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Hans von Pechmann

Born 1 April 1850
Died 19 April 1902 (aged 52)
Residence Germany
Nationality German
Fields organic chemistry
Institutions University of Munich University of Tübingen
Alma mater University of Greifswald
Doctoral advisor Heinrich Limpricht
Doctoral students William Hobson Mills Julius B. Cohen
Known for Pechmann condensation Diazomethane

Hans von Pechmann (Nürnberg, April 1, 1850 - Tübingen, April 19, 1902) was a German chemist, renowned for his discovery of diazomethane in 1894. ,[1][2] Pechmann condensation[3] [4] and Pechmann pyrazole synthesis[5]. He also first prepared 1,2-diketones (e.g., diacetyl), acetonedicarboxylic acid, methylglyoxal and diphenyltriketone; established the symmetrical structure of anthraquinone.

Von Pechmann also discovered polyethylene plastics serendipitously in 1898, when accidentally heating diazomethane.

After studying with Heinrich Limpricht at the University of Greifswald he became Professor at the University of Munich till 1895. He was professor at the University of Tübingen from 1895 till his death in 1902.[6]


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