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Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II
Directed by Bruce Pittman
Produced by Peter R. Simpson
Written by Ron Oliver
Starring Michael Ironside
Wendy Lyon
Justin Louis
Lisa Schrage
Brock Simpson
Terri Hawkes
Richard Monette
Music by Paul Zaza
Cinematography John Herzog
Editing by Nick Rotundo
Distributed by Norstar Releasing
Alliance Atlantis
Release date(s) October 1987
Running time 97 min.
Country  Canada
Language English
Gross revenue $2,683,519 (domestic) [1]
Preceded by Prom Night
Followed by Prom Night III: The Last Kiss

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II is a 1987 film, the second installment in the Prom Night saga. It introduced the killer ghost Mary Lou Maloney, who returned in 1990's Prom Night III: The Last Kiss.

As a promotion for the 2008 remake of Prom Night, MGM Home Entertainment released a new widescreen DVD of Hello Mary Lou on April 1, 2008.[2] The film had earlier been released in Canada in 2003 as a full-screen DVD from Alliance Atlantis.

Tagline: Mary Lou is back... God help the students of Hamilton High!



The film begins with seventeen year-old Mary Lou Maloney (Lisa Schrage) entering a church, where she confesses her sins to the priest, claiming to have disobeyed her parents, used the Lord's name in vain and had sinful relations with various boys. The pastor tells her that "These are great sins and she should prepare herself for the consequences." Before leaving, Mary Lou tells the priest that she loved every minute of it. Later, at the 1957 prom at Hamilton High School, Mary Lou is attending with rich Billy Nordham (Steve Atkinson), who gives her a ring with her initials on it. Shortly after receiving Billy's ring, Mary Lou sends him off to get punch while she sneaks backstage with Buddy Cooper (Robert Lewis), where the two are found making out by Billy. Storming off after Mary Lou claims she used him, Billy, while in the washroom, overhears two boys preparing a stink bomb and, when the boys abandon the bomb in the trash due to a teacher approaching, Billy grabs it. When Mary Lou is crowned prom queen, Billy, having snuck up onto the catwalk, drops the bomb on her before she is crowned. To the horror of Billy and everyone in attendance, the fuse of the bomb ignites Mary Lou's dress and she dies after going up in flames, but not before seeing that Billy is the one who killed her.

Thirty years later, Vicki Carpenter (Wendy Lyon) is a high school student who after being denied a new prom dress by her overly-religious mother Virginia (Judy Mahbey) goes looking for something to wear in the school prop room. While searching, Vicki finds an old trunk containing Mary Lou's prom queen accessories (her cape, sash, ring and crown) and takes them, releasing Mary Lou's Hell-bound spirit. After Vicki leaves Mary Lou's clothes in the art room after school, Vicki's friend Jess Browning (Beth Gondek) finds them and, after wedging a jewel out of the crown, is attacked by an unseen force. Hung from a light by Mary Lou's cape, Jess is subsequently defenestrated. Jess's death is deemed a suicide caused by her despair over her recent discovery that she was pregnant.

After Jess's death Vicki finds herself plagued by nightmarish hallucinations caused by Mary Lou and she confides in the now-grown Buddy Cooper (Richard Monette), a priest, who, after hearing Vicki's stories, believes Mary Lou may be back. Going to Mary Lou's grave (where his bible bursts into flames) Buddy afterwards tries to warn Billy (Michael Ironside), who is now the principal of Hamilton High and the father of Vicki's boyfriend Craig (Justin Louis); Buddy's warnings fall on deaf ears, with Billy refusing to believe that Mary Lou has returned to reclaim her title as prom queen and to take revenge on those who wronged her.

During a detention caused by her slapping her rival Kelly Hennenlotter (Terri Hawkes), who she envisioned was Mary Lou, Vicki is dragged into the classroom chalkboard, which turns to liquid. Taking control of Vicki's body, Mary Lou visits Buddy at the church and, revealing her identity to him, kills him by stabbing him in the face with a miniature crucifix. Disposing of Buddy's corpse, Mary Lou makes over Vicki's body, her new mannerisms and style of dress arousing the concern of Vicki's friend Monica Waters (Beverley Hendry). After confronting Mary Lou in the girls locker room, Monica is murdered by Mary Lou when, after hiding from Mary Lou in a locker, she is crushed when Mary Lou makes the locker collapse in on her, causing Monica's brain to spurt out through the locker ventilation slits.

After Monica's murder, Mary Lou seduces Craig and lures him away under the pretense of having sex, only to knock him unconscious and afterward confront and taunt Billy, revealing her identity to him. Finding the injured Craig, Billy takes him home and knocks him back out when Craig tries to go after Mary Lou. With Craig unconscious, Billy digs up Mary Lou's grave and finds the dead Buddy in the coffin, which prompts him to acquire a gun and head to the prom. At Vicki's house, Mary Lou seduces Vicki's father Walt (Wendell Smith) and is found kissing him by Virginia, who, now knows something really wrong with Vicki, tries to stop Mary Lou from leaving for the prom, only to be telekinetically smashed through the front door.

Arriving at the prom, Mary Lou enjoys the festivities while Kelly, in order to become prom queen, fellates tally counter Josh (Brock Simpson) as a bribe. When Josh changes the outcome of the votes to make Kelly winner instead of Vicki, Mary Lou, sensing this, electrocutes Josh through his computer and changes the outcome back. When she is crowned prom queen, Mary Lou goes up on stage, but is shot moments before getting her crown by Billy. Arriving after the shooting, Craig, reaching what appears to be the dying Vicki, is knocked back when Vicki changes into a charred corpse and then into Mary Lou. In the havoc caused by Mary Lou's appearance, Kelly is killed by a falling light fixture and Craig is chased into the school prop room by Mary Lou, who opens a vortex to the Underworld that begins to suck Craig in. Before Craig is pulled through the gateway, Billy arrives and places the crown on Mary Lou, apparently appeasing her spirit, which vanishes, releasing Vicki.

With Mary Lou gone, Vicki and Craig leave with Billy, getting into his car. When Billy turns on the radio Mary Lou's signature song "Hello Mary Lou" plays and Billy, revealing he is wearing Mary Lou's ring (apparently as revenge for killing her in the first place thirty years ago, Mary Lou had possessed him, making him her new host), drives off with the terrified Vicki and Craig.


The film made a little over $2,800,000 at the U.S. box office. The film was more of a success on home video.


Actor/Actress Role
Michael Ironside Principal Billy "Bill" Nordham
Wendy Lyon Vicki Carpenter
Justin Louis Craig Nordham
Lisa Schrage Mary Lou Maloney
Lorretta Bailey Mary Lou (Creature)
Richard Monette Father Cooper
Terri Hawkes Kelly Hennelotter
Brock Simpson Josh
Beverley Hendry Monica Waters
Beth Gondek Jess Browning
Wendell Smith (actor) Walt Carpenter
Judy Mahbey Virginia Carpenter
Steve Atkinson (actor) Young Billy Nordham
Robert Lewis Young Buddy Cooper
Howard Krushchke Todd
Dennis Robinson Mr. Craven
Michael Evans Matthew Dante
John Pyper-Ferguson Eddie Wood
Larry Musser Mr. O'Bannon
Glen Gretzky Robert
Vincent Gale Rejecteded Boy
Kirk Grayson School Secretary
Paul McGaffey Policeman
David Robertson Mr. King
Jean Olsen Cook 1957 / 87
Jay Smith Priest
Marek Forysinski Big Al
Deryck Hazel Mr. Romero
Kelly Simpson Boy #1
Geoff Brumlik Boy #2
Kevin Hare Boy
Myfanwy Meilen Girl #1
Sharon Holownia Girl #2
Roy Babiuk Mean Boy
Brian McGugan Mean Boy
Laura Derwentwater Ms. Collins
Thomas Houg Dancer #1
Greg Scott Dancer #2
Sherry Boisvert Dancer #3
Shannon Fountain Dancer #4
Adria Budd Prom Girl (uncredited)


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