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Herkimer Diamant - Middleville, County of Herkimer, NY, USA

Herkimer diamond is a generic name for double-terminated quartz crystals, which were first discovered in exposed outcrops of dolostone at Little Falls in Herkimer County, New York and the Mohawk River Valley. They are sometimes referred to as Little Falls Diamond and Middleville Diamond.[1] They became largely recognized after workmen discovered them in large quantities while cutting into the Mohawk River Valley dolostone in the late 1700s. Geologists discovered exposed dolostone in Herkimer County and began mining there. The popularity of mining for double-terminated quartz in the Herkimer County outcroppings is what led to the name, Herkimer diamonds. Currently, Herkimer diamonds can be found in large quantity in at least Herkimer, Fulton, and Montgomery counties, and double-pointed quartz crystals have also been found in abundance, in Tibet and Afghanistan as well as in other countries.

Many of the New York crystals are known for their extreme clarity, and Wiccan and New Age belief systems often ascribe specific occult properties such as enhanced dream recall, connections between astral planes, "manifestation energy" (i.e. energy which helps make dreams, hopes and plans "manifest" or come to fruition) and a wide variety of mystical powers to them.

These quartz crystals, which geologists theorize formed extremely slowly in small solution cavities or "vugs", have 18 facets (6 sides) and two terminations. Research is ongoing to help understand how Herkimer diamonds, in their wide variety of habits, were formed. They can be found clear, cloudy, or even containing a variety of rare impurities. Impurities (rare and general) can include clusters, scepters, enhydro (properly called fluid inclusions), phantom, and bridge crystals. A fluid inclusion contains a water pocket within the crystal, and a phantom is a crystal which contains an image of itself within.


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