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Heinrich von dem Türlin: Diu Crône. Heidelberg, UB, cpg 374, 1r.

Diu Crône (The Crown) is a long Middle High German Arthurian poem attributed to Heinrich von dem Türlin, of whom little is known. Usually dated to around the 1220s, it consists of about 30,000 lines. A scholarly edition was made in 1852 by Gottlob Heinrich Friedrich Scholl (1802-1870). The poem tells of the Knights of the Round Table's quest for the Holy Grail, but tells a very different story than traditional versions of the narrative, in which Sir Gawain, rather than the traditional Percival (or Galahad) achieves the sacred object.

It has been suggested that the author was from Sankt Veit an der Glan, in his time capital city of the Duchy of Carinthia.


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