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Henry of Lusignan or Henri de Lusignan (died July 7, 1427), Titular Prince of Galilee, a military leader in Egypt, killed in action at Khirokitia or Chirokhitia, married ca 1406 his cousin Eleonore de Lusignan (d. ca 1414), granddaughter of Jean de Lusignan and second wife Alice d'Ibelin, without issue, without issue, and had three bastard children, whose issue is called The Illegitimate Line of the de Lusignan and became extinct in male line in 1660:

  • Philippe de Lusignan (d. ca 1466), Titular Prince of Galilee, married to Eschive de Nores (d. after 1468), mistress of King James II, the parents of:
    • Henri=Herion de Lusignan, Signore di Chiti, married to Helene Chappes, Dame de Psimiloffo et Tripi, the parents of:
      • Philippe de Lusignan (died 1546), Seigneur de Simun et Psimiloffo, married ca 1485 Isabelle Fabrice, the parents of:
        • Phoebus de Lusignan (d. after 1546), married firstly ... de Verny, married secondly 1521 Isabelle de Zerban, Dame de Menasy, and had:
          • Agnes de Lusignan (d. after 1573), married Gaspard Palol
        • Jason de Lusignan (1497 – ca 1570), married 1515/1520 Lucie Flatre, the parents of:
          • Pierre-Antoine de Lusignan (d. after 1571), married to Marie Goneme
          • Jean de Lusignan (d. after 1580), as Hilarion he was a Monk at Antiphonitis
          • Jacques de Lusignan (d. Paris, ca 1590), Bishop of Limassol
          • Jean Philippe de Lusignan (d. ca 1571)
          • Hercule de Lusignan, in 1580 was living under the Turks
          • Helene de Lusignan, died young
          • Isabelle de Lusignan, married ... Nikephoros
          • Marguerite de Lusignan, died young
          • Helene de Lusignan, married Demetrios Palaiologos, Lord of Eglia, Captain of Nicosia
          • Lusignane de Lusignan, married Domenico di San Andrea
        • Hector de Lusignan, married firstly Marguerite d'Acre (d. after 1540), married secondly after 1540 Margarita Zorzalemi, and had:
          • Philippe de Lusignan (d. Rome, ca 1573), a Canon in Nicosia
          • Louis de Lusignan (d. after 1580), a Soldier
          • Jerome de Lusignan, a Canon
          • Marguerite de Lusignan, married ... Crispo
          • Jean-Perez de Lusignan (d. 1571/1573)
          • Hercule de Lusignan (d. after 1573)
          • Ambroise de Lusignan (killed in action in Cyprus, 1570/1571)
          • Lucrece de Lusignan (d. Nicosia, 1566/1569)
          • Laure de Lusignan, married ... Bustron
          • Marie de Lusignan, married Pierre Provost
        • Pierre de Lusignan, married ... Bustron, the parents of:
          • Gaspard de Lusignan (d. ca 1573), married ... Muscorno, the parents of:
            • Pietro de Lusignan (d. Rome, 1611), married in Constantinople before 1590 Luchina ... (d. Rome, 1624), the parents of:
              • Gasparo de Lusignan (Constantinople, 1590/1591 – Loreto, 1660)
              • Lusignana de Lusignan (d. 1627), married in Rome, 1611 Stefano Joli, a Goldsmith (d. 1627)
              • Ortensia de Lusignan (1606 – 1625), married in Rome, 1624 Giovanni Baptista Seraglio
              • Orsola de Lusignan (1609 – 1609)
            • Hercule de Lusignan (d. after 1573)
            • a daughter de Lusignan, married before 1570 ... Placca
          • Alvis=Louis de Lusignan, married ... de Rames
          • Philippe de Lusignan (d. after 1573), married ... di Milidoni
          • Jean-Perez de Lusignan (d. 1570), an Augustine Priest
          • Pierre de Lusignan (d. Constantinople, after 1571), married ... Muscorno
          • Marguerite de Lusignan
      • Jean de Lusignan (d. at the Court of Savoy)
      • Pons de Lusignan, married ca 1500 Medea Podcataro, the parents of:
        • Harion de Lusignan, died young
        • Orsola de Lusignan, married Louis d'Acre
        • Melesinde de Lusignan
  • Helvis de Lusignan, married Hector de Chevides (d. 1461)
  • Mariette de Lusignan (d. after 1474), married Onofrio di Requesens (d. ca 1474), Seneschal of Cyprus


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