Boom studios in Tiverton street owned by Trevor Spencer and Gary Taylor) where he is happy to receive correspondence from die-hard Shadows fans.


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