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Henry's Amazing Animals
Format Animated Children's Nature Program
Starring Eric Meyers, Tom Clarke-Hill
Country of origin Canada
No. of episodes 57
Running time Roughly 30 minutes
Original channel Discovery Kids , Treehouse TV
Original run 1996 – 2009

Henry's Amazing Animals (more commonly known as Amazing Animals) is an educational children's nature program originally broadcast on the Disney Channel in 1996. It currently plays in syndication on Discovery Kids Canada and Treehouse TV. It is also available on VHS video.

The show centres around the interactions of its CGI protagonist, a green gecko with purple spots named "Henry the Lizard", and an unseen, unnamed human narrator. Each episode centers on a specific theme relating to the episode's subject matter, (such as Henry travelling through prehistory in a time machine during an episode about Prehistoric Animals.) In a typical episode, Henry is usually faced with some kind of predicament or work that Henry is doing (always relating to the episode's theme), which is resolved by the end of the episode, often learning a lesson of some sort in the process.



The main plot thread of each episode is supplemented by various random cartoons which feature recurring unnamed cartoon animals, sessions in which "Henry" is featured, periods which display video of animals narrated by the narrator with occasional replies by Henry, and two recurring segments, such as "Henry's special report" and the "Golden Gecko Awards". Henry's special reports relate to the episode's subject matter, but typically show Henry busily trying to search for something to report on, and are usually comical and wildly inaccurate, and is always given the correct information by The Narrator afterword, often with Henry saying lines like "Do I get an A, or what?", and The Narrator giving a reply, usually indicating that the report was invalid.

Early episodes depicted Henry's Report as a school report, though later episodes would change the format to one more like a News Program which is also comical and wildly inaccurate in the same manner. In Henry's Amazing Golden Gecko Awards, Henry the Lizard picks three animals featured in the episode or at least relating to the subject in general, and awards the Golden Gecko Award to the best of the three contestants. Unlike the report, the Golden Gecko Awards are typically more genuine, and the Narrator only talks during the featuring of the winning animal rather than after.

Cast and major characters

  • Henry: The show's protagonist. He is a small green Gecko with purple spots and yellow eyes. He is portrayed as being enthusiastic, albeit foolish and immature. He is generally depicted as ignorant of the episode's subject matter, and typically fails in many endeavours he attempts to undertake. Sometimes, he can prove himself to be quite smart. Henry is done by Eric Meyers.
  • The Narrator: The Narrator is Henry's co-star. He is almost never seen on-camera and is almost never named, but is depicted as usually being wise and knowledgeable. In addition to teaching Henry about animals and grading his special reports, The Narrator acts as a comedic foil to Henry: the show's "straight man", who cuts Henry down for his immaturity and lack of knowledge with some combination of a mature seriousness and a dry sarcasm. The Narrator is done by Tom Clarke-Hill.
  • Crab Tuesday: Crab Tuesday is an animated crab Henry meets during a visit to the seashore, and he has been Henry's friend and assistant ever since. Henry gives the reason for naming this crab after a weekday while citing a fictional assistant named Friday. Henry can tell what Tuesday is saying. Crab Tuesday has no voice and only occasionally makes sound while snapping his claws, but in Amazing Animal Hunters, he is heard mumbling "I don't know" to Henry.


- The animal in parentheces is the animal that appears at the opening titles of the show.

- All episodes are shown in the order that Discovery Kids aired them in.

- Each season has 13 episodes.


Season 1

  1. Tropical Birds (Scarlet Macaw)
  2. Animal Disguises (Chameleon)
  3. Nighttime Animals (Springhare)
  4. Animal Appetites (Emperor penguin)
  5. Animal Survivors (Wolf)
  6. Animal Senses (Brown Bear)
  7. Animal Weapons (Goat)
  8. Animal Builders (American Beaver)
  9. Armoured Animals (Armadillo)
  10. Mini Beasts (Rhinoceros beetle)
  11. Animal Babies (Puppy, Kitten, Duckling)
  12. Poisonous Animals (Gila monster)
  13. Animal Journeys (Camel)

Season 2

  1. Birds of Prey (Vulture)
  2. Desert Animals (Dromedary camel)
  3. Scary Animals (Tarantula)
  4. Animal Records (Galapagos tortoise)
  5. Animal Colours (Golden Pheasant)
  6. Animal Mothers (Lioness)
  7. Animal Pets (Gerbil)
  8. Seashore Animals (Pelican)
  9. Animal Families (Ducks)
  10. Endangered Animals (Bengal tiger)
  11. Animal Year (Red Squirrel)
  12. Prehistoric Animals (Tortoise)
  13. Monkeys and Apes (Mandrill)

Season 3

  1. Animal Hunters (Peregrine falcon)
  2. Animal Talk (Crow)
  3. Slimy Animals (Apple snail)
  4. Rainforest Animals (Red-billed Toucan)
  5. Animal Acrobats (Spider monkey, Red kangaroo)
  6. Underwater Animals (Fish)
  7. Animal Neighbours (Raccoon)
  8. Giant Animals (African Elephant)
  9. Creepy Crawly Animals (Grasshopper)
  10. Farm Animals (Cow, Sheep)
  11. Animal Changes (Lion cub, Lioness)
  12. Extinct Animals (Thylacine)
  13. Animal Flight (Ladybug)

Season 4

  1. Around the World animals (Red Kangaroo, Monarch Butterfly)
  2. Polar Animals (Arctic Hare)
  3. Clever Animals (Dolphin)
  4. Underground Animals (Prairie Dog)
  5. Animals Helper (Llama)
  6. Woodland animals (Giant Panda)
  7. Mountain Animals (Alpine Ibex)
  8. Animals Backyard (Mockingbird)
  9. Tiny Animals (Ant)
  10. Animals Partner (Asian Elephant)
  11. Scaly animals (House Gecko)
  12. River Animals (White Stork)

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