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Helltown is a legendary name for a small town in Boston Township, Summit County, Ohio, which is actually named Boston. Folklore has long associated the area with Satanists and hauntings. It is widely considered an example of fakelore, as the legends appeared after, and can be explained by, the mass eminent domain seizure of homes in the area during the designation of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.[1][2]



Helltown does not necessarily refer to a singular town itself, but rather the northern area or Summit County. This area includes both Boston Township and Boston Village, the two places where most of the legends take place.

Boston Village, was founded in 1806, and apparently flourished until 1974 when a bill was passed by Gerald Ford, that allowed the National Park Service to create a National Park in the county. On December 27th, the National Park service bought several houses with the intent to demolish them. The homes were boarded up and listed as property of the government. Thus rumors began to surface that the government was trying to conceal a chemical spill were born.[2]


There are many legends regarding Helltown. The most popular ones regard satanists and an abandoned house in the middle of the woods. Others regard the Boston Cemetery and the Boston Mills Road bridge which is believed to be a crybaby bridge.


Stanford Road

Stanford Road, nicknamed "The Highway to Hell", is the road usually centering around Helltown's myths and legends. A point on the road, known as "The End of the World", is a huge dropoff where a hill goes down at a sharp decline, leading to a barricade.


Another popular place for legends is the Boston cemetery, which is said to be haunted. Reports claim sightings of a ghostly man, a moving tree, and grave robbers.


Satanists have been said to practice rituals involving animal sacrifice at a Presbyterian church off of Boston Mills Road. More recently, the myth has included the KKK in the place of Satanists. It's also said that an escaped mental patient roams the woods at night looking for victims.


As mentioned above, a rumor persists about the town being the site of a chemical spill or a chemical plant explosion in the area. Usually, a butane plant is the cause. This is often used to explain the local legend of the "Peninsula Python", a gigantic snake that wanders the areas woods. However, there has never been a chemical plant or chemical spill in the area. The Peninsula Python myth is actually dating back to when the circus traveled through on the train and a large 12 ft snake escaped from it.


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