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Cover of Hawaii Vice 2.

Hawaii Vice was a series of eight pornographic films released in 1988-89 directed by Ron Jeremy and starring Kascha Papillon and her real-life husband Francois as Los Angeles cops who travel to Hawaii to take on various criminal elements. The name and the "buddy cop" theme of the series were take-off of Miami Vice, which was then at the height of its popularity. The various episodes have themes such as taking down drug dealers, combating jewel thieves, and breaking up a "white slavery" ring. The compacted release schedule of the films suggests that several were shot at a time.

  • Hawaii Vice aka Hawaii Vice 1: Kascha
    • L.A. Police Chief Dickens (Ron Jeremy) sends Kascha and Francois to Hawaii to bust cocaine dealer "Mr. Big."
  • Hawaii Vice 2: Deadly Game
    • Kascha and Francois return to Hawaii to catch a ring of jewel thieves who operate under cover of beauty pageants.
  • Hawaii Vice 3: Beyond the Badge
    • Kascha and Francois return to Hawaii to break up a "white slavery" ring, using Kascha as bait.
  • Hawaii Vice 4: Soft Shoulders and Soft Curves
    • Kascha and Francois, still on special assignment in Hawaii, infiltrate and disband a prostitution ring.
  • Hawaii Vice 5: Sky's the Limit
  • Hawaii Vice 6: Kiss Me, Kill Me
    • Kascha and Francois return to L.A. to stop another branch of the tour agency that they took on in Hawaii in part 5.
  • Hawaii Vice 7: Thin Blue Line
    • Kascha and Francois again take on drug dealers, ending in a cliffhanger.
  • Hawaii Vice 8: The Solution
    • Continuation of part 7.

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