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"Hero Envy" and "Hero Envy: The Swass Adventures"
Series logo
Format Comedy
Pop Culture
Created by Keith Gleason
Mike Hopta
Starring John Cimino
Keith Gleason
Efrain Martinez
Country of origin USA
Language(s) English
No. of episodes 30 (ongoing)
Producer(s) Keith Gleason
John Cimino
Location(s) Massachusetts
Running time 12 - 35 minutes.
Original airing August 21, 2005
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Hero Envy and Hero Envy: The Swass Adventures are an ongoing series of web-based comedy episodes, initially produced exclusively for internet distribution.[1] The first series, "Hero Envy," was the sole venture of the production company Glint of Hope Productions. The series ran for 24 episodes and 3 'Christmas Annuals.' After a small hiatus in the fall of 2008, the series continued as a spin-off show entitled "Hero Envy: The Swass Adventures" produced by Reckless Sidekick Productions. Both series are notable for their fast pace, topical subject matter and unique blend of child-like interests and adult language and themes, as well as the hyper-energetic acting of its stars.



"Hero Envy" began as a short film script written by Mike Hopta in 1997, with Hopta producing the rough draft of the script and Gleason and Hopta finishing and revising the final work. John Cimino, former frontman of the hardcore band Grimlock and noted collector of comic book memorabilia[2], became involved with the production through his association with Gleason, and was cast as the second lead. Despite early readings, the script was shelved when the group was unable to organize the capital to make the film.

In 2005, the increasing availability and decreasing price of film equipment and web video production prompted Hopta to write 4 scripts. He then contacted Gleason and Cimino to discuss the possibility of reviving the original script. Rather than focus on a full-length feature, they decided to produce 10-35 minute, live-action web videos based on the characters from the original script. With that decision, Glint of Hope Productions was finally formed and on August 21, 2005 they premiered with the pilot episode "Saturday Morning." In May 2009, citing personal, creative and professional differences, Glint of Hope Productions ended and Reckless Sidekick Productions was born.

Hero Envy - The First Series

"Hero Envy" drew inspiration from various elements in pop culture. Episodes revolved around the misadventures of characters in an ensemble cast, telling the story of Wally and J.D. who had been best friends since they were toddlers, and their two friends, Orson the Science-fiction loving pacifist and Dekker the crazy horror fan. The Series was often irreverent, full of paradoxical humor and occasional drama. Story lines included video game contests, Hero Clix, reality television, Transformers Addiction, and a parody of the Star Trek episode Mirror, Mirror (Star Trek: The Original Series). Towards the end of the first series the show introduced a villain by the name of J.B. This villain was carried over to the spin-off series that is still running today.

Hero Envy - The Swass Adventures

"Hero Envy: The Swass Adventures" is a spin-off series that premiered in 2009, 6 months after the last episode of "Hero Envy." The premiere episode was entitled "Stranger in a Strange Land" and concluded a cliff-hanger with the character Dekker being held hostange and facing a grizzly end.

The new series focuses on the continuing adventures of Dekker in an alternate universe where he now lives with J.D. and a new character known only as the 'Toy Dealer.' Many of the storylines deal with Dekker's quest to get back to his home world.

The Swass-Cast

Reckless Sidekick Productions in 2009 also started a new video podcast starring the creators of the series. The podcast was used to showcase all their different opinions and knowledge of the geek world with their own personal twisted humor thrown in. It seems to be a regular feature on the website.

Hero Envy - The Comic Book

In June 2009 the first issue of the Hero Envy comic book was released. The comic book is part of a 3 part mini-series set in the universe established in the early Hero Envy webisodes. The story fills out some of the back stories of the characters Wally, J.D., Dekker and Orson and puts them on a quest for 4 mystical objects that need to be used against the villan El Moco-Conpan. The comic also features a character that is a parody of Marvel Comics The Watcher (comics) and a second story that provides the origin of El Diablo, who is an imaginary friend that lives in J.D.'s head.

Public Reception and Relevance

“Hero Envy” and "Hero Envy: The Swass Adventures" episodes are generally targeted at fans of pop culture, movies, cartoon and comic books.[3] While these topics might appeal to a younger audience, the episodes are intended for older viewers, as the characters frequently swear, discuss sexual topics and make off-color jokes and references. Public response varies, but among the target demographic, response is positive. "Hero Envy" has been featured and reviewed on StreetFreaks.tv, The Comic Forum, ComicSpace.com and Spwegilist.com, among others. The series has a large following on YouTube and, like other web series, has spread by word-of-mouth and through public distribution.[4] Hero Envy has also crafted the first ever webisode crossover with the web series "What is Joppa?"

Although "Hero Envy" and "Hero Envy: The Swass Adventures" do draw some themes off of older more established ensemble comedy television series, the web series are notable for the contemporary nature of their humor, the fast-paced episodes and the unique, often outlandish acting of John Cimino. The production companies have attended science fiction and comic conventions, such as the New York Comic Con and the San Diego Comic Con. During their convention appearances, the production companies Glint of Hope and Reckless Sidekick Productions have offered dvds of episodes collected and formatted for group distribution.[5] The dvds contain “blooper reels” and behind the scenes segments.

Celebrity Endorsements

During their trips to conventions, Glint of Hope has filmed several “celebrity endorsements” by actors, comic book and television writers[6]. The celebrities include Jason Mewes, Erica Durance of Smallville fame, David Palffy from Stargate SG-1, superstar comic book writer Mark Millar, Seth Johnson of Wizkid's Heroclix, and Steve McNiven, penciler for Marvel's Civil War series.

Hero Envy has also featured guest stars in several of their episodes, including The Smoke, professional wrestler from NWA Shockwave, Fat Momma from Who Wants to be a Superhero?, Phil Labonte from All That Remains[7], and Kina Dean from MTV Road Rules.


"Hero Envy" was the recipient of the 2007 and 2008 "Spewgie" for Best Web Series at Spewgilist.com, a site aimed at fans of comics, movies and geek-pop culture.

Episode list

Episode 1 - Saturday Morning

Episode 2 - J.D. is a Dick

Episode 3 - Catwoman Sucked

Episode 4 - Internet Fad

Episode 5 - Science Friction

Episode 6 - Geek Games

Episode 7 - Cartoonathon

Episode 8 - Hero Envy: Live!

Episode 9 - Contest of Champions

Episode 10 - Orson Come Home

Episode 11 - Who is Cochrane?

Episode 12 - Enter El Diablo!

Episode 13 - Realistically Speaking Part 1

Episode 14 - Realistically Speaking Part 2

Episode 15 - Smoked!

Episode 16 - Never Meet Your Hero's Penciler

Episode 17 - The Energon Agenda - Astro Train Spotting

Episode 18 - The Energon Agenda - Requiem For an Autobot

Episode 19 - It Started on Yancy Street

Episode 20 - Interlude

Episode 21 - Hero oreH

Episode 22 - The Game is Afoot

Episode 23 - The Man Who Knew Not Much

Episode 24 - Stranger in a Strange Land

Episode 25 - Tragical Mystery Tour Part 1

Episode 26 - Tragical Mystery Tour Part 2

Christmas Annual 2005

Christmas Annual 2006

Christmas Annual 2007

Christmas Special 2009

Swass-Cast List

Episode 0 - Hulk vs Superman 1

Episode 1/2 - Hulk vs Superman 2

Episode 1 - Top 5 Comic Battles

Episode 2 - He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Episode 3 - Favorite Wrestling Memories

Episode 4 - Ben Cooper Costumes

Episode 5 - The Incredible Hulk Television Series

Hero Envy: The Swass Adventures Current Cast and Characters

J.D. Fields - Played by John Cimino

The rambunctious and raging hormone who sometimes doesn't know if he's 3 or 30 (and this usually happens at the expense of others)! Cares little for time, law and order, for those things mean nothing in "J.D. World." Even though he's loath to admit it, J.D. needs his best friend Wally and this sometimes comes at a huge price. An incorrigible rebel that lives for babes, beers, cartoons, and chaos, and not necessarily in that order. In an alternate dimension J.D. lives with The Toy Dealer and seems to tolerate Dekker a little more than usual (even asking him to become a roommate). He likes to change his hats depending on the situations.

Dekker - Played by Keith Gleason

Works the counter for the local comic shop "Fly on the Wall Comics." Dekker has been friends with Wally for over 10 years and they bonded over an issue of Hellboy. A loner who is a little "off" due to his militant love for blood, guts, and horror. Dekker is also up on all internet geek news due to the fact that he is on ebay everyday and writing hate e-mails to studios for re-making his favorite horror movies. Recently, Dekker stole Jake B. Piscano's reality hopping razor for fun but now finds himself trapped in a parallel universe and he's trying to get home.

The Toy Dealer - Played by Efrain Martinez

The Toy Dealer is a character whose shady dealings call into question where his true allegiances lay. He is street smart and tough, and knows how to stay alive in the harsh world of street crime and petty thievery. In the beginning, he was a street hustling dealer who sold highly dangerous and addictive toys to unsuspecting fan boys(see episodes 17 and 18.) A sly and sarcastic character, he seemed to be out for profit and generally concerned only with himself. He occasionally uses a wheelchair or cane, and while this is never discussed, it is likely that he occasionally finds himself shot or injured by other dangerous characters in the world of toy dealing. In an alternate dimension, he was revealed to be J.D.'s roommate where he had become a less threatening character, choosing to deal in the black market for new and used sex toys.

Additional Cast for the Original Hero Envy Series*

Wallace North - Played by Mike Hopta

The level-headed, kind, yet sometimes gullible guy who looks for the best in everyone and in any situation. Think Charlie Brown trying to "right the wrong" like his hero Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) while maintaining his sanity in a world lost. Wally tries to live as normal of a life as possible by balancing a riled up J.D. and trying to "get it right" with his on and off again girlfriend Brooke. Known for his high-speed-joystick-trigger-fingers and an almost uncanny dedication to his comicbook heroes.

Orson H. Cochrane - Played by Kurt Loether

The lovable, somewhat-robotic science fiction companion to Wally. Orson still lives at home with his mother (but he would contend it's the bridge of the USS Enterprise). Wally and Orson met in line waiting for "Return of the Jedi" tickets 20 years ago (oddly enough he still hasen't stopped complaining about the Ewoks). His extensive robotic Sci-fi techno babble can drive even the most balanced jedi to the Dark Side. Orson's relationship with J.D. is a bit shakey due to the fact that J.D. is very territorial when it comes to all things Wally.

  • In episode 24, "Stranger in a Strangeland" the characters Orson and Wally are featured only in flashbacks.


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