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Paluson's node; U.S. Patent 1,540,998

Hermann Plauson was an Estonian engineer and inventor. Plauson investigated the production of energy and power via atmospheric electricity.


Plauson was the director of the Fischer-Tropsch "Otto Traun Research Laboratories" in Hamburg, Germany during the Weimar Republic of the 1920s. He built on Nikola Tesla's idea for connecting machinery to the "wheelwork of nature". Plauson's 1540998 patent describe methods to convert alternating radiant static electricity into rectified continuous current pulses. He developed the Plauson's converter, an electrostatic generator. In 1920, Plauson published a book titled "Production and Utilization of the Atmospheric Electricity" (Gr., Gewinnung und Verwertung der Atmospharischen Elektrizitat). A copy of this book is in the British Library.

It is believed that he was related to Gertrud Plauson (the exact relationship is unknown; she may be his wife).


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