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Harry Fred Cox (27 March 1885 - 6 May 1971), was a Norfolk farmworker and one of the most important singers of traditional English music of the twentieth century, on account of his large repertoire and fine singing style.

The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography concludes:

He is admired for the breadth and variety of his repertory, some 140 items ranging from rough bawdry to high balladry, but above all for his technique, based, according to the BBC producer Francis Dillon, on ‘a carefully placed decoration, a beautifully judged phrasing, an exact control of highly complex rhythm and a singing tone which requires no accompaniment’

Roy Palmer (2004). "Cox, Harry Fred (1885-1971)". Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (1 ed.). Oxford University Press. Retrieved 2006-03-22.  


Solo albums

  • Folk Songs - England (1956)
  • Harry Cox - English Folk Singer (1965)
  • Harry Cox Sings English Love Songs (1965)
  • The Barley Straw (1975)
  • Traditional English Love Songs (1977)
  • Harry Cox - Milking The Cow Forever (1975)


  • Seventeen Come Sunday (1975)
  • What Will Become of England? (2000)
  • The Bonny Labouring Boy: Traditional Songs and Tunes From a Norfolk Farm Worker (2000)


  • Hidden English (*) (2003)
  • Voice of the People vol 17 (*)

(*) One Track only in both cases

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