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Advertising the pilot episode
Promotional poster
Format Action
Created by Rich Ramage, Andrew Crosby
Starring Matthew Fox
Russell Hornsby
Lynn Collins
Michael Irby
John Mann
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13 (6 unaired in the USA)
Running time 42 minutes
Original run September 24, 2002 – November 5, 2002

Haunted is an American television program first aired in September 2002 on UPN. The program was canceled in November 2002 due to low ratings. As a result, only seven of the completed episodes were aired. However, all eleven filmed episodes have subsequently been shown in international airings of the show. The series began airing on Sci Fi in September 2007 and January 2008. [1] As of August 2007, the series is airing on HDNet. In 2009, Chiller began airing this program as part of their daily marathon line-up. It plays there sporadically.



Police officer Frank Taylor had the perfect job and perfect family. After his son's unsolved abduction, his life, marriage and career disintegrate. He leaves the force to become a private investigator specializing in missing and abducted children cases. His ex-wife has come to terms with the loss of their child, but Frank is obsessed with one day finding their son. One day Frank's life is forever changed while trying to apprehend Simon, a man linked to several child abductions who eludes the police. A fatal clash leaves Simon dead and Frank in critical condition. As the doctors try to save his life, Frank has a near-death experience in which he sees his missing son. When Frank regains consciousness, he finds that the dead can communicate with him, and that their confusing and frightening manifestations are usually intended to help him in his work. Some of the dead however—including Simon—abuse his new abilities to intentionally mislead or harm him.



Mark Hoppus made a guest appearance in the episode titled "Three Hour Tour" (the last to air on UPN); however, in his sixteenth podcast he stated that his one line throughout the whole episode was very poorly performed and the whole cast and crew found his lack of acting skills tiresome. The wife of Hoppus's character was played by Jessalyn Gilsig and their daughter was played by Abigail Mavity. Billie Joe Armstrong also cameoed in an episode "Simon Redux".

Episode Guide (aired and unaired)

1. PILOT: After being dead for a couple minutes, Frank Taylor (Matthew Fox) is revived, followed by good- and evil- spirits.
2. GRIEVOUS ANGELS: Frank searches for a missing teen clubber.
3. FIDELITY: A serial killer targets women in sleazy motels.
4. ABBY: Marcus enlists Frank's help in solving a ritualistic murder which resembles a case Marcus thought he'd solved years before.
5. BLIND WITNESS: A blind military vet's ghost tries to lead Frank to the crime scene where a teenage girl was killed.
6. NOCTURNE: Frank becomes a suspect in the murder of a woman he has no memory of meeting.
7. A THREE-HOUR TOUR: After a car accident on a dark country road, Frank is taken in by a young girl and her reclusive parents.
8. NEXUS: The evil spirit of Simon taunts Frank as a murdered woman's ghost seeks out her husband and the hit man he hired.
9. SIMON REDUX: Frank tries to find out more about the evil spirit haunting him.
10. LAST CALL: A ghost trapped between this life and the next befriends Frank.
11. SEEKING ASYLUM: Frank goes undercover in rehab to find a woman's missing fiance.

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