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Unofficial fan illustration of harmoniums

Harmoniums are, according to The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut, the only form of life on the planet Mercury. Harmoniums are paper-thin cave-dwellers that feed on nearly undectable vibrations in the planet, described as "Mercury's song." Harmoniums are kite-sized and kite-shaped, and reproduce asexually by flaking off in a manner not unlike dandruff. They have only the sense of touch, and also rudimentary telepathic powers capable of only two messages: "here I am, here I am, here I am," and "so glad you are, so glad you are, so glad you are."

Harmoniums are a semi-transparent blue, making the yellow walls of Mercury appear aquamarine beneath them. When they die, they shrivel up like dried fruit. They can die from feeding off too much vibration


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