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Hello! Project Kids (ハロー!プロジェクト・キッズ Harō! Purojekuto Kizzu?) is a Japanese music group of fifteen young girls chosen out of 27,958 applicants in 2002. The group was formed as a part of the Hello! Project. The group has so far published a number of records under both group names and the Hello! Project Kids title.

Some of them were selected for members of ZYX and Aa! in 2003, but which were both short-lived groups and, for some time, virtually dormant. Both these units were revived, recently, each containing only 2 of the original members. ZYX was renamed ZYX-α as well, while Aa! kept its original name, the only revived group to do this. Hello! Project Kids is currently organized into two groups—Berryz Kobo and C-ute. Buono! is also a newly formed unit consisting of three Hello! Project Kids.


Also of note, C-ute member Kanna Arihara is sometimes considered a member of the H!P Kids, although this is not the case, as she did not join before C-ute was formed. She was a former Hello! Project Egg. In February 2009, Kanna went on leave to undergo bunion surgery. Since that time, she has missed out on two singles and was not to feature an upcoming Hello! Project shuffles album. In July 2009 it was announced that she would not be returning to C-ute, or the Hello! Project, for that matter.

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