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Heinz Leymann was born on July 17, 1932 in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. He was a Swedish citizen. He was famous for his studies on mobbing among humans. He had a degree in Pedagogical Psychology and worked as a psychologist. He was a professor at Umeå University. He died in 1999 in Stockholm.

His Work on Mobbing

Leymann pioneered research into mobbing in the 1980s. Although he preferred the term bullying in the context of school children, some have come to regard mobbing as a form of group bullying. As professor and practicing psychologist, Leymann also noted one of the side-effects of mobbing is post-traumatic stress disorder and is frequently misdiagnosed. Among researchers who have built on Leymann's work are Noa Zanolli Davenport [1], Thomas E. Hecker [2], Linda Shallcross [3], Kenneth Westhues [4] and Dieter Zapf [5]


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