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The standard enthalpy change of reaction (denoted ΔrH) is the enthalpy change that occurs in a system when one mole of matter is transformed by a chemical reaction under standard conditions.

For a generic chemical reaction

vA A + −vB B + ... → vP P + vQ Q ...

the standard enthalpy change of reaction ΔrH is related to the standard enthalpy change of formation ΔfH of the reactants and products by the following equation:

 \Delta_\mathrm{r}H^\ominus = \sum_{B}{v_B\Delta_\mathrm{f}H^\ominus(B)}

In this equation, vB is the stoichiometric coefficient of entity B.

Reactions with standard values

A common standard enthalpy change is the standard enthalpy change of formation, which has been determined for a vast number of substances. The enthalpy change of any reaction under any conditions can be computed, given the standard enthalpy change of formation of all of the reactants and products. Other reactions with standard enthalpy change values include combustion (standard enthalpy change of combustion), neutralisation (standard enthalpy change of neutralisation), and solution (standard enthalpy change of solution).


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