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Jadwiga Jagiellon

Hedwig Jagiellon (Polish: Jadwiga Jagiellonka, Lithuanian: Jadvyga Jogailaitė) (1457-1502), baptized as Hedwigis, (German: Hedwig Jagiellonica) was the eldest daughter of King Casimir IV Jagiellon of Poland and Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria.

In 1475 Hedwig married Duke George of Bavaria in Landshut, which started the tradition of the famous medieval pageant Landshut Wedding.

It was rumored that she was locked away in a tower in Burg Trausnitz right after the wedding, however historic literature proofs that she lived a normal life as a Lady of the house. Hedwig gave birth to 5 children of which only two daughters survived childhood years. Not much is reported after that.

George and Jadwiga had the following children:

  1. Ludwig of Bavaria (1476-1496)
  2. Rupert of Bavaria (1477)
  3. Elisabeth of Bavaria (1478–1504) Married Rupert of the Palatinate and was mother of Otto Henry, Elector Palatine.
  4. Margaret of Bavaria (1480–1531)
  5. Wolfgang of Bavaria (*/† 1482)


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