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Portrait of Huldrych Zwingli, painted by Hans Asper.

Hans Asper (1499 – March 21, 1571) was a Swiss painter.

He lived his entire life in Zurich. Nothing is known of his life until 1526, when he married the daughter of Ludwig Nöggi, a master carpenter who sat in the city council, and his first artwork dates only from 1531. Asper was himself a citizen of some standing, and was elected to the Great Council in 1545.

He painted in a variety of styles, and is particularly known for his studies of flowers and fruit. Many of his pictures are lost. His portraits show affinity to the works of Hans Holbein; notable works include portraits of Huldrych Zwingli his daughter Regula Gwalter, which came into the ownership of the public library of Zurich. Asper is also believed to have provided the illustrations for Conrad Gesner's Historia Animalium.

Though Asper was highly regarded by the citizens of Zurich, and had a medal struck in his honor, he seems to have died in poverty. Two of his eleven children, Hans Rudolf Asper and Rudolf Asper, were also painters.


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HANS ASPER (1499-1571), Swiss painter, was born and died at Zurich. He wrought in a great variety of styles, but excelled chiefly in flower and fruit pieces, and in portrait-painting. Many of his pictures have perished, but his style may be judged from the illustrations to Gessner's Historia Animalium, for which he is said to have furnished the designs, and from portraits of Zwingli and his daughter Regula Gwalter, which are preserved in the public library of Zurich. It has been usual to class Asper among the pupils and imitators of Holbein, but an inspection of his works is sufficient to show that this is a mistake. Though Asper was held in high reputation by his fellow-citizens, who elected him a member of the Great Council, and had a medal struck in his honour, he seems to have died in poverty.

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