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  • the ocean liner SS Paris, built in 1913, reached such heights of luxury and service that sea gulls purportedly followed it more than any other ship, hoping to feast on scraps of haute cuisine that were thrown overboard?

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Caille en sarcophage (quail in a puff pastry shell with foie gras and truffle sauce) - example of haute cuisine

Haute cuisine (French: literally "high cooking") or grande cuisine was characterised by French cuisine in elaborate preparations and presentations served in small and numerous courses that were produced by large and hierarchical staffs at the grand restaurants and hotels of Europe.

The 17th century chef and writer La Varenne marked a change from cookery known in the Middle Ages, to somewhat lighter dishes, and more modest presentations. In the following century, Antonin Carême born in 1784, also published works on cooking, and although many of his preparations today seem extravagant, he simplified and codified an earlier and even more complex cuisine.

Georges Auguste Escoffier is a central figure in the modernization of haute cuisine as of about 1900, which became known as cuisine classique. The 1960s were marked by the appearance of "nouvelle cuisine" as chefs rebelled from Escoffier's "orthodoxy" and complexity. Within 20 years, however, chefs began returning to the earlier style of haute cuisine, although many of the new techniques remained.[1]


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