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Harry Kim
Species Human
Home planet Earth
Affiliation Starfleet
Posting Operations officer,
USS Voyager
Rank Ensign
Portrayed by Garrett Wang

Ensign Harry S. L. Kim, played by Garrett Wang, is a character in the television series Star Trek: Voyager. He serves as the USS Voyager's operations officer.



Kim was born in 2349 in South Carolina. He played clarinet in the Juilliard Youth Symphony and had a girlfriend named Libby. After graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2370, his first assignment was as the Operations officer aboard the USS Voyager, which becomes stranded in the Delta Quadrant. In "Deadlock", Voyager and its crew are duplicated. The original ship's version of Kim is blown into space; the other ship's duplicate of Kim replaces him shortly afterwards. Kim is an ensign throughout the series' seven seasons. In the alternate future shown in the series finale "Endgame", he is captain of the USS Rhode Island in 2404.

Kim is frequently shown in a relationship or expressing romantic feelings for various women throughout the series, from Libby (his girlfriend back on Earth), to Seven of Nine, Lyndsay Ballard (in "Ashes to Ashes"), several Taresisan women (in "Favorite Son"), Kes's adult daughter from another timeline (in "Before and After"), Megan Delany, and the Varro scientist Tal (in "The Disease").

Character development

From early childhood on, actor Garrett Wang was a science fiction fan, in particular Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica.[1] After being cast as Harry Kim, Wang had a strained relationship with Voyager executive producer Rick Berman, who took over from Star Trek inventor Gene Roddenberry: "When Roddenberry passed the reins over to [Rick] Berman, unfortunately Berman kept the same formula. And he just kept plugging it in. So when I'm asked what made Voyager stand are talking about the same overall formula so it doesn't. It has stayed the same for every single episode." But Wang also added: "But if you put that aside, what sets Voyager apart I think [is] the camaraderie among the cast was stronger with our cast than on the other series."[1]

In a 2007 interview with, Wang voiced his displeasure about the show. He felt the Harry Kim character was "underused", passive and one-dimensional. Prior to Season 2, he went to the producers and said: "Listen I want to have a stunt double, I want to do some stunts, I want to run, I want to kick; I want to have a love life". He also stated to only have had "minimal" creative impact upon Harry Kim: he desperately wanted Harry Kim to be funnier, but the producers felt that Neelix or The Doctor fit better as comic relief. In the end, he described it as unfulfilling,[2] and also spoke of a "rift" between Berman and him.[1] When he complained that every other character on the show got promoted except Kim, he was told that he had to remain the lowly Ensign because "well someone's got to be the ensign".[3]

Wang also was unhappy how the series ended. "I think the first hour [of the final episodes] was brilliant, absolutely brilliant... but the second hour seemed like the abridged version of the ending... Janeway tells Paris set a course for home I was thinking that there was no real reaction among anyone here to the fact that we are home", which Wang felt was unemotional and a big let-down.[1]


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