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Professor Hans Winkler (23 April 1877 - 22 November 1945) was a German botanist. He was Professor of Botany at the University of Hamburg, and a director of that university's Institute of Botany.

He is remembered for coining the term 'genome' in 1920[1] , by making a portmanteau of the words gene and chromosome.[2]

On page 165, he wrote[1]

Ich schlage vor, fur den haploiden chromosomensatz, der im verein mit dem zugehorigen Protoplasma die materielle Grundlage der systematischen Einheit darstellt den Ausdruck: das Genom zu verwenden und Kerne, Zellen und Organismen

(in rough translation)[3]:

I propose the expression Genom for the haploid chromosome set, which, together with the pertinent protoplasm, specifies the material foundations of the species ....

Winkler also worked at the University of Naples, in Italy, where he researched the physiology of the algae Bryopsis.[4]


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