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A Havana silk dog is a kind of dog from Cuba.[1] The modern Havana silk dog is derived from recent Havanese dogs, however breeders have sought to re-create older depictions of the breed based on paintings, sculptures, and written descriptions.[1] Compared to some Havanese, breeders seek to give the Havana silk dog longer, straighter forelegs, a flatter, silkier coat, a longer muzzle, and smaller ears [2]

Some breeders view the divergence of the modern Havana silk dog from the Havanese as unnecessary, and instead encourage better coordination of reputable Havanese breeders to improve the health of Havanese. However, after 10 years of trying to get Havanese breeders to breed away from osteochondrodysplasia, many of the original leadership of the HCA decided to leave and recreate a breed in the likeness of the original dogs that came from Cuba.[3]


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