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Have One On Me
Studio album by Joanna Newsom
Released February 23, 2010 (2010-02-23)
(see release history)
Recorded 2009 in United States of America
Genre Indie folk, Avant-garde, Baroque pop
Length 124:08
Language English
Label Drag City
Joanna Newsom chronology
Joanna Newsom and the Ys Street Band
Have One On Me
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Have One On Me is the third studio album by Joanna Newsom, released on February 23, 2010 via Drag City.[1] It is a triple album, although the music could have comfortably fit on a double album. Newsom produced Have One On Me herself, with the accompanying arrangements by Ryan Francesconi being noted by several reviewers as less ornate or fussy than those on Ys.

Have One On Me finds Newsom exploring new sounds, such as the inclusion of instruments like tambura and kaval and the further development of other elements of Newsom's sound — electric guitar and a progression in the orchestral accompaniment.[2] She also flirts with genres such as jazz and blues in some tracks, while adding harmonies in others. Many of the songs are also reminiscent of Newsom's previous two studio albums and show a natural progression. Because of health problems and natural reasons, Newsom's voice has changed in comparison to previous albums.[3][4] The lyrics have also been described as more straightforward than Ys, though still cryptic. The album is also her first since The Milk-Eyed Mender to include tracks played on the piano instead of the harp.

The album title and release date were officially announced on January 12, 2010, through a comic strip. Otherwise, information about the album surfaced slowly, since most of them were being kept in secret by the press and Drag City.[5] Advance copies of the album were only sent to music critics a few weeks before its release in a attempt to prevent a leak, since Newsom's second studio album leaked months before its original release date after it was left unprotected on servers belonging to music review website Pitchfork Media.[6][7] The album ultimately leaked on February 18, 2010, less than a week before its official release date.[8]

Have One On Me received positive reviews by music critics upon its release. It currently holds an 85 metascore at Metacritic based in 31 reviews, indicating "Universal Acclaim".[† 1] It has received perfect scores and extremely positive evaluations by many publications, as well as comparisons between her and other singer/songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Rickie Lee Jones and Kate Bush.[9][5][10][5] Like her previous releases before it, the album has received its share of criticism. The majority of them were made towards some of its tracks length,[11] and its triple disc format, which has also been described by some as overly ambitious.[12]

Commercially Have One On Me fared well. In the U.S. it debuted and peaked at number 75 on the Billboard 200 and number 16 on the Top Digital Albums, her highest peak positions yet on both charts. It also spent three weeks at the top of the Folk Albums chart and reached the top 10 of the Independent Albums chart.[13] In the UK it debuted and peaked at number 28, her second album to chart inside the top 50. The album became Newsom's highest charting to date in many territories, especially in Europe where it peaked at number 46 inside the continent's chart, and first chart appearance in Canada, reaching the top 100.[14]





On March 28, 2009, Newsom performed over two hours of new material at a "secret" concert at the Fernwood Resort in Big Sur, California with fellow Nevada City singer-songwriter Mariee Sioux, under the pseudonym The Beatles's. Those in attendance reported that about one-third of her new material was played primarily on piano, with a backing arrangement of banjo, violin, guitar and drums. Plans of recording an album appeared earlier that year with the help of Francesconi and Neal Morgan, who did the percussion on the album. According to an interview made by TIME, the three of them crawled through the songs bar by bar, talking about each of their "meaning, mood and thematic stuff". During the recording of the album, especially when she went to lay the basic vocal tracks, it was discovered that she had lost her voice.[4] This put a freeze on making the record, although she continued to record all of the piano and the harp.[15] By the end of the year she had since completed the album and mastered it in Tokyo.[16][17]


"Joanna Newsom 'Have One On Me'" comic that appeared in the Drag City website news section.

On January 12, 2010, an entry cryptically titled "@!?*(%$#!!" was posted on the Drag City website where it contained a link leading to a short comic strip titled "Joanna Newsom 'Have One On Me'" with a date of February 23, 2010.[18] It was later confirmed by Spunk, Newsom's Australian label, that the title and date represented the title and release date of Newsom's upcoming album.[19] The album was reportedly to be released in Australia on February 19, 2010, but it was later postponed to February 22.[20][21] A week later ClashMusic reported that Newsom's upcoming album would contain the four following tracks: "Jack Rabbits", "Ribbon Bows", "Autumn" and "In California". Newsom also described the album as a "cross between her last two"[22] On January 22 of that same month, less than three days after the interview, ClashMusic removed the article and the interview, citing that "the information given was not part of any exclusive interview with, or authorized, by Joanna Newsom and that the words expressed were solely those of the writer." Also, according to the magazine, "none of the quotes should be credited to Ms. Newsom". They concluded by apologizing to "Ms. Newsom and her record company for any distress caused by the article."[23] That same day, NME had reported that the album would contain three discs.[24]

The original black and white cover used by the label at first.

On January 26, the album was made available for pre-order.[18] Pitchfork also reported that Drag City revealed the album cover, which the webzine described as an "utilitarian cover art, a far cry from the fancy portrait that adorned Ys. It was also confirmed that Have One On Me would be a triple album. At last it was reported that Have One On Me would be released worldwide from February 23, including Australia.[20] Less than a week later, Drag City revealed a new album cover, confirming rumors that the black one released before containing only Joanna's name and the album title was only provisory and not the final design.[25][26] Pitchfork described it as a "picture of Ms. Newsom lounging amidst too many antiques and animal prints. She looks comfortable."[27]

On February 8, Japanese website Metropolis reported that Have One On Me would be released in Japan on March 4. Also according to the article although "details and samples of the new album have been kept closely under wraps", there was "an invite-only listening party for press last week" that "revealed Have One On Me to be Newsom’s magnum opus".[28]

Advance copies were not sent to critics in an effort to avoid a leak of the album[7] according to Uncut[29]; Newsom's previous album, Ys was leaked two months before its original release when it was left unprotected on servers belonging to music review website Pitchfork[6]; However, Have One On Me leaked and became available on P2P networks and BitTorrent on February 18, just days before its official release date.[8]


To promote the album, Drag City streamed three tracks, starting January 26 and ending on February 15, with each one of them being streamed during seven days. "'81" was the first to be streamed at the label's website and the resulting wave of web traffic overloaded their website. On February 2, the label streamed another new track via its website, "Good Intentions Paving Company".[30][31] On February 9, nine-minutes "Kingfisher" became the last one released.[30][32] Aside this and touring in support of the album, Joanna Newsom performed "Soft as Chalk" at Jimmy Fallon's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on March 6, 2010.[33]


Have One On Me receieved almost universally positive reviews, scoring 85 out of 100 on Metacritic[† 1].

Nearly all reviews made note of the sprawling nature of, and the varied styles present in the album, and that whilst a longer album than Ys the orchestral arrangements are scaled-back and less ornate in comparison to Van Dyke Parks' arrangements on that album. The Observer noted that just as Ys was a considerately more ambitious album than The Milk-Eyed Mender, Have One On Me represented a "correspondingly Knievel-like vault".[34] The Wire magazine as well as several other reviews noted the expansion of Newsom's musical palette to include instruments such as tambura and kaval,[2] whilst other critics including Pitchfork Media drew comparison to Joni Mitchell's 1970s material.

 Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[35]
Boston Globe (very positive)[36]
Drowned In Sound (9/10)[37]
The Guardian 4/5 stars[38]
Los Angeles Times 4/4 stars[39]
Mojo 5/5 stars[40]
NME (8/10)[41]
Pitchfork Media (9.2/10)[9]
PopMatters (4/10)[12]
Rolling Stone 3.5/5 stars[42]

Ann Powers of the Los Angeles Times described that although Newsom is a "hard act to follow, her music "can't be duplicated". The album itself was described as "an easier listen", "palpable" and "sensual, with the breadth and variety that music offers when you're dancing to it, or listening in bed, not sitting in a concert hall".[39] pointed that "given [Newsom's] warble is one of sheer individuality and idiosyncrasy, it's no surprise that the tenor of each Joanna Newsom albums has been set by her voice", called Have One On Me "colossal" and "all of the tremors and squeaks of her original screech have been smoothed out, her polished-stone voice rolling syllables into honeyed slurs", they concluding that "armed with more beautiful singing, more rich orchestration, and more open emotion, there's not a difficult note on here; it's two hours amounting to a staggering portrait of an artist defiantly staking her claim as one of the greatest of the 21st century."[43] Consequence of Sound claimed that "records like Have One On Me are why perfect scores exist" and that the album is "full of emotional moments, moments you can’t help but imagine being moved to tears, even if you are not actually moved to do so".[44] Uncut gone even further saying that Have One On Me "sounds very much like a second masterpiece: a different kind of epic to Ys, and one with enough hooks and charms to ensnare at least a few Newsom agnostics",[40] and though musicOMH recognized that the album is "winding, long-winded, densely poetic, and often challenging" it is "never tedious or self-indulgent", and the reviewer also concluded that his "instincts tell him that Have One On Me is a masterpiece".[45] The Times felt that although "many loved her last album, Ys, others mourned the relative minimalism of The Milk-Eyed Mender and felt Van Dyke Parks’s orchestrations alternately smothered Newsom or tempted her beyond her innate parameters and into belatedness" and that Ryan Francesconi wrapped Newsom's new songs in extraordinary subtle and sympathetic sonic clothing. They described the album as "challenging", but that "is already sounding like her masterpiece, Panavision fantasia notwithstanding".[46] The Irish Times gave the album 5 stars out of 5. To them "at a time when listening to an entire album in one sitting seems archaic, an artist offering a two-hour opus might seem at a disadvantage. But auteur harper Joanna Newsom has never done anything by rote." and that "It’s hard to single out a handful of songs on an album that doesn’t possess a scrap of filler, but Baby Birch and You and Me, Bess are sublime. Triple albums are a risk, but Newsom pulls this off beautifully. She also has a sense of humour, bowing out after 125 minutes with the stunning Does Not Suffice , a title that’s the antithesis of everything that has come before it".[47]

BBC felt that "as an album, it is huge, sometimes overwhelming – but such is the strength and individuality of Newsom’s vision, it seems almost inconceivable she could produce anything unremarkable.",[48] while The New York Times pointed that "the spaciousness of the songs in “Have One On Me” makes her music differently three dimensional" and that "Even as Ms. Newsom’s songs stretch out, they reach inward, and out to those she has loved".[49] The Washington Post called Have One On Me "her magnum opus, a three-disc set being likened to a freak-folk Sandinista!, though it feels more like a musical "Ulysses." and that the album "combines the best elements of Newsom's past two releases, 2004's spartan folk offering The Milk-Eyed Mender and its densely orchestrated follow-up, 2006's Ys".[50] Boston Globe thought that "she could have easily overstuffed these songs, like the dizzying album cover, but instead Newsom keeps a tight grip on the music’s dramatic arcs. Songs tend to open with a simple melody on harp or piano before plummeting into countless rabbit holes. ", aside calling the album "epic".[36] Dusted felt that Joanna was a hard artist to label and that was "one reason [why] Newsom inspires such intense reactions", while the reviewer also thought that "if you [the reader] loved Ys as much as this writer did, you’re probably going to love Have One On Me also".[51]

Pitchfork awarded the song "Good Intentions Paving Company" a grade of 9 out of 10, and it received the "Best New Music" tag. The reviewer compared Newsom favorably to Rickie Lee Jones and suggested that the song "may be the most humanizing song we've heard from Newsom", aside calling it a "rare thing, then-- an unapologetic love song that feels, you know, new.".[10] Mark Richardson of the same website gave the album a 9.2 out of 10, so far 2010's highest rating and also of the decade, awarding it a "Best New Music" tag. The reviewer said that "It was a little disturbing at first to hear that Joanna Newsom's full-length follow-up to the ambitious and polarizing Ys would be a triple album", though he recognized that "Have One On Me is a "triple album" in the vinyl sense, in the same way that the Flaming Lips' Embryonic is a "double album," even though it fits onto one CD ". They commented that "it's striking how much Have One On Me feels like its own thing ", while Joanna's voice "has gained depth and she sings with more force and clarity". He also pointed that "the name you'll most hear in discussion of this record is Joni Mitchell", though later it was mentioned that "one significant difference between Newsom and Mitchell is that the latter, especially early in her career, was writing songs that would sound good on the radio. For better or worse, Newsom is not a pop singer-- that's just not what she does. So I don't want to overstate this record's accessibility" and "how incredible it is to discover new things with every listen.", he concluded the review. Paste Magazine referred to it as a "panoramic dreamworld" and declared: "Have One On Me is packed with magic".[52] Under the Radar awarded the album a 9 out of 10 stating that "a Joanna Newsom song is impossible to describe", the title track was labeled as "thrilling" and "brilliant" and that Newsom herself "has never been one of those artists who leave the listener wanting more, knowing that there's more to give." To them "the massive amount of material contained in Have One On Me will take a long time to digest. Perhaps as long as it takes Newsom to produce another album".[53] Tiny Mix Tapes rated the album 4 out of 5 possible stars, on pair with Newsom's last effort, which was named by the same website one of the 100 greatest albums of the 2000s (Newsom also appeared on the list with her 2004 debut album).[54] The reviewer opined that the album wasn't neither "as fey as The Milk-Eyed Mender nor as baroque as Ys" and that "there is a depth to the material here that rewards — nay, demands — repeated scrutiny".[55] Drowned In Sound rated the album 9 out of 10, calling Joanna "divisive" and the album a "potentially game winner". Her voice was praised being described as "winsome and technically much improved", the lyrics were also considered one of Newsom's strongest points. To the reviewer the album is "a testament to Newsom’s art that she can pull a listener so deeply below the surface, those depths are so obvious (three discs worth) that it marks this album as a grower, as something that won’t fully unravel in the mind for quite some time. For now, it is a stunning and ambitious piece of work; one for the ages".[37] Sputnikmusic rated the album 4.5 stars out of 5, commenting that "it's been a long time since an album like this was released: an album that is intensely personal even if you can't relate to the lyrics, even if you've never been in love, even if you've never lost something, even if you've never really felt alive" and "I feel like I can whittle away my days listening to this album and only this album for the rest of my life, and never have to feel anything except what this album makes me feel. Which is to say, everything".[56] Yahoo! said that "It may be epic, sprawling and too unwieldy a tool with which to prise open a place in the charts, but it's also nothing short of remarkable".[57]

Joanna Newsom's vocals on the record have been noticed and appreciated by music critics. Plenty of them have also referred to her as one of the greatest singer/songwriters of her generation

The printed press has also expressed positivity towards the album. Entertainment Weekly gave Have One On Me an A- grade, affirming that "Newsom remains the most intricate lyricist currently working outside of rap, her melodies have become cleaner, her arrangements less mannered, and her singing more straightforwardly heartfelt". To the reviewer "rich rewards await those patient enough to hear her out".[58] Andy Beta of Spin believes that "the album's three-disc ambition is doubtless, but usually such sprawl means expansion and experimentation", but to her "Newsom never ventures beyond established parameters or quickens beyond a stately pace.", instead, "she simply delves deeper and gives what few artists can deliver: a self-contained world of warmth, crystalline detail, and intimacy that lies far beyond a Twitter feed".[59] NME said that "most bands don’t make that many great songs in their whole darned career, and chances are that the remaining few might eventually shine through as talismans for certain fixes. It’s unlikely that you’ll often listen to it in one bout, but whether beguiled one day by its exotic petals and blooms or the next by the less showy trees in the background, Have One On Me is an Elysian record that you’ll return to again and again".[41] Q Magazine had a similar feeling commenting that "this is a record so richly involving that it promises to throw up fresh delights weeks, or even months, down the line".[40] The Independent called it "a monumental work in more ways than one".[60] The Guardian pointed that "at two-hours-plus, it's a record that demands concentration to appreciate its splatterings of beauty. But pour yourself a glass and listen, because they don't make them like this too often." They also described it as "grand, long and bold" and that Newsom "makes it sound like the first word she sings here: easy".[38] Will Hermes of Rolling Stone has commented that "as on 2006's Ys, melodies here can be distended, yet can also recall simple Irish balladry or piano blues. Lyrically she leaps forward, spitting archaic, colloquial, funny and profound on the difficulty of love: for a lover, a nation, oneself." He also thought that "the work repays attentive listens more than casual ones. But beware: Love may ensue".[42] The Daily Telegraph said that "each song creates a specific world, full of haunting imagery and precise, poetic evocations of mood" and that "Have One on Me is her most significant achievement yet".[61] The German version of Rolling Stone rated the album 4 and a half out of 5 stars and Newsom herself was the cover of the march edition of the magazine.[62]

Mixed but overall positive reviews came from websites and papers such as Allmusic, Chicago Tribune and The A.V. Club. Heather Phares of the first started her review commenting that "in case there was any doubt that Joanna Newsom was busy making music – along with modeling and starring in MGMT videos – in the four years between her brilliant second album Ys and its follow-up, Have One On Me’s three-disc, two-hour expanse is proof positive." To her "the first disc presents Newsom’s biggest departures", but "the album’s cross between The Milk-Eyed Mender and Ys isn’t always greater than the sum of its parts – songs that sound like they come from a less-complex Ys or a less-innocent The Milk-Eyed Mender are sometimes simply less.", she concluded the review expressing that "at its best, these songs have the feel of an intimate live performance; at their worst, they’re lovely, but exhausting. Have One On Me is quite a technical achievement, but since Newsom has proven she can do just about anything, next time she shouldn’t try to do everything".[35] To the latter "Newsom sounds, relatively speaking, downright conventional on the album", and " for every dense, labyrinthine story-song to marvel over, the question of excess crops up as a real problem". To them "many of the tracks fall into similar slow and loping patterns, such that they begin to blur. And then Have One On Me doesn’t hold out any clear organizational structure to cinch it all together. Or at least it hasn’t yet".[63] Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune believed that "whereas Ys had a daunting density both musically and lyrically, Have One On Me is more direct", but to him "Newsom’s unwillingness to play by anyone’s rules except her own makes her worthy of attention. But history tells us that most triple albums could’ve benefited from some pruning, and Have One On Me is no exception". He ultimately concluded that "over three discs, the lack of variation becomes problematic. Standout tracks such as the percolating “Good Intentions Paving Co.” and the yearning “Go Long" could’ve been the core of a terrific album. But they’re lost amid the meandering."[64]

Negative reviews received by the album came from PopMatters and Slant Magazine. PopMatters rated it a 4 out of 10. The reviewer described the songs as "formless", although he recognized that there were standout tracks, and some of them came at least close of others songs by Newsom such as "Only Skin". To him, she sounds "tired" and the album itself is "exhausting", comparing it unfavorably to other known long records released on other years such as: Tusk, Odessa and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. He also expressed disappointment commenting that "it’s too bad really, that Have One on Me is so overdone because there’s a decent album hidden somewhere in there. It’s an album the Newsom we saw in 2006 would have found, formed, and made shine".[12] Slant Magazine's Matthew Cole rated the album similarly, with 2 out of 5 stars. Cole said it is "remarkable how little narrative arc develops either within or between songs," and that most of the album plays out with "moments of inspired performance scattered haphazardly throughout tracks that just don't feel like they've been thought through." He went on to call the record "a strange, and strangely pretentious mess: an album pitted deep in the psychic world of stories that nonetheless can't figure out when it should begin, when it should end, or which parts are even worth the audience's attention."[11]


The tracklist was leaked in January, but it was only officially announced by Drag City and reported by other vehicles in February.[18][65][66][67]

Disc 1
Track Title Length
1. "Easy"   6:04
2. "Have One On Me"   11:02
3. "'81"   3:51
4. "Good Intentions Paving Company"   7:02
5. "No Provenance"   6:25
6. "Baby Birch"   9:30
Disc 2
Track Title Length
1. "On A Good Day"   1:48
2. "You And Me, Bess"   7:12
3. "In California"   8:41
4. "Jackrabbits"   4:23
5. "Go Long"   8:02
6. "Occident"   5:37
Disc 3
Track Title Length
1. "Soft As Chalk"   6:29
2. "Esme"   7:56
3. "Autumn"   8:01
4. "Ribbon Bows"   6:10
5. "Kingfisher"   9:11
6. "Does Not Suffice"   6:44



  • Joanna Newsom - harp, piano, vocals
  • Alex Camphouse - horn
  • Dan Cantrell - piano, hammond organ, pump organ, harpischord, accordion
  • Patrick Cress - bass clarinet
  • Ryan Francesconi - Bulgarian tambura, kaval, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, banjo, mandolin, soprano recorder
  • Sascha Groschang - cello
  • Djeina Haruta - viola
  • Shawn Jones - bassoon
  • Shira Kammen - vielle, rebec
  • Dan Koretzky - timpani
  • Katie Kresek - violin
  • Judith Linsenberg - alto, tenor and bass recorder
  • Kane Mathis - kora
  • Greg Moore - backing vocals
  • Thom Moore - backing vocals
  • Neal Morgan - drum set, percussion, timpani, backing vocals
  • David Morris - viola da Gamba
  • Yeolim Nam - violin
  • Eric Oberthaler - trumpet, cornet
  • Philip Payton - violin
  • Laura Reynolds - oboe
  • Andrew Roitstein - double bass
  • Phaedon Sinis - flute, tarhu, kemence
  • Lily Storm - backing vocals
  • Andrew Strain - trombone


  • Joanna Newsom - producer, songwriter, harp, piano and vocal arrangements
  • Ryan Francesconi - arrangements, conductor
  • Noah Georgeson - mixing
  • Jim O'Rourke - mixing
  • Steve Rooke - mastering
  • Becca Mann - cover art
  • Annabel Mehran - photographer
  • Greg Moore - additional arrangements
  • Thom Moore- additional arrangements
  • Neal Morgan - drum and percussion arrangements, additional arrangements
  • Dan Osborn - layout designer
  • Lila Sklar - additional arrangements
  • Corinna Taylor - calligraphy

Chart Performance

In the week it was released, Have One On Me reached the top 10 of online music stores such as Amazon and iTunes in the U.S.. As a consequence, the album debuted and peaked at number 16 on the Top Digital Albums chart and at number 7 on the Independent Albums chart. On the Billboard 200 it debuted and peaked at number 75, selling more than five thousand copies, not only her highest charting album, but also her best first week sales yet. It also debuted and peaked at the top of the Folk Albums, making Have One On Me her second album to reach the top position of a Billboard chart. A week later it fell to number 104 at the first and stayed another week at the top of the latter, becoming, so far, her most successful chart performance. On its third week, the album fell to number 140, though it continued to top the Folk albums chart.[68] The album also became her first chart appearance in Canada, peaking at number 80.

In Europe, the album also became Newsom's highest chart appearance to date, where it peaked at number 46 on the continent's overall chart.[14] In the UK it debuted and peaked at number 28, her second album to chart inside the top 50, since Ys peaked at number 41 back in 2006. In Ireland, it debuted and peaked at number 24, falling to number 32 a week after its debut.[69] The album peaked inside the top 20 of the Norwegian Album Charts, and reached the top 100 of others such as the Swiss's, Netherlands's and the Belgium's albums chart.[70][71][72]

Chart (2010) Peak
Austrian Album Charts 49[73]
Belgium Ultratop 46[72]
Billboard 200 (U.S.) 75[74]
Billboard Top Digital Albums (U.S.) 16[74]
Billboard Top Independent Albums (U.S.) 7[74]
Billboard Top Folk Albums (U.S.) 1[74]
Canadian Albums Chart 80[75]
European Top 100 Albums 46[14]
Irish Albums Chart 24 [69]
Norwegian Album Charts 16[76]
Netherlands MegaCharts 54[71]
Swiss Music Charts 75[70]
UK Albums Chart 28[77]

Release history

Region Date Label Format Catalogue
Australia February 22, 2010 Spunk Records CD/Vinyl/Digital URA321
North America February 23, 2010 Drag City Records CD/Vinyl/Digital DC390
Germany February 26, 2010 Rough Trade Records CD/Vinyl/Digital
United Kingdom March 1, 2010 Drag City Records CD/Vinyl/Digital DC390
Japan March 3, 2010 P-Vine Records CD/Vinyl/Digital
France March 8, 2010 Drag City Records CD/Vinyl/Digital


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