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Happy Gilmore

Original theatrical poster
Directed by Dennis Dugan
Produced by Robert Simonds
Written by Tim Herlihy
Adam Sandler
Starring Adam Sandler
Julie Bowen
Allen Covert
Frances Bay
Christopher McDonald
with Bob Barker
and Carl Weathers
Ben Stiller
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) February 16, 1996
Running time 92 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Gross revenue $41,205,099 worldwide[1]

Happy Gilmore is a 1996 American sports comedy film directed by Dennis Dugan and starring Adam Sandler as the title character.



Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) is an aspiring ice-hockey player who masters a powerful and dangerous slapshot that his late father taught him as a child. However, his aggression and poor skating ability render him unable to join any hockey team. His grandmother, (Frances Bay), with whom he has lived almost all his life, has not paid her taxes for many years. As such, she owes $270,000 to the IRS and the house that Happy's grandfather "built with his bare hands" is about to be seized. Grandma Gilmore is forced to temporarily move into a retirement home run as a sweatshop by Hal, the retirement home's unpleasant and cruel manager (Ben Stiller in an uncredited role). While repossessing Grandma's furniture, a pair of movers challenge Happy to hit golf balls, and his unorthodox hockey slapshot hits 400 yards three times, winning $40 as a result. This gives Happy the idea to go to the driving range to make money with bets on his swing. When ex-golf player and current Club Pro Chubbs Peterson (Carl Weathers) (who was forced to retire when his hand was bitten off by an alligator) sees Happy's shot, he convinces Happy into entering a local tournament by telling him he can make a lot of money. Happy wins the tournament and earns a spot on the PGA Tour. However, against Chubbs' advice, Happy joins the tour immediately after learning he can make enough money to buy back Grandma's house.

On the Tour, Happy makes an instant enemy of star pro Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald), who sees Happy as a detriment to golf and tries to thwart any attempt to steal his thunder. In addition, Happy discovers that although he has a powerful drive, his putting is terrible, and his violent outbursts and lack of golf etiquette cause him problems, which gives Shooter an opening to ask Doug Thompson (Dugan), the head of the tour, to expel Happy. Happy's antics are garnering the tour's highest television ratings and bringing more fans into tournaments, and Shooter's request is denied. To help Happy cool down and start acting more professionally tour PR head Virginia Venit (Julie Bowen) is assigned to him by the tour. In addition to a relationship forming between the two, Happy begins to develop a cooler head while continuing to improve in tournaments much to the chagrin of Shooter, who decides to take matters into his own hands and hire Donald, a fan of Shooter's (Joe Flaherty) to heckle Happy at the next tournament, a celebrity pro-am.

At the tournament, where Happy is paired with Bob Barker, Donald starts distracting and intimidating him by shouting out, "Jackass!", when he's taking his swing. He takes Happy's focus off his game so much that out of frustration he and Barker have a fight, which Barker wins and is also enough to have Happy suspended from the tour and fined $25,000. However, all is not lost as Happy secures an endorsement deal with Subway, which gives him enough money to buy back Grandma's house and pay the fine. What Happy doesn't know is that the house is being sold at auction, and the situation is made worse when Happy sees that Shooter McGavin has won the auction for the house. Shooter allows Happy to have the house back, but only if he'll quit the tour. After initially accepting, Happy is talked out of it by Virginia, who says Grandma would much rather see Happy succeed at life than get the house back. Happy then makes a bet with Shooter: if Happy finishes higher at the Tour Championship, he gets the house back; if Shooter finishes higher, Happy quits the tour.

Although Shooter agrees to the bet, Happy realizes that he needs to get better in a hurry if he wants to win, and seeks out Chubbs. Together they head to a mini-golf course so Happy can improve his putting, which he does. As a token of his gratitude Happy gives Chubbs a present: the head of the alligator that took his hand (which Happy had killed in an earlier tournament while retrieving his ball). The gift does not have the intent Happy planned on, as Chubbs is startled by it and stumbles back, causing him to fall out an open window to his death.

Determined to win the Tour Championship for Chubbs, Happy goes head-to-head with Shooter. Shooter is stunned that Happy has been keeping up with him, and by the end of the third day of the tournament Happy is leading Shooter. Determined to win the tournament, which he has never done, Shooter once again calls on Donald. The next day Shooter's plan comes into action, as Donald hits Happy with a Volkswagen Beetle, which he proceeds to ram into a television tower at the 18th hole. Happy is moderately injured and has lost the ability to hit the long drive and as such drops from the lead and trails Shooter by several shots heading into the final holes. However, after applying a lesson from Chubbs he is able to refocus and ties for the lead going to the 18th hole. After Shooter makes his shot for par, the TV tower collapses and blocks Happy's shot for birdie. Happy is forced to play his shot with the tower in the way, and once again uses what Chubbs taught him to make a trick shot to win the Tour Championship and the house.

Shooter is then beat up by an angry mob of spectators after he steals the gold jacket from Doug in a fit of hysteria after Happy wins. The film closes with Happy being congratulated by the two-handed ghost of Chubbs, Abraham Lincoln, and the alligator.


  • Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore: A young guy who lives life wanting to be a professional ice hockey player. Due to his grandmother not paying her taxes, her house becomes repossessed. Happy intends to get the house back, and falls into professional golfing in order to do so.
  • Frances Bay as Happy Gilmore's Grandma: She took Happy Gilmore in as a child when his mother left him and his father died. She is adored by Happy, who would do anything to keep her happy.
  • Julie Bowen as Virginia Venit: The PA to the PGA golf tour, she eventually becomes Happy Gilmore's love interest.
  • Carl Weathers as Chubbs Peterson: A pro-golfer who was forced to retire early because he got his hand bitten off by an alligator. He encourages Happy to take up golf and coaches him.
  • Christopher McDonald as Shooter McGavin: An arrogant, cocky golfer who happens to be the best on the PGA tour. After Happy joins he soon becomes jealous of the attention Happy receives and shows his dislike of Happy being on the tour, which leads to bigger problems.
  • Allen Covert as Otto, The Hobo Caddy
  • Kevin Nealon as Gary Potter
  • Richard Kiel as Mr. Larson
  • John Shaw as Daniel Lafferty
  • Dennis Dugan as Doug Thompson
  • Lee Trevino as Head Nodding Guy: First appears after Happy misses a drive and goes on an expletive-laced rant (to which Happy apologizes for, causing him to walk away disgusted). He appears again after Chubbs's death. When Shooter mockingly replies to Happy "Yeah...and Grizzly Adams had a beard", Trevino responds "Grizzly Adams did have a beard."
  • Bob Barker as Himself
  • Matt DeLuca as Himself
  • Ben Stiller as Hal, the retirement home manager (uncredited)


The film received 57% positive reviews on the film-critics aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, meeting with mixed reviews.[2] Roger Ebert said "I guess we are supposed to like Happy Gilmore, yet as played by Sandler, he doesn't have a pleasing personality".[3] Its domestic box office gross was USD$38,824,099, and its foreign gross was $2,381,000.[1]

In 1996, Barker and Sandler won the MTV Movie Award for Best Fight.[citation needed]


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Happy Gilmore is a 1996 film about a rejected hockey player who puts his skills to the golf course to save his grandmother's house.

Directed by Dennis Dugan. Written by Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler
He doesn't play golf... he destroys it. taglines


Happy Gilmore

  • [after decking Bob Barker] The Price is wrong, bitch!


Chubbs: Golf's no different from hockey. It requires talent and self discipline.
Happy: Golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass. You should talk to my neighbor the accountant, probably a great golfer, huge ass.
Chubbs: Hey, I'll bet your neighbor the accountant can't drive the ball 400 yards. I'll bet your neighbor the accountant doesn't have a shot to get on the Pro Tour!
Happy: And how would I do that?
Chubbs: You win the Open tomorrow, and you're automatically on the Pro Tour. Then who knows, maybe you'll win the Tour Championship. Get that gold jacket that I never got.
Happy: Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?

McGavin: I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!
Happy: You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?
McGavin: No!

[Shooter McGavin is taking a shot]

Mr. Larson: Trying to reach the green from here, Shooter?
McGavin: That's not possible, sir.
Mr. Larson: I beg to differ, Happy Gilmore accomplished that feat no more than an hour ago.
McGavin: (turning round and seeing Mr. Larson) Well, moron, good for Happy Gilm-OH MY GOD!!

Announcer: We haven't seen Happy Gilmore play this badly since his first day on tour. He and Bob Barker are now dead last.
Barker: I can't believe you're a professional golfer. I think you should be working at the snack bar.
Happy: You better relax, Bob.
Barker: There is no way that you could have been as bad at hockey as you are at golf.
Happy: All right. Let's go!
[he punches Barker in the face]
Happy: You like that, old man?! You want a piece of me?!
Barker: [shakes his head as he get up from the ground] I don't want a piece of you. I want the whole THING!
[he repeatedly punches Happy vigorously until he hits the water]
Happy: [angrily emerges from the water] Now you're gonna get it, Bobby!
[he and Barker continue fighting, and they roll down the hill, until Happy conks Barker in the head and gets back on his feet]
Man from behind: [cheers Happy on] Happy!
Happy: The Price is wrong, bitch!
[Barker suddenly chokes Happy and punches him 3 times]
Barker: I think you've had enough.
[Happy tries to get back up again]
Barker: No?
[he kicks Happy in the face once more]
Barker: Now you've had enough. [sets off, then turns back to Happy] Bitch.

Happy: I'll make you a bet. If you get this puck into that net, I'll never bother you again. But if you miss, you have to give me a big fat kiss. And you have to pretend you like it too.
Virginia: Do you always carry a puck with you?
Happy: Yeah.
[Virginia shoots the puck and scores]
Happy: Holy shit. Talk about your all time backfires.
Virginia: Happy... I didn't see it go in.
[They kiss]

Mover: You hit that guy!
Happy: He shouldn't have been standing there.


  • He doesn't play golf... he destroys it.


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Happy Gilmore
Directed by Dennis Dugan
Produced by Robert Simonds
Written by Tim Herlihy
Adam Sandler
Starring Adam Sandler
Carl Weathers
Julie Bowen
Allen Covert
Frances Bay
Christopher McDonald
Distributed by Universal Studios
Release date(s) February 16, 1996
Running time 92 minutes
Language English
Budget $10 million
IMDb profile

Happy Gilmore is a sports comedy movie made in 1996. It was directed by Dennis Dugan, and stars Adam Sandler.


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