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Coordinates: 41°50′N 25°55′E / 41.833°N 25.917°E / 41.833; 25.917

Haskovo Province
Област Хасково
Map of Bulgaria indicating Haskovo Province
Capital Haskovo
Area 5,543 km²
Population 307,067
(GRAO 14.09.2007)
Population density 55 per km²
Municipalities 11
License plate province code X
Time zone
- Summer (DST)
Governor Rayna Yovcheva

Haskovo Province (Bulgarian: Област Хасково) is a province in southern Bulgaria, neighbouring Greece and Turkey to the southeast. It has a territory of 5,543 km² and population of 279,067. It comprises parts of the Thracian valley along the river Maritsa. Its main city is Haskovo.



Municipalities of Haskovo province

The Haskovo province (Област, oblast) contains 11 municipalities[1] (singular: oбщина, obshtina - plural: Общини, obshtini). The following table shows the names of each municipality in English and Cyrillic, the main town (in bold) or village, and the population of each as of 2009.

Municipality Cyrillic Pop.[2] Town/Village Pop.[2]
Dimitrovgrad Димитровград 65,432 Dimitrovgrad 49,855
Harmanli Харманли 29,522 Harmanli 22,420
Haskovo Хасково 116,541 Haskovo 96,099
Ivaylovgrad Ивайловград 9,069 Ivaylovgrad 4,426
Lyubimets Любимец 10,788 Lyubimets 8,354
Madzharovo Маджарово 3,347 Madzharovo 693
Mineralni bani Минерални бани 7,560 Mineralni bani 1,274
Simeonovgrad Симеоновград 9,942 Simeonovgrad 7,884
Stambolovo Стамболово 14,000 Stambolovo 823
Svilengrad Свиленград 24,849 Svilengrad 19,744
Topolovgrad Тополовград 13,263 Topolovgrad 6,574


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