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Hannah Montana (season 2)
Series Hannah Montana
Country of origin  United States
Network Disney Channel, ABC
Original run April 23, 2007 – October 12, 2008
No. of episodes 30 (29 aired, 1 withdrawn), (colored, wide-screen, full-screen, approx. 23 minutes)
DVD release date see Hannah Montana DVDs
Previous season season 1
Next season season 3

Hannah Montana (season 2) provides background information regarding the second season and summaries, cast, and crews for episodes within the season. Other seasons may have individual articles. Refer to main article. During this season Miley and Lilly fight more, Oliver gets an alibi to hang out with Hannah Montana, Miley grows closer to Oliver.



The second season premiered with five new episodes in one week from April 23-27, 2007. "(We're So Sorry) Uncle Earl" aired in a week-long Disney Channel event called "Sweet Niblets, We're Related?". Disney Channel UK premiered five new Hannah Montana episodes for "Montana May", "(We're So Sorry) Uncle Earl", "You Didn't Say it Was Your Birthday", "Joannie B. Goode", "The Test of My Love" and "Yet Another Side of Me". The second series premiered in June 2008 on Disney Channel UK, it then aired on free-to-view channel FIVE just like season one in October 2009 however FIVE only has rights to air half the season. It airs before Wizards of Waverly Place.

Opening Sequence

For season two, the only major changes were the addition of Moises Arias as a cast member and the clips of Season 2 included with Season 1 clips of the cast member shown. Stage and features episode clips of each cast member when each cast member's name appears. Each cast member's name is "wiped" on the screen in a marquee-light-style. Moises Arias becomes a regular cast member for season 2. The sequence then switches to full-screen episode clips. Season 2 clips were used for the second season (Some season one clips are put in). The creator's names appear in the last clip. The show's title logo design appears at the beginning, and again at the end, of the sequence (the latter portion as with most other portions of the sequence on the "concert stage" feature Cyrus as her character Hannah Montana).


Moises Arias becomes a regular cast member. In "My Best-Friend's Boyfriend", Larry David was approached by the producers about being on the show when he attended a Hannah Montana taping with his two daughters, who were fans of the show. He agreed, and appeared in the episode with his daughters, playing himself as a "frustrated restaurant patron". David's daughters are "huge fans" of Hannah Montana. Heather Locklear was also convinced to guest star after attending with her kids. Camryn Manheim and Brooke Shields also have made guest appearances because their kids enjoy the show. John D'Aquino and Madison Pettis from Cory in the House make guest appearances as their characters in a special crossover episode.

Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, appears in "Don't Stop 'Til You Get the Phone" as part of the Rock Block, which shows him guest-starring in episodes of Hannah Montana and Cory in the House, as a promotion for Disney's new movie The Game Plan.


"I Want You to Want Me...To Go to Florida" features the ballad “Ready, Set, Don't Go”, by Billy Ray Cyrus. It details his feelings, concerning his daughter Miley's move to Los Angeles to star in Hannah Montana, while he stayed behind in Nashville. The episode also features the song "If Cupid Had a Heart," by Julie Griffin, and written by Gordon Pogoda. Mikayla (Selena Gomez), lip-syncs it in the episode.

DVD releases

The second, Wish Gone Amiss Weekend DVD, which was released November 27, 2007, features "When You Wish You Were the Star" episode and a Hannah Montana Bonus "I Wish I May, I Wish I Might: A Guide to Making Wishes" hosted by Jason Earles. Volume 4: One in a Million DVD which released January 29, 2008, includes four episodes of Hannah Montana. "Lilly's Mom Has Got It Goin' On", "Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas", "I Will Always Loathe You" and "That's What Friends Are For?" were included in the DVD. The DVD also features a That's So Raven episode "Run Raven Run", "Come Feud with Me" - The top 10 Disney Channel feuds, "One in a Million" music video and a "True Friend" music video. In Australia, following the release of the Complete First Season on DVD in November, Season 2: Part 1 and Season 2: Part 2 were released soon after. In part one, episodes 1-15 were included, while remaining episodes 16-29 were released in part 2. On the case, there are images from the episode "No Sugar, Sugar", but the episode was not released on the disc. A full season release has yet to be released.


Season 2 started with a week of 5 new episodes The average ratings for the 5 new episodes were 3.7 million viewers. Season 2 had several special episodes and marathons. The first special was Achy Jakey Heart where Miley reveals her secret to Jake Ryan (Cody Linley). The second special, "Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas", which guest stars The Jonas Brothers was aired with the premiere of High School Musical 2. Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, appears in "Don't Stop 'Til You Get the Phone" as part of the Rock Block, which shows him guest-starring in episodes of Hannah Montana and Cory in the House, as a promotion for Disney's new movie The Game Plan. "(We're So Sorry) Uncle Earl" aired in a week-long Disney Channel event "Sweet Niblets, We're Related?". In 3 episodes this season, Hannah Montana wins an award.

Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod
27 1 "Me and Rico Down By the Schoolyard" Roger S. Christiansen Heather Wordham April 23, 2007 (2007-04-23) 203

Miley, Lilly, and Oliver start high school and Rico (who is also in high school after skipping a few grades) soon learns what he thinks is Miley's "big secret" and blackmails her with it by making her b e his girlfriend. Lilly and Oliver later learn he only knew about Miley's attachment to her teddy bear. At the end, Rico makes Miley feel bad so she decides to kiss him on the cheek, but he turns his head,so she kisses his lips. Jackson's new friend, Thor (Andrew Caldwell), causes him major humiliation.

Guest stars: Andrew Caldwell as Thor.
Hannah song featured: "Make Some Noise".

Viewers: 3.51m[1] 
28 2 "Cuffs Will Keep Us Together" Roger S. Christiansen Steven Peterman April 24, 2007 (2007-04-24) 201

Oliver handcuffs Miley and Lilly together right before a big award show after they start fighting over a flag-football game in gym class; Robby gives Jackson the silent treatment when he gets tired of telling Jackson the same thing multiple times.

Absent: Moises Arias.
Guest stars: Romi Dames as Traci VanHorn, Morgan York as Sarah, Hayley Chase as Joannie Palumbo
Hannah song featured: "True Friend".

Viewers: 3.51m[1] 
29 3 "You Are So Sue-able to Me" Roger S. Christiansen Sally Lapiduss April 25, 2007 (2007-04-25) 202

Lilly gets asked out to a dance, but Miley thinks she acts too much like "one of the guys" and gives her a big makeover, however the person who asks her out doesn't like "the new Lilly" so he stands Lilly up; Jackson wins two tickets to the Lakers game and invites Thor, but Robby assumes that it will be a "father and son" outing. At the end of the episode Miley realizes it was wrong to change Lilly.

Absent: Mitchel Musso, Moises Arias.
Guest stars: Andrew Caldwell as Thor, Shanica Knowles as Amber Addison, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle as Ashley Dewitt, Morgan York as Sarah
Hannah song featured: "One in a Million".

Viewers: 3.91m[1] 
30 4 "Get Down, Study-udy-udy" Roger S. Christiansen Andrew Green April 26, 2007 (2007-04-26) 204

When Miley receives a poor mid-term grade in Biology, Robby says she must ace her mid-term exam or it's no European tour for Hannah; Jackson volunteers to take care of Thor's pet parrot, Snowball, but the talking bird creates problems for Jackson.

Guest stars: Andrew Caldwell, Erin Matthews and Tiffany Thornton.
Hannah song featured: "Nobody's Perfect".
Notes: Rico almost finds out Miley's secret. There is a goof in this episode when Snowball puts a jacket on, but in the next scene, it is hanging on the cage.

Viewers: 3.69m[1] 
31 5 "I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak" Roger S. Christiansen Michael Poryes April 27, 2007 (2007-04-27) 206

Miley loses her voice after six encores at a Hannah concert, and learns that only surgery will fix the problem. Fearful of what a botched surgery could do to her career, Miley's late mom (Brooke Shields) appears in Miley's dreams to reassure her that nothing would change if Miley's surgery didn't go right.

Absent: Moises Arias.
Guest stars: Tim Russ, Ryan Newman.
Hannah songs featured: "I Got Nerve", "Life's What You Make It", "You and Me Together".
Note: When Miley is talking to her dad, Jackson is there, but in the next scene, he is gone, but is there again in the scene after that. Jackson may have moved out of the scene to get something.

Viewers: 3.54m[1] 
32 6 "You Gotta Not Fight for Your Right to Party" Jody Margolin Hahn Steven James Meyer May 4, 2007 (2007-05-04) 207

After Jackson's bathroom is destroyed, Robby makes Miley share hers with him. Thus begins the Great Bathroom War in the Stewart household. Robby grounded Miley and Jackson because they were fighting a lot. Jackson and Miley sneak out to their events, but Jackson's car nearly falls off a cliff. They managed to escape, bringing them closer. While Miley and Jackson are gone driving, Lilly and Oliver disguised themselves as Miley and Jackson. Meanwile after Jackson And Miley gey lost driving they hit a "Large Cliff" only knowin it was 2ft of the ground after they got out of the car

Absent: Moises Arias.

Viewers: 2.9m[2] 
33 7 "My Best Friend's Boyfriend" Roger S. Christiansen Jay J. Demopoulos May 18, 2007 (2007-05-18) 209

Miley catches Lilly's new boyfriend Lucas kissing another girl, and plans to make Lucas flirt with Hannah, just to prove to Lilly what a lousy boyfriend he is; Rico invents an unnecessarily complicated and high-tech security system for "Rico's", much to Jackson's dismay.

Guest stars: Sterling Knight, Mitzi McCall, Larry David, Austin Butler, Kelly Gould, Cazzie and Romy David.

Viewers: 4.5m[3] 
34 8 "Take This Job and Love It" Roger S. Christiansen Sally Lapiduss June 16, 2007 (2007-06-16) 210

Hannah volunteers Roxy to work for President Martinez after she ruins Hannah's date with her backup dancer; Jackson pretends to be a professional motor-cross racer to impress a girl.

Absent: Mitchel Musso.
Guest stars: Frances Callier, John D'Aquino, Madison Pettis, Bobby Costanzo.
Hannah song featured: "Nobody's Perfect".

Notes: This episode includes characters from Cory in the House. It is one of only two episodes that don't involve the character of Miley Stewart and one episode that don't involve the character of Lily Truscott. 
35 9 "Achy Jakey Heart, Part 1" Richard Correll Douglas Lieblein June 24, 2007 (2007-06-24) 211

When Jake returns and re-kindles his relationship with Miley, she begins to feel guilty for keeping her "Hannah" secret from him; when Jackson gets fired, he and Oliver open a stand that sells "Cheese Jerky", which becomes more successful than Rico's. Rico then attempts to steal their recipe.

Guest stars: Cody Linley as Jake Ryan, R. Brandon Johnson, Shanica Knowles as Amber Addison, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle as Ashley Dewitt, Nicole Anderson as Marissa Hughes
Hannah song featured: "One in a Million".

Viewers: 7.38m[4][5] 
36 10 "Achy Jakey Heart, Part 2" Roger S. Christansen Andrew Green June 24, 2007 (2007-06-24) 212

When Jake creates a "normal person" disguise for his dates with Miley but still expects the star treatment he's been used to for so long, Miley considers breaking up with him, but fears he will get mad and reveal her secret. Meanwhile Jacksons' and Olivers' Cheese Jerky stand go from success to failure when they can't earn a profit.

Guest stars: Cody Linley, R. Brandon Johnson.
Hannah song featured: "One in a Million".
Note: When MIley and Lily are eating oranges, Miley is wearing her "Miley" neaklace that is said she got in Don't Stop 'Til You Get the Phone.

Viewers: 5.98m[5] 
37 11 "Sleepwalk This Way" Roger S. Christansen Heather Wordham July 7, 2007 (2007-07-07) 213

Robby writes a new song, but he refuses to play it without "Lucky LuLu", their guitar. While Robby is gone, Miley wants the new song. She finds a song in Robby's coat pocket, but it's actually the one Miley made when she was younger. However, Miley doesn't know yet. She hates the song, and lies by saying she likes it, but she sleepwalks and almost tells her dad the truth. This gets her in trouble at school. Meanwhile, Jackson tries to get Robby to allow him to throw a party because he has already told everyone that he's throwing one. He tries to ask his father when he's in a good mood, but when Miley comes home and goes to tell her dad the truth, Jackson thinks she's sleepwalking and tries to wake her up. Miley then ends up blurting out the truth in front of her dad. She then tells her dad how the song is pointless, and then Robby realizes that Miley found the song she wrote when she was younger.

Guest stars: Erin Matthews, Teo Olivares.
Hannah song featured: "Bigger Than Us".

Viewers: Below 3.3m 
38 12 "When You Wish You Were the Star" Roger S. Christansen Douglas Lieblein July 14, 2007 (2007-07-14) 205

When Hannah and Lola have to turn down a date with Jesse McCartney because Miley and Lilly have a science project due the next day, Miley wishes on a shooting star that she didn't have dual lives. When her wish comes true, Hannah finds that being a superstar 24/7 isn't all it's cracked up to be when she realizes Miley never met Lilly and Oliver. So Lilly is BFFs with Amber and Ashley, Oliver sells Hannah’s garbage with Rico, Jackson moved out and became a hermit and her dad married a jerk named Candace.. This episode is based on the 1946 movie, It's a Wonderful Life.

Special guest star: Jesse McCartney.
Guest stars: Frances Callier, Shanica Knowles as Amber Addison, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle as Ashley Dewitt, Romi Dames as Traci VanHorn
Hannah song featured: "Old Blue Jeans", "The Best of Both Worlds".

Viewers: 5.1m 
39 13 "I Want You to Want Me... to Go to Florida" Roger S. Christansen Michael Poryes July 14, 2007 (2007-07-14) 208

Hannah wants to go to Florida for a charity concert to beat her singing rival Mikayla (Selena Gomez), but when Robby injures his back and won't let her go, Miley tricks Roxy into being her chaperone.

Absent: Mitchel Musso.
Special guest star: Camryn Manheim.
Guest stars: Frances Callier, Selena Gomez, Jean Robertson.
Billy Ray Cyrus song featured: "Ready, Set, Don't Go".

Viewers: 3.0m[6] 
40 14 "Everybody Was Best-Friend Fighting" Jody Margolin Hahn Sally Lapiduss July 29, 2007 (2007-07-29) 215

Hannah is invited to play in a celebrity tennis tournament, and invites Lola and Mike (Oliver) to attend, but realizes she shouldn't have brought either; Jackson tricks Rico into thinking he is "cursed" by paying a psychic to tell him he is an evil boy.

Guest star: Karina Smirnoff, Michael Steger.
Hannah songs featured: "Make Some Noise", "Life's What You Make It".
Note: When Hannah and Lola are coming downstairs and soon met up with Oliver, Hannah's strap purse appears and disappears in several shots.

Viewers: 3.6m[7] 
41 15 "Song Sung Bad" Roger S. Christiansen Ingrid Escajeda August 4, 2007 (2007-08-04) 214

Lilly records a song for her mother, but Miley alters her voice to make it sound better, prompting Lilly to enter in Karaoke night. At her performance, Miley sings for her using a microphone outside the room for Lilly to lip sync to, but is exposed after being scared by a large spider she accidentally let loose. Meanwhile, after a faulty attempt at getting Sarah to like Rico, Jackson has to deal with her when she thinks he likes her.

Guest stars: Shanica Knowles as Amber Addison, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle as Ashley Dewitt, Morgan York as Sarah
Hannah songs featured: "I Got Nerve", "One in a Million", "Bigger Than Us", "Life's What You Make It".
Note: In this episode Lilly cannot sing, but in the episodes, I Am Hannah, Here Me Croak & Get Down Study-Udy-Udy, she sings perfectly well. At the end it shows that Oliver can't sing but in I Am Hannah, Here Me Croak & Get Down Study-Udy-Udy & Judge Me Tender, he sings fine.

Viewers: 4.7m 
42 16 "Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas" Mark Cendrowski Douglas Lieblein August 17, 2007 (2007-08-17) 217

When Hannah and Robbie Ray meet The Jonas Brothers, Miley becomes jealous of how much time he spends with the three boys. She and Lilly dress up as two male singers (Milo and Otis) as part of a plan to break up their "bromance". Meanwhille, Jackson tries to break the world pogo-stick record.

Absent: Mitchel Musso.
Special guest stars: The Jonas Brothers.
Guest star: Debra D. Holt.
Hannah song featured: "We Got the Party".
Note: There is a goof in this episode when Miley is putting Lilly's hair in a ponytail but in the next scene her hair is down and then up in a ponytail again.

Viewers: 10.7m[8] 
43 17 "Don't Stop 'Til You Get the Phone" Richard Correll Michael Poryes September 21, 2007 (2007-09-21) 222

In order to get the hot new Z-Phone, Miley gets Lilly to take an embarrassing paparazzi picture of Hannah to sell to a tabloid, but the picture shows a necklace that says 'Miley', so they trade the Hannah photo for a picture of "The Rock" with makeup on; Jackson gets a sunburn at a volleyball game, and doesn't want Robby to find out.

Absent: Mitchel Musso, Moises Arias.
Special guest star: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
Guest stars: Tom McGowan and Romi Dames as Traci VanHorn

Viewers: 5.1 m[9] 
44 18 "That's What Friends Are For?" Mark Cendrowski Douglas Lieblein October 19, 2007 (2007-10-19) 224

Miley gets jealous when Mikayla is cast as Jake's love interest in his next movie, so she schemes to get Mikayla fired from the film; Rico bets Oliver and Jackson that they can't go as long as he can without taking a shower.

Special guest star: Camryn Manheim.
Guest star: Cody Linley, Sandy Brown, Selena Gomez.

Viewers: 5.4 m 
45 19 "Lilly's Mom Has Got it Goin' On" Jody Margolin Hahn Norm Gunzenhauser November 10, 2007 (2007-11-10) 216

Miley and Lilly envision becoming sisters when they notice a spark of love between Miley's dad and Lilly's mom (Heather Locklear). The girls then try to get the two to go out on a date, but when it goes wrong, the two blame each other's parent so the two girls start fighting. Meanwhile Jackson and Rico switch places to see who could last in each other shoes.

Special guest star: Heather Locklear.
Guest stars: Morgan York.
Hannah song featured: "Life's What You Make It".

Viewers: 5.4 m 
46 20 "I Will Always Loathe You" Roger S. Christiansen Michael Poryes December 7, 2007 (2007-12-07) 218

Mammaw Ruthie and Aunt Dolly return to celebrate Hannah's latest award but Dolly and Ruthie fight too much and ruin Hannah's award speech; Oliver agrees to help Rico film a commercial, but Rico can't shake his fear of being in front of a camera.

Special guest stars: Vicki Lawrence and Dolly Parton.

Hannah song featured: "True Friend
47 21 "Bye Bye Ball" Sean Lambert Heather Wordham January 13, 2008 (2008-01-13) 220

After Jackson ruins Miley's 'Beary Bear', Miley plots revenge and destroys his special Joey Vitolo-signed baseball. When Jackson feels guilty and fixes Beary Bear, Miley goes to great lengths to replace Jackson's ball - luckily for Miley, Joey Vitolo's daughter is a Hannah fan. Meanwhile Robbie attempts to build a bookshelf.

Absent: Moises Arias.
Guest stars: Joey Fatone and Juliette Goglia.
Hannah songs featured: "Rock Star", "Life's What You Make It".

Viewers: 4.2 m 
48 22 "(We're So Sorry) Uncle Earl" Richard Correll Robin J. Stein March 21, 2008 (2008-03-21) 226

Uncle Earl (David Koechner) arrives for a visit with the intention of becoming a rockstar; Barney Bittman (Gilbert Gottfried), a music critic renowned for his harsh criticism of popular performers, is planning on reviewing Hannah Montana.

Absent: Moises Arias
Special guest stars: David Koechner as Uncle Earl and Gilbert Gottfried as Barney Bittman

Hannah songs featured: "The Best of Both Worlds", "Rock Star", "Nobody's Perfect". 
49 23 "The Way We Almost Weren't" Richard Correll Andrew Green May 4, 2008 (2008-05-04) 219

While returning from Hannah's New Mexico tour, Miley nearly gets struck by lightning and dreams about how her parents first met at a diner and tries to make Robby and Miley's mom meet; Lilly and Oliver get stuck to chairs, and attempt to get unstuck so they don't miss the Maroon 5 concert.

Absent: Moises Arias.
Special guest star: Brooke Shields.
Hannah song featured: "Old Blue Jeans".

Viewers: 3.1m[10] 
50 24 "You Didn't Say it Was Your Birthday" Richard Correll Heather Wordham July 6, 2008 (2008-07-06) 225

Miley and Jackson forget that it was their father's 40th birthday, and argue over why he is annoyed at them. When they figure it out, they go to great lengths to make it up to him. Lilly and Oliver find a chip shaped like Darth Vader and try to sell it.

Trivia: About a minute after Lilly and Oliver find the chip, Todd (recurring character) says, "Woah, this is cooler than when my Alphabet Soup spelled yixagurpledink."
Guest Stars: Patrick Ryan Anderson as Todd, Adam Raque as Guy #1, Brandon Edward Gomez as Guy #2, Colton Burton as Ed, Michelle Merring as Ed's Mother, Bob Bledsoe as Frank, Kieran Newton as Jimmy
Hannah song featured: "Life's What You Make It".

Viewers: 5.1m[10] 
51 25 "Hannah In The Streets With Diamonds" Roger S. Christiansen Jay J. Demopoulos
Steven James Meyer
July 20, 2008 (2008-07-20) 228

Hannah is chosen to be inducted on a walk of fame, but Miley's upset when her prime location is suddenly downgraded to make room for a star puppet, "Pancake Buffalo", with a superstar sized attitude. Meanwhile Robbie takes over Jackson shift when he can't get his car to go.

Guest Star: Edie McClurg as Pancake Buffalo
Viewers: 3.8m[10]

Note: Pancake Buffalo is a parody of Lambchop
52 26 "Yet Another Side of Me" Shannon Flynn Andrew Green
Sally Lapiduss (Teleplay)
Heather Wordham (Story)
August 3, 2008 (2008-08-03) 229

Hannah meets her idol, Isis, who constantly changes her image to keep things fresh. Hannah fears she will lose her audience if she doesn't follow suit, but her image makeover doesn't go as she imagined. Meanwhile, Jackson is promised a raise by Rico, on the condition that he makes the sound of a dog when someody say the word "dog."

Guest stars: Rachel York, Meshach Taylor, Tiffany Thornton and Jodi Shilling
Co-stars: Matt Merchant, Brandi Cyrus, Alvin Lam, Lee Davis and Angela Trimbur
Hannah songs featured: "One in a Million" and "True Friend"

Viewers: 4.6m[10] 
53 27 "The Test of My Love" Richard Correll Jay J. Demopoulos August 31, 2008 (2008-08-31) 221

Miley starts to date a rich boy, Trey Harris. However, Trey's parents are rude to Miley because she is from Tennessee, so she tries to impress them by pretending to be rich and fancy. Meanwhile Robbie and Jackson attempt to clean out Jacksons' room.

Absent: Mitchel Musso

Guest Starring: Gregory Itzin, Anita Finlay, Michael McShae, Romi Dames as Traci VanHorn 
54 28 "Joannie B. Goode" Rondell Sheridan Andrew Green September 14, 2008 (2008-09-14) 227

Oliver and Joannie (Hayley Chase) start dating, and Oliver wants Miley and Lilly to be friends with her. After a sleepover, Lilly and Joannie realize they have more in common than they thought, and Miley worries that Lilly won't be her best friend anymore. Meanwhile, Jackson gets a date with Rico's cousin.

Guest Stars: Hayley Chase as Joannie Palumbo and Erika Medina as Rico's Cousin
Hannah song featured: "Life's What You Make It"

Note: This is the one of the episodes, along with Test of My Love that doesn't show Miley Cyrus in the Hannah Montana wig. In other words, Hannah Montana is not shown. Joannie B. Goode is a parody to Junie B. Jones. 
55 29 "We're All on This Date Together" Roger S. Christiansen Steven Peterman October 12, 2008 (2008-10-12) 230

Miley's previous crush Johnny Collins (Corbin Bleu) wins a date with Hannah in a charity auction, but Hannah is guilted into letting Rico join too. He wound up making the date miserable for both Johnny and Hannah. Meanwhile, Roxy's old enemy from school comes to visit, so Roxy asks Robby and Jackson to pretend to be her family.

Guest Stars: Corbin Bleu, Ray Romano as himself, Donny Osmond as himself, Sheryl Lee Ralph

Hannah song featured: "If We Were A Movie

Unaired Episode

Series # Season # Original title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
- 30 "No Sugar, Sugar" Art Manke Sally Lapiduss Unaired[13] 223

When Miley and Lilly suspect that Oliver has a crush on the school nurse (Rebecca Creskoff), they instead learn that Oliver has been diagnosed with diabetes, but is keeping it secret. Not knowing the whole truth about the disease, Miley overreacts to the news, and when the three attend Traci's "sweet sixteen", where a large assortment of sweets are being offered, she goes out of her way to keep Oliver from eating any of it. Meanwhile, Jackson has a new girlfriend (Katerina Graham) who is helping him earn good grades in school. When Robby finds out that she plans to break up with him, he does everything in his power to save their relationship.

Note: This episode was set to air in the U.S. on November 2, 2008 but Disney pulled the episode off the air after it was previewed by parents in an on-demand version; according to one of the parents, inaccuracies regarding the portrayal of diabetes were at the heart of their objections, adding that given Hannah Montana's huge influence over young viewers, correct information about the disease needed to be given.
According to Mitchel Musso, the episode was re-written, re-shot, and was to be added to the third season of the show.[11] The revised episode, called "Uptight (Oliver's Alright)" aired on Disney Channel on September 20, 2009.[12]

Guest stars: Rebecca Creskoff as School Nurse Carol, Shanica Knowles as Amber Addison, Anna Maria Perez de Taglé as Ashley Dewitt, Romi Dames as Traci VanHorn, Katerina Graham as Allison, Jackson's Girlfriend. 

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