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Simba and the chorus performing He Lives in You from the second act of The Lion King musical. Photograph is of the original Korean cast.

"He Lives in You" is a song written and performed by Lebo M and his South African Choir for the CD Rhythm of the Pride Lands. A shorter version of the song was used in the opening of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. It is also performed twice in the musical version of The Lion King.


The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

The song is used in the opening sequence of the 1998 film, sung by Lebo M. Animals are shown traveling to Pride Rock to witness the presentation of Simba and Nala's daughter Kiara. The theme of the song is that Mufasa's legacy lives on despite his death.

A longer version of the song was recorded and presented on the Rhythm of the Pride Lands CD.

A pop version of the song was recorded by Tina Turner and was featured during the film's credits. It is available on the soundtrack album.

The Lion King musical

The song is used twice in the musical based on the film, once in each act. During the first act it is performed by Mufasa to young Simba as They Live in You. The lyrics were changed slightly to represent the Great Kings of the Past. Mufasa, during the song, shows Simba that he is never alone as there is always someone watching over him.

In the second act the song is sung by Rafiki, the chorus and adult Simba as He Lives in You. The first part of the song is fairly subdued and sung by Rafiki and the chorus. Mufasa's ghost appears and instructs Simba to return home and take his rightful place as king. After Mufasa's ghost fades, Simba realizes that he must take responsibility and return home. At this, there is an instrumental break, after which the song becomes livelier and Simba joins in the celebratory singing.

Cover versions

Tina Turner's version appeared on the album Return to Pride Rock: Songs Inspired by Disney's The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.[1] Diana Ross recorded the song for her 1999 album Every Day is a New Day. [2] Lonnie Gordon recorded a house version for her album No Regret and released it as a single in 2001.[3] A Eurobeat rendition of the song was recorded for Eurobeat Disney, Vol. 1 with vocals by Brian Ice.[4] Elijah Kelley from the movie version of the musical version of the movie Hairspray covered it in 2008 for DisneyMania 6.[5]

They Live In You and He Lives In You have been rendered for cast recordings of the musical including The Lion King: 1997 Original Broadway Cast and The Lion King: Original Japanese Cast [6] [7] They Live In You was used by Johnny Mathis for his 2000 album Mathis on Broadway. [8]

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