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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

International poster
Directed by Chris Columbus
Produced by David Heyman
Written by Screenplay:
Steve Kloves
J. K. Rowling
Starring Daniel Radcliffe
Rupert Grint
Emma Watson
Richard Harris
Kenneth Branagh
Jason Isaacs
Christian Coulson
Robbie Coltrane
Music by John Williams
Adapting and conducting
William Ross
Cinematography Roger Pratt
Editing by Peter Honess
Studio Heyday Films
1492 Pictures
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date(s) 3 November 2002 (2002-11-03)
(United Kingdom premiere)
15 November 2002 (2002-11-15)
Running time 161 minutes
Country United Kingdom
United States
Language English
Budget US$100 million
Gross revenue $878,643,482[1]
Preceded by Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Followed by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a 2002 fantasy-adventure film, and the second film in the popular Harry Potter series, based on the novel by J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The film was released on 15 November 2002 in the UK and North America and 28 November in Australia. Returning to work on the film were director Chris Columbus, screenwriter Steven Kloves, and producer David Heyman.

Most of the major cast and crew from Philosopher's Stone (known as Sorcerer's Stone in the United States) returned for Chamber of Secrets, including child stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. However, it was the last appearance by Richard Harris as Dumbledore and the last Harry Potter film directed by Columbus. New key actors included Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart and Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy.

The film was very well received at the box office, making $879 million USD worldwide.[1] It was nominated for three BAFTA Film Awards in 2003.



In preparation for a visit from Uncle Vernon Dursley's client, the Dursleys lock Harry in his room. There, Harry finds Dobby the house elf, who warns against returning to Hogwarts. When Harry refuses, Dobby frames Harry for ruining Vernon's meeting. Furious, Vernon traps Harry in his room to prevent his return to Hogwarts. Ron, Fred and George Weasley arrive in their flying car to rescue Harry and take him back to The Burrow, their home. Harry meets Ron's younger sister, Ginny, who is beginning Hogwarts and has developed a crush on Harry. Harry also meets Ron's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. Soon after, Harry and the Weasleys travel to Diagon Alley by Floo Powder. Harry accidentally mispronounces "Diagon Alley", and lands in Knockturn Alley. Fortunately, Hagrid happens upon him and reunites him with the Weasleys and Hermione. While shopping, Harry meets Gilderoy Lockhart, a famous wizard and author, and later Draco Malfoy and his father, Lucius, who praise Voldemort and deride Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys.

At King's Cross Station the Weasley family, excluding Ron, cross through the magical barrier to Platform 9 3/4 with ease. Harry and Ron find they cannot go through (Dobby sealed it to prevent Harry's return to Hogwarts); as a result, they miss the Hogwarts Express. Harry and Ron manage to reach Hogwarts with the flying car, but accidentally land in the school's Whomping Willow, which breaks Ron's wand and causes the car to act erratically. The car ejects the boys and drives off by itself.

Ron and Harry are able to begin Hogwarts normally, but Harry begins to hear an ominous voice that no one else can hear. Harry, Ron and Hermione find the message The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware written in blood across a castle wall and discover caretaker Argus Filch's cat has been petrified. The Chamber of Secrets is a chamber which can only be opened by the Heir of Slytherin; it is said to be the home of a monsterous creature that will only obey the Heir. Harry suspects the Heir is Malfoy. To interrogate him, the three brew Polyjuice Potion to disguise themselves as Malfoy's friends Crabbe and Goyle. They learn Malfoy is not the heir and that he does not know who it is.

Gilderoy Lockhart, hired to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, offers a dueling club. At the meeting, Draco conjures a snake which Harry finds he can talk to. Hermione explains he is a parselmouth like Slytherin, a connection which causes the school to believe Harry is the Heir and ostracize him. In a bathroom, Harry finds a book with no writing in it which once belonged to someone named Tom Marvolo Riddle. Through the book, Tom can show Harry events that happened fifty years ago, when Tom was a student. Tom's memories incriminate Hagrid as the Heir.

Over the course of the school year, several more students (Colin Creevey, Justin Finch-Fletchly, and Hermione) and even the Gryffindor ghost Sir Nicholas are found petrified and Tom Riddle's diary goes missing. Harry and Ron decide to see Hagrid at his hut, but before they can speak to him Cornelius Fudge and Lucius Malfoy arrive. While Ron and Harry hide, the visitors tell Hagrid they are suspending Dumbledore as headmaster and arresting Hagrid. Before Hagrid is taken away, he tells Ron and Harry to follow the spiders into the Forbidden Forest for the truth. They do so and meet Aragog, a giant spider thought to have killed a student fifty years ago. Aragog reveals he didn't and Hagrid is innocent.

Knowing that Hagrid is innocent, Harry and Ron find out from a piece of paper in Hermione's hand that the monster responsible for the petrification attacks is a basilisk. They also find another message from the heir and the teachers say that Ginny has been taken into the chamber. Lockhart is chosen to find the chamber and save Ginny, but he tries to make an escape until Harry and Ron catch him. It turns out Lockhart's famous past is false; He used memory-erasing charms on witches and wizards so that he could take credit for their great accomplishments. The three find the chamber entrance in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom and enter to find a giant snake skin. Lockhart tries to stop Harry and Ron by using a memory charm, but it backfires because he is using Ron's broken wand, causing Lockhart to lose his memory and a rock to fall that separates Harry from the others. Harry finds Ginny's body, and Tom Riddle shows up telling Harry that he is a memory preserved in the diary for fifty years. He goes on to tell Harry that he is attempting to steal Ginny's soul, so that he may regain power. Harry learns that Tom is Slytherin's heir and is actually Lord Voldemort in his teenage form. Riddle sends the basilisk to kill Harry but Dumbledore's phoenix, Fawkes, attacks the Basilisk's eyes. Fawkes gives Harry the Sorting Hat which contains the Sword of Godric Gryffindor and stabs the snake in the roof of the mouth, killing it. Unfortunately, a fang pierces Harry's arm.

Dying from the fang's poison, Harry destroys the memory of Tom Riddle by piercing the diary with the fang retrieved from his arm. Ginny regains consciousness and finds Harry hurt, but Fawkes heals Harry's wound with its tears. Dumbledore is returned to the school and Hagrid is released from Azkaban. Harry learns that Dobby serves the Malfoys and tricks Lucius into freeing him from servitude. Sometime later, everyone who has been petrified is now safe thanks to Harry and Ron's efforts.


Christian Coulson appears as Tom Riddle, the main antagonist of the film. Riddle is a memory of a young Lord Voldermort, imprinted into his old diary. Bonnie Wright acts as Ginny Weasley, Ron's younger sister, who becomes possessed by Riddle's diary and opens the Chamber of Secrets under his control. Harry Melling reappears as Harry's overweight cousin Dudley Dursley. Toby Jones provides the voice of Dobby, the Malfoys' house elf who goes behind the family's back to help Harry. Julian Glover provides the voice of Aragog, an Acromantula that lives in the forest and had previously been cared for by Hagrid.


The flying car as used in the film

Production for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets began on 19 November 2001, just three days after the widespread release of the first Harry Potter film. Shooting first took place in Surrey, England as Number Four Privet Drive, Little Whinging of the Dursleys' Home. It was shot on location on the Isle of Man, in several places in Great Britain, and at Leavesden Film Studios in London made several scenes for Hogwarts. Mr. Weasley's Car was created from a Ford Anglia. Other locations were shot in England, including a Hogwarts Express set in King's Cross railway station Platform 9¾. Filming finished in the summer of 2002.[2]

Hugh Grant is said to have been the first choice for the role of Gilderoy Lockhart but due to reported scheduling conflicts he was unable to play the character.[3] On 25 October 2001, Kenneth Branagh was selected as Grant's replacement.[4]

Frank Oz claims in interviews he was given the chance to direct a Harry Potter movie, however does not remember exactly which one, but strongly feels it was this, the second film. He turned it down due to lack of interest.[5]

Differences from the book

The only significant deviation from the literary canon is in the effects of the Polyjuice Potion.[6] In the book, the Potion causes the drinker to assume the exact appearance of the target, including their voice and any disabilities (such as poor eyesight). In the film, while the potion alters Harry and Ron's appearance, their voices are left unchanged to reduce confusion, and Harry still requires glasses. This alteration is not present in subsequent Harry Potter films.



Box office

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets premiered in the UK on 3 November 2002 and in the United States on 14 November 2002 before its widespread release on 15 November, one year after the Philosopher's Stone. The film broke multiple records upon its opening. In the U.S. the film opened to an $88.4 million opening weekend at 3,682 theaters, the third largest opening at the time, behind Spider-Man and the film's predecessor Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.[7] In the United Kingdom the film broke all opening records that were previously held by The Philosopher's Stone. It made £18.9 million during its opening including previews and £10.9 million excluding previews.[8] It went on to make £54.8 million in the UK, the fifth biggest tally of all time at the time.[9]

The film made a total of $879 million worldwide,[1] which made it the fifth highest-grossing film ever at the time.[10] It was the second highest grossing film of 2002 behind The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers worldwide.[11] However, it was the number one film of the year at the non-American box office making $617 million compared to The Two Towers' $584.5 million.[12] As of July 2009 it remains one of the highest-grossing films of all time, at number 14.[citation needed] As of July 2009 Chamber of Secrets is the fourth highest-grossing Potter film in the series and the longest film (161 minutes) in the series.[citation needed]

While Chamber of Secrets was a financial success, it sold 20% fewer tickets than its immediate predecessor. In the U.S. and Canada, it is the second lowest-grossing Harry Potter film.[citation needed]

The film made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2003, for Most Theaters Shown in on Opening Night, with over 2,000 theaters showing it at the exact same time across the United States alone, this would be beaten the following year by Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.[citation needed]

Critical reception

The film's reviews were generally positive and it currently garners an 82% "Certified Fresh" approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes (the fourth most favorably reviewed Harry Potter film on the site)[13] and a score of 63 out of 100 at Metacritic representing "generally favourable reviews" (the least favorably reviewed Harry Potter film on the site).[14] Roger Ebert called The Chamber of Secrets "a phenomenal film" and gave the film 4 out of 4 stars, especially praising the set design.[15] Entertainment Weekly commended the film for being better and darker than its predecessor: "And among the things this Harry Potter does very well indeed is deepen the darker, more frightening atmosphere for audiences. This is as it should be: Harry's story is supposed to get darker".[16] Richard Roeper praised the directing and the films faithfulness to the book, saying: "Chris Columbus, the director, does a real wonderful job of being faithful to the story but also taking it into a cinematic era".[17] Variety called the film "a bit overlong", but praised the film for being darker and more dramatic than The Philosopher's Stone: "it possesses a confidence and intermittent flair that begin to give it a life of its own apart of the literary franchise, something the initial picture never achieved".[18] Dana Stevens from The New York Times said: "instead of feeling stirred you may feel battered and worn down, but not, in the end, too terribly disappointed".[19]

Some negative criticism came from Peter Travers from The Rolling Stone condemning the film for being overlong and too faithful to the book: "Once again, director Chris Columbus takes a hat-in-hand approach to Rowling that stifles creativity and allows the film to drag on for nearly three hours".[20] Kenneth Turan from The Los Angeles Times called the film "a cliché" and noted: "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is deja vu all over again, it's likely that whatever you thought of the first production -- pro or con -- you'll likely think of this one".[21]

Home media

The film was originally released in the UK, US and Canada on 11 April 2003 on both VHS tape and in a two-disc special edition DVD digipack. On 11 December 2007, the Blu-Ray and HD DVD versions of the film were released alongside a bare-bones single-disc DVD release with minimal special features.


On 14 January 2003, Chamber of Secrets won the award for Best Live Action Family Film in the Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards. It was nominated for seven Saturn Awards including for Best Director, Best Fantasy Film and Best Performance by a Younger Actor for Daniel Radcliffe. The film was nominated for four BAFTA Awards and a Grammy Award for John Williams' score.


The film's soundtrack was released on 12 November 2002, three days before the film was released. As with the first film, John Williams composed the score, but Williams was unable to do a complete score because of schedule conflicts with Steven Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can. Williams hired composer William Ross to Adapt Themes from the first film, put them in Chamber of Secrets in places that they would fit, conduct and write new matierial (if needed). A video game based on the film was also released on 14 November 2002, a day before the film was widely released.


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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is a 2002 film based on the book of the same name by J. K. Rowling.

Directed by Chris Columbus. Screenplay by Steve Kloves.
Hogwarts is Back in Session (taglines)


Harry Potter

  • [to Dobby] Not to be rude or anything, but this isn't really a great time for me to have a House Elf in my bedroom.
  • How can I speak a language without knowing I can?
  • [Deleted scene] Who am I, Hedwig? What am I?
  • [After he is healed by Fawkes while Ginny looks on] It's all right, Ginny. It's over. It's just a memory.

Ron Weasley

  • Dad loves Muggles. He thinks they're fascinating.
  • Follow the spiders! Follow the spiders! If Hagrid ever gets out of Azkaban, I'll kill him!
  • Why spiders? Why couldn't it be "follow the butterflies"?!
  • [repeated line] Bloody 'l.
  • [to Lockhart] Is there anything you can do?
  • Dad's gonna kill me.
  • [to Malfoy] Eat slugs! [the spell backfires, making Ron throw up oversized slugs]
  • [referring to Lockhart, who's just pretended to faint] Heart of a lion, this one.

Albus Dumbledore

  • It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
  • I shall never truly be gone unless none here are loyal to me.
  • Help shall always be given at Hogwarts, to those who ask for it.

Tom Marvolo Riddle

  • Voldemort is my past, present, and future.
  • Funny, the damage a silly little book can do, especially in the hands of a silly little girl.
  • Let's match the powers of Lord Voldemort, heir of Salazar Slytherin against the famous Harry Potter.
  • So this is what Dumbledore sends his great defender? A songbird and an old hat.
  • Yes, Potter. The process is nearly complete. In a few minutes, Ginny Weasley will be dead, and I will cease to be a memory. Lord Voldemort will return... very... much... alive.
  • [as Harry prepares to destroy the diary] What are you doing?... Stop! NO! [Harry stabs the book with the snake's fang]

Lucius Malfoy

  • Let me see...red hair, vacant expressions, tatty second-hand books, you must be the Weasleys.
  • You lost me my SERVANT!!!


Mrs. Weasley via Howler: RONALD WEASLEY!!! HOW DARE YOU STEAL THAT CAR?!? I AM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED!!! YOUR FATHER'S NOW FACING AN INQUIRY AT WORK, AND IT'S ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT!!! IF YOU PUT ANOTHER TOE OUT OF LINE, WE'LL BRING YOU STRAIGHT HOME!!! Oh, and Ginny, dear, congratulations on making Gryffindor. Your father and I are so proud. (Turns back to Ron and blows a rasberry at him before tearing herself to pieces)

Moaning Myrtle: I'm Moaning Myrtle! I wouldn't expect you to know me, who would ever talk about ugly, miserable, moping Moaning Myrtle?!

Neville Longbottom: [dangling from a chandelier by his robes] Why is it always me?


[After Dobby has beaten himself nearly senseless]
Harry: Are you all right?
Dobby: [Dazedly] Dobby had to punish himself, sir. Dobby almost spoke ill of his family.

Ron: They were starving him, Mum! There were bars on his window!
Mrs. Weasley: Well, you'd best hope I don't put bars on your window, Ronald Weasley!

Ginny: (coming into kitchen) Mummy, have you seen my jumper?
Mrs. Weasley: Yes dear, it was on the cat...
[Ginny's eyes widen in shock when she see Harry sitting at the table]
Harry: Hello.
(Ginny runs off looking noticably nervous; Fred and George snicker)
Harry: ...What did I do?

Mrs. Weasley: Your sons flew that enchanted car of yours to Surrey and back last night!
Mr. Weasley: Did you really? How did it go? [Mrs. Weasley hits him] I mean, (forcefully) that was very wrong indeed, boys. Very wrong of you.

Mr. Weasley: Now, Harry, you must know all about Muggles. Tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?
Harry: Oh, um...

[Malfoy corners Harry and the Weasley children at Flourish & Blotts Bookstore after Harry gets his picture taken with Lockhart.]
Draco Malfoy: Bet you loved that, didn't you, Potter?! Famous Harry Potter! Can't even go into a bookshop without making the front page.
Ginny Weasley: Leave him alone.
Draco Malfoy: [teasingly] Oh, look, Potter. You've got yourself a girlfriend!
Lucius Malfoy: [Places the silver snake of his walking stick on Draco's shoulder] Now, now, Draco. Play nicely. [To Harry] Lucius Malfoy. We meet at last. Forgive me. [uses the sliver snake to pull back Harry's bangs; sees his scar] Your scar is legend. As, of course, is the wizard who gave it to you.
Harry: [firmly] Voldemort killed my parents. He was nothing more than a murderer.
Lucius Malfoy: Hmm, you must be very brave to mention his name. Or are you foolish?
Hermione: Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself.
Lucius Malfoy: And you must be...Miss Granger. Yes, Draco's told me all about you...and your parents. [glances at the Grangers, who are speaking with Mr. Weasley] Muggles, aren't they? [Looks at Ron] Let me see. Red hair, vacant expressions... [Takes a book out of Ginny's cauldron] tatty, secondhand book. You must be of the Weasleys.

[Ron's wand is broken]
Ron: [in high voice] My wand. Look at my wand.
Harry: Be thankful it's not your neck.
[Just then, the Whomping Willow attacks.]

Dean Thomas: Hey Ron? Is that your owl?
(Errol is flying towards the gryffindor table; he crashes into a bowl of crisps, knocking them on to the table; Slytherin's laugh as Ron nervously picks up the Howler and Errol flies off)
Seamus Finnigan Look everyobe Weasley's got 'imself a 'owler
Neville Longbottom Open it Ron, i ignored onr from my gran once, it was horrible
(Ron nervously opens the Howler and Mrs Weasley's voice echoes around the hall)
Mrs Weasley via Howler: RONALD WEASLEY!!! HOW DARE YOU STEAL THAT CAR?!? I AM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED!!! YOUR FATHER'S NOW FACING AN INQUIRY AT WORK, AND IT'S ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT!!! IF YOU PUT ANOTHER TOE OUT OF LINE, WE'LL BRING YOU STRAIGHT HOME!!! (The Howler turns to Ginny, who is eating her dinner; it's voice is now loving) Oh, and Ginny, dear, congratulations on making Gryffindor. Your father and I are so proud. (Turns back to Ron and blows a rasberry at him and tears herself pieces)

Ron: Those are Nimbus Two-Thousand and Ones! How'd you get those?
Marcus Flint: A gift from Draco's father.
Draco Malfoy: You see, Weasley, unlike some, my father can afford the best.
Hermione: At least no one on the Gryffindor team had to buy their way in. They got in on pure talent.
Draco Malfoy: No one asked your opinion, you filthy little Mudblood!
[Hermione glares at him with a mixture of hate and hurt.]
Ron: You'll pay for that one, Malfoy! Eat slugs!
[Ron's spell backfires, blasting him off his feet. Harry and Hermione rush to his side.]
Hermione: Ron, are you okay? [Ron's face turns green] Say something!
[Ron opens his mouth as if to say something but instead regurgitates slugs.]
Colin Creevey: [starts taking pictures of Ron] Can you turn him around Harry?
Harry Potter: No, Colin! Get out of the way.

Hermione: [in reference to Harry hearing the voice in the corridor] It's a bit strange, isn't it?
Harry: Strange?
Hermione: You hear this voice - a voice only you can hear. And then Mrs. Norris turns up petrified? It's just strange.
Harry: Do you think I should have told them then? Dumbledore and the others, I mean.
Ron: Are you mad?
Hermione: No, Harry. Even in the wizarding world, hearing voices isn't a good thing.
Man in Portrait: She's right, you know.

[At the Dueling Club]
Gilderoy Lockhart: Allow me to introduce my assistant...Professor Snape. [Snape grudgingly walks up onto the platform] He has sportingly agreed to help me with a short demonstration. Now, I don't want any of you youngsters to worry. You'll still have your Potions Master when I'm through with him. Never fear.
[Lockhart and Snape approach each other, bow to each other, walk a fair distance apart and ready their wands.]
Gilderoy Lockhart: One, two, three...
Snape: Expelliarmus!
[The spell blasts Lockhart across the room.]
Hermione: [concerned] Think he's all right?
Ron: [laughs] Who cares?!
Gilderoy Lockhart: An excellent idea to show them that, Professor Snape! But if you don't mind my saying, it was pretty obvious as to what you were about to do. If I had wanted to stop you, it would have been only too easy--
Snape: [losing patience] Perhaps it would be prudent to first teach the students to block unfriendly spells, Professor?
Gilderoy Lockhart: An excellent suggestion, Professor Snape. Let's have a volunteer. Uh, Potter, Weasley. How about you?
[Harry walks to the platform steps]
Snape: Weasley's wand causes devastation with the simplest spells. We'll be sending Potter to the hospital wing in a matchbox. Might I suggest someone from my own house? Malfoy, perhaps?

Draco Malfoy: Scared, Potter?
Harry: You wish.

[Harry and Malfoy's duel]
Lockhart: Now, on the count of three, I want you to cast your charms to disarm your opponent - only to disarm. We don't want any accidents here. One. Two--
Draco Malfoy: Everte Statum!
[Harry is blasted into doing two to three 360s in the air. He gets up.]
Harry: Rictusempra!
[Malfoy does several horizontal flips in the air, landing in front of Snape. He grabs Malfoy and forces him back in place]
Lockhart: [indignant] I said disarm only!
Draco Malfoy: Serpensortia!
[A snake flies out of Malfoy's wand]
Snape: Don't move, Potter. I'll get rid of it for you.
Lockhart: Allow me, Professor Snape. Alarte Ascendere!
[The snake blasts into the air, hisses at the audience, then lands back down.]

Draco Malfoy: [to Harry, who's disguised as Goyle but still wearing his glasses] Why are you wearing glasses?
Harry: [Quickly removes his glasses] Um...reading.
Draco Malfoy: Reading? [Harry nods] I didn't know you could read.

Draco Malfoy: It's only a matter of time before Dumbledore is fired. My father always said he was the worst thing ever to happen to this school.
Harry: [disguised as Goyle] You're wrong!
Draco Malfoy: What? You know of someone who's worse?
[Long pause]
Harry: [gulps] Harry Potter?
[Long pause again]
Draco Malfoy: [severely] Good one, Goyle!

(Harry, Ron and Hermione discussing about whether or not to ask Hagrid about the Chamber of Secrets)
Hermione: Look, Hagrid is our friend, so why don't we just go and ask him?
Ron: [Sarcastically] That will be a cheerful visit. "Hello Hagrid. Tell us, have you sent anything mad and hairy loose in the castle lately?"
Hagrid: [Appears from behind] Mad and hairy? Yer not talkin' about me, are ya?
Hermione, Ron, and Harry: No!

Harry: [to Aragog, as the giant spiders surround them] Well...thank you. We'll just be going now.
Aragog: I think not. My sons and daughters don't harm Hagrid on my request, but I cannot deny them fresh meat when it wanders so willingly into our midst. Goodbye, friends of Hagrid.
Ron: [turning to Harry; in a high voice] Can we panic now?

Moaning Myrtle: Oh, Harry? If you die down there, you're welcome to share my toilet. [giggles]
Harry: Uh...thanks, Myrtle.

Harry: It's a snake skin.
Ron: Bloody hell. Whoever shed this must be 60 feet long, or more.
[Gilderoy Lockhart pretends to pass out.]
Ron: Heart of a lion, this one.
[Lockhart jumps up and steals Ron's wand.]
Lockhart: [Aims the wand at Harry] The adventure ends here, boys. But don't fret. [Points it at Ron] The world will know our story. How I was too late to save the girl. How you two tragically lost your minds at the sight of her mangled body. [Aims it at Harry] You first, Mr. Potter. Say goodbye...to your memories. Obliviate!
[Lockhart is blasted into the ceiling by the spell, causing a cave-in that seperates Harry from him and Ron.]

Gilderoy Lockhart: [grins] Hello. Who are you?
Ron: Uh, Ron Weasley.
Gilderoy Lockhart: Really? And, er, who-who am I?
Ron: [to Harry] Lockhart's Memory Charm backfired. He hasn't got a clue who he is!
Gilderoy Lockhart: [picks up a rock] It's an odd sort of place, isn't it? Do you live here?
Ron: [takes the rock from Lockhart] No.
Gilderoy Lockhart: Really?
[Ron hits Lockhart on the head with the rock, knocking him out.]

[Harry has just entered the Chamber of Secrets.]
Harry: [Sees Ginny Weasley at the end of the chamber] Ginny. [Runs to the end] Ginny. Ginny. Please don't be dead. Wake up. Wake up!
[Tom Riddle suddenly appears out of nowhere.]
Tom Riddle: She won't wake.
Harry: Tom? Tom Riddle? You've got to help me, Tom. There's a basilisk--
Tom Riddle: [Picks up Harry's wand] It won't come until it's called.
Harry: Give me my wand, Tom.
Tom Riddle: You won't be needing it.
Harry: What are you talking about? We've got to go, we've got to save her!
Tom Riddle: I'm afraid I can't do that, Harry. You see, as Ginny grows weaker, I grow stronger. That's right, Harry. It was Ginny Weasley who opened the Chamber of Secrets.
Harry: No, she couldn't. She wouldn't.
Tom Riddle: It was Ginny Weasley who set the basilisk on the mudbloods and Filch's cat. Ginny Weasley who wrote the threatening messages on the walls.
Harry: But why?
Tom Riddle: Because I told her to. You'll find I can be very...persuasive. Not that she knew what she was doing, she was in, shall we say, a kind of trance. Still, the power of the diary began to scare her, and she tried to dispose of it in the girl's bathroom. And then who should find it...but you? The very person I was most anxious to meet.
Harry: And why did you want to meet me?
Tom Riddle: I knew I had to talk to you, meet you if I could. So I decided to show you my capture of that brainless oaf Hagrid so I could gain your trust.
Harry: [angrily] Hagrid's my friend! And you framed him, didn't you?
Tom Riddle: It was my word against Hagrid's. Only Dumbledore seemed to think he was innocent.
Harry: [smiling] I'll bet Dumbledore saw right through you.
Tom Riddle: He certainly kept an annoyingly close watch on me after that. I knew it wouldn't be safe for me to open the Chamber again while I was still at school, so I decided to leave behind a diary - preserving my sixteen year-old self in its pages so that one day, I could lead another to finish Salazar Slytherin's noble work.
Harry: Well, you haven't finished it this time. In a few hours, the mandrake drought will be ready and those who have been petrified will be all right again.
Tom Riddle: Haven't I told you? Killing mudbloods doesn't matter to me anymore. For many months now, my new target...has been you. How is it that a baby with no extraordinary magical talent was able to defeat the greatest wizard of all time? How is it you escaped, with nothing but a scar, while Lord Voldemort's powers were destroyed?!
Harry: Why do you care how I escaped? Voldemort was after your time.
Tom Riddle: Voldemort is my past, present and future. [uses Harry's wand to write his name in midair: TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE. He slashes the wand and the letters rearrange to become I AM LORD VOLDEMORT]
Harry: [stunned] You. You're the heir of Slytherin. You're Voldemort.
Tom Riddle: Surely...you didn't think I was going to keep my FILTHY Muggle father's name? No, Harry. I fashioned myself a new name. A name I knew wizards everywhere would one day fear to speak when I became the greatest sorcerer in the world!
Harry: Albus Dumbledore is the greatest sorcerer in the world!
Tom Riddle: Dumbledore's been driven out of this school by the mere memory of me!
Harry: He'll never be gone! Not as long as those who remain are loyal to him! [Fawkes suddenly enters the chamber] Fawkes? [Fawkes drops the sorting hat to Harry and leaves]
Tom Riddle: So...this is what Dumbledore sends his great defender: a songbird and an old hat! [Moves so he is now in front of the giant stone head of Salazar Slytherin; speaks Parseltounge] Let's match the power of Lord Voldemort, heir of Salazar Slytherin, against the famous Harry Potter.

[Harry falls to the floor after defeating the Basilisk and having his arm pierced by one of its fangs]
Tom Riddle: Remarkable, isn't it, how quickly the venom of the Basilisk penetrates the body. I guess you have little more than a minute to live. You'll be with your dear Mudblood mother soon, Harry.
[Harry Puts his hand over Ginny's]
Tom Riddle: Funny. The damage a silly little book can do, especially within the hands of a silly little girl.
[Harry picks up the Basilisk fang]
Tom Riddle: What're you doing?
[Harry raises the fang above the diary]
Tom Riddle: STOP!!! NO!!! [He tries to stop Harry, but Harry stabs the diary with the fang. Tom Riddle tears apart. Harry continues to stab the diary repeatedly until Riddle vanishes]

Lucius Malfoy: Let us hope that Mr. Potter will always be around to save the day.
Harry: Don't worry. I will be.

Harry: Mr. Malfoy. Mr. Malfoy! [Lucius turns around] I have something of yours. [Hands him the diary]
Lucius Malfoy: Mine? I don't know what you're talking about.
Harry: I think you do, sir. I think you slipped the diary into Ginny Weasley's cauldron, that day at Diagon Alley.
Lucius Malfoy: You do, do you? [Hands the diary to Dobby] [Whispers] Why don't you prove it? [Harry doesn't answer] Come, Dobby.
Harry: [Whispers to Dobby] Open it.
[Dobby opens Tom Riddle's Diary to find a folded sock inside.]
Lucius Malfoy: Dobby?
Dobby: Master has given Dobby a sock.
Lucius Malfoy: What? [Turns around] I didn't give--
Dobby: [Holding the sock] Master has presented Dobby with clothes. Dobby is free.
[Harry pulls up his pant leg, revealing it was his sock]
Lucius Malfoy: You lost me my SERVANT!!!! [Pulls his wand from his cane and aims it directly at Harry]
Dobby: You shall not harm Harry Potter!
Lucius Malfoy: [About to curse Harry] Avada--
[Dobby blasts him away]
Lucius Malfoy: Your parents were medlesome fools, too! Mark my words, Potter, one day soon, you are going to meet the same, sticky, end. [Leaves]


  • Hogwarts is Back in Session
  • Dobby Has Come to Warn You, Sir
  • Something Evil Has Returned To Hogwarts
  • The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir...beware!
  • The Chamber of Secrets has opened...


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