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A man herding goats in Tunisia

Herding is the act of bringing individual animals together into a group (herd), maintaining the group and moving the group from place to placeā€”or any combination of those. While the layperson uses the term "herding", most individuals involved in the process term it mustering, "working stock" or droving.

Herding can be performed by people or trained animals such as herding dogs. Some animals instinctively gather together as a herd while some predators, such as wolves and dogs have instinctive herding abilities.

Herding is used in agriculture to manage domesticated animals. The people whose occupation it is to herd or control animals often have herd added to the name of the animal they are herding to describe their occupation (shepherd, goatherd, cowherd). These -herds may use dogs to assist them and a competitive sport has developed in some countries where the combined skill of man and dog is tested and judged in a Trial. Animals such as sheep, camel, yak and goats are mostly reared. They provide milk, meat and other products to the herders and their families.

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Herd behavior is an excessive collective behavior, for example in stock market bubbles, riots, and cults. There is also Nomadic Herding, one type of subsistence agriculture.In India, herders are also known as gadaria.They bring sheeps,camels,donkeys,horses,cows,bulls etc.and sell them.they collect some fat oil meat for their own uses.


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