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Hell's Winter
Studio album by Cage
Released September 20, 2005
Genre Underground hip hop, horrorcore
Label Definitive Jux
Producer El-P
DJ Shadow
Central Services
Camu Tao
Professional reviews
Cage chronology
Movies for the Blind
Hell's Winter
Depart from Me

Hell's Winter is the second full-length album by American hip hop artist Cage and his first for the Definitive Jux label. It was released on September 20, 2005 and received very favorable reviews.


Track listing

  1. "Good Morning" (C. Palko/J. Meline) – 3:48
  2. "Too Heavy For Cherubs" (C. Palko) – 3:36
    • Produced by Blockhead
    • Additional production by El-P
  3. "Grand Ol' Party Crash" (C. Palko/J. Biafra) – 5:01
  4. "The Death Of Chris Palko" (C. Palko/T. Smith) – 3:23
    • Featuring Camu Tao
    • Produced by Central Services (El-P & Camu Tao)
    • Contains a sample from "Justice to the People" by Lee Perry
  5. "Stripes" (C. Palko) – 4:48
    • Produced by Blockhead
    • Co-produced by El-P
    • Bass: James McNew
    • Contains a sample of "Overture" by Mason Willaims
  6. "Shoot Frank" (C. Palko/D. Palumbo) – 4:22
  7. "Scenester" (C. Palko) – 3:50
    • Produced by Blockhead
  8. "Perfect World" (C. Palko) – 3:40
    • Produced by Central Services (El-P & Camu Tao)
  9. "Subtle Art Of The Breakup Song" (C. Palko) – 3:07
    • Produced by El-P
  10. "Peeranoia" (C. Palko) – 3:39
  11. "Left It To Us" (C. Palko/J. Meline/I. Bavitz/R. Brown/Y. Zadeh) – 3:30
  12. "Public Property" (C. Palko) – 3:52
    • Produced by Camu Tao
    • Contains a sample from "Carry(Reprise)" by Chris DeBurgh
  13. "Lord Have Mercy" (C. Palko) – 3:24
    • Produced by El-P
    • Contains a sample of "Crusader" by Chris DeBurgh
  14. "Hell's Winter" (C. Palko) – 5:09
    • Produced by El-P


  • The samples of the menacing voice saying "Beware, I live!" (among other things) in the song "Grand Ol' Party Crash" are from the 1982 arcade game Sinistar.
  • This is the first Cage album ever that contains no mention of the word "bitch".
  • He seems to be done with his long lived feud with Eminem as he does not mention it at all.

Limited Edition

Hell's Winter is also available as a "Limited Edition" 2-disc set. Disc 2 is an instrumental version of the complete album. It also features a computer software program called UMIXIT by Cakewalk. The program allows the user to remix two songs from Hell's Winter.


  • Executive Producer: El-P
  • Recording: NASA
  • Mixing: Joey Raia
  • Mastering: Ken Heitmueller
  • Business Affairs: Amaechi Uzoigwe
  • Project Coordination: Ese
  • Photography: Nairobi Morgan
  • Design & Artwork: Kiku

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