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Hans Adam von Schöning, copper engraving by August Christian Fleischmann

Hans Adam von Schöning (1 October 1641 – 28 August 1696) was a Generalfeldmarschall in the service of Brandenburg-Prussia and the Electorate of Saxony.

Schöning was born at Tamsel near Küstrin in the Margraviate of Brandenburg. He was well-connected by marriage, his uncle being Field Marshal Georg von Derfflinger and his daughter being married to Colonel Ludwig von Blumenthal, a nephew of Field Marshal von Dünewald and brother-in-law of General Carl Friedrich von Schlippenbach (1658-1753). His descendants include Field Marshal von Wrangel, granddaughter Luise Eleonore Wreech (1708-1784), a nephew - the military historian Kurd von Schöning and the rocket scientist, Wernher von Braun.

Von Schöning died on 28 August 1696 in Dresden.



Hans Adams parents were Hans Adam (d 1664), squire of the Knights Hospitaller, and Marianne (born in Schapelow). He married Johanna Louise, of Pöllnitz, in 1668. He had two sons, Boguslaus, Electorate of Saxony Lieutenant Colonel, and Johann (Hans) Ludwig of Tamsel, Electorate of Saxony Chamberlain, and Lieutenant Colonel

Military career

He distinguished himself in many military campaigns, including the Turkish Wars, the Nine Years War against France, and the war against Sweden 1675-79 particularly during the conquest of Stettin, Rügen and Stralsund and in the explusion of Sweden from Prussia. He famously quarreled with General von Barfus, and was eventually arrested for supposedly plotting to bring Saxony over to the French.

Schloss Tamsel

Field-Marshal von Schöning later built a castle in Tamsel, Brandenburg (now Dabroszyn/Dąbroszynie, Poland). A neo-gothic church on the estate contains a masoleum for the von Schöning, von Wreech and von Dönhoff families.

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