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Hesse Cup
Map of Germany: Position of Hessen highlighted
Flag of Hesse Hessen
Qualifying competition for
German Cup
Current Champions 2008-09
Kickers Offenbach

The Hesse Cup (German: Hessenpokal) is one of the 21 regional cup competitions of German football. The winner of the competition gains entry to the first round of the German Cup.



The Cup was established in 1945, after the end of the Second World War, in the state of Hesse, which then was part of the US occupation zone in Germany.

The Hesse Cup is played annually.

From 1974 onwards, the winner of the Hesse Cup qualified for the first round of the German Cup.[1]


Professional clubs are not permitted to enter the competition, meaning, no teams from the Fussball-Bundesliga and the 2nd Bundesliga can compete.

In 2008-09, the best 15 teams of the regional cups in Hesse qualified for the first round of the Hesse Cup. All clubs from Hesse playing in the regionalliga and below take part in these competitions. Additionally, Kickers Offenbach as the club from Hesse in the 3rd Liga, qualifies directly for the Hesse Cup.

The final is played at a neutral location but the two finalists can agree to play the game at one of the two clubs home ground.

Cup finals

Held annually at the end of season, these are the cup finals since 1945:

Season Location Winner Finalist Result Attendance
1945-46 Eintracht Frankfurt
1946-47 Eintracht Wetzlar
1947-48 Olympia Lampertheim
1948-49 Kickers Offenbach
1949-50 FC Hanau 93
1950-51 SpVgg Bad Homburg
1951-52 FC 04 Oberursel
1952-53 SV 07 Nauheim
1953-54 not held
1954-55 CSC 03 Kassel
1955-56 not held
1956-57 Eintracht Wetzlar
1957-58 Viktoria Urberach
1958-59 Germania Okriftel
1959-60 SG Kelkheim
1960-61 KSV Hessen Kassel II
1961-62 FVgg. Kastel 06
1962-63 Hünfelder SV
1963-64 VfB Gießen
1964-65 Germania Wiesbaden
1965-66 SV Darmstadt 98 II
1966-67 FV 09 Breidenbach
1967-68 SG Westend Frankfurt
1968-69 Eintracht Frankfurt II
1969-70 SG Westend Frankfurt
1970-71 Rot-Weiß Frankfurt
1971-72 VfB Gießen
1972-73 FC Nieder-Florstadt
1973-74 Rot-Weiß Frankfurt
1974-75 VfR Oli Bürstadt
1975-76 SSV Dillenburg
1976-77 VfR Oli Bürstadt
1977-78 FC Hanau 93
1978-79 VfB Gießen
1979-80 RSV Würges
1980-81 TuSpo Ziegenhain
1981-82 KSV Baunatal
1982-83 KSV Baunatal
1983-84 Eintracht Haiger
1984-85 SC Neukirchen
1985-86 SKV Mörfelden
1986-87 RSV Würges
1987-88 SV Wehen
1988-89 Rot-Weiß Frankfurt
1989-90 FSV Frankfurt
1990-91 Viktoria Aschaffenburg
1991-92 Rot-Weiß Frankfurt
1992-93 Kickers Offenbach
1993-94 SG Egelsbach
1994-95 SC Neukirchen
1995-96 Marburg, 9 June 1996 SV Wehen SC Neukirchen 3-2 aet 650
1996-97 10 June 1997 SC Neukirchen FC Herborn 2-1
1997-98 SG Hoechst
1998-99 Aschaffenburg SV Darmstadt 98 Borussia Fulda 4-0
1999-2000 Alsfeld, 4 June 2000 SV Wehen TuSpo Guxhagen 5-1
2000-01 Hanau, 30 May 2001 SV Darmstadt 98 SV Wehen 2-1 1,000
2001-02 Offenbach, 29 May 2002 Kickers Offenbach SC Neukirchen 1-0 aet 4,500
2002-03 Rüsselsheim, 4 June 2003 Kickers Offenbach SV Wehen 3-2 2,000
2003-04 Offenbach, 6 June 2004 Kickers Offenbach SV Bernbach 4-3 aet 3,065
2004-05 Eschborn, 10 August 2005 Kickers Offenbach 1. FC Eschborn 2-1 aet
2005-06 Wiesbaden, 3 June 2006 SV Darmstadt 98 FSV Frankfurt 2-1 2,500
2006-07 Hanau, 6 June 2007 SV Darmstadt 98 KSV Klein-Karben 3-0 1,246
2007-08 Darmstadt, 28 May 2008 SV Darmstadt 98 Viktoria Aschaffenburg 2-0 3,300
2008-09 Offenbach, 27 May 2009 Kickers Offenbach SV Darmstadt 98 1-0


Listed in order of wins, the Cup winners are (2008):

Club Wins
Kickers Offenbach 7
SV Darmstadt 98 6
Rot-Weiß Frankfurt 4
SV Wehen 3
SC Neukirchen 3
VfB Gießen 3
RSV Würges 2
KSV Baunatal 2
FC Hanau 93 2
VfR Oli Bürstadt 2
SG Westend Frankfurt 2
Eintracht Frankfurt 2
Eintracht Wetzlar 2
SG Hoechst 1
SG Egelsbach 1
Viktoria Aschaffenburg 1
FSV Frankfurt 1
Club Wins
SKV Mörfelden 1
Eintracht Haiger 1
TuSpo Ziegenhain 1
SSV Dillenburg 1
FC Nieder-Florstadt 1
FV 09 Breidenbach 1
Germania Wiesbaden 1
Hünfelder SV 1
FVgg. Kastel 06 1
KSV Hessen Kassel 1
SG Kelkheim 1
Germania Okriftel 1
Viktoria Urberach 1
CSC 03 Kassel 1
SV 07 Nauheim 1
FC 04 Oberursel 1
SpVgg Bad Homburg 1
Olympia Lampertheim 1

2009 Hesse Cup

In the 2008-09 edition of the Hesse Cup, there were 16 clubs in the competition. Since 1999-2000, when it was won by SV Wehen, only the biggest rivals in Hesse football, SV Darmstadt 98 and Kickers Offenbach, had won the Hesse Cup, but they had not played against each other in the competition during this period. In 2008-09, they were the highest ranking clubs in the competition (others are 5th League and lower). The mode of the Hesse Cup stipulated that these two teams could only meet in the final. Both of them succeeded in reaching the final, which Kickers Offenbach won 1-0.

2010 Hesse Cup

In the 2009-10 edition of the Hesse Cup, there were 8 clubs in the competition, because they made stronger qualifiers before. So now they got the hardest Hesse Cup ever, with the favorites Kickers Offenbach and SV Wehen Wiesbaden from the 3rd League. The hard rivals SV Darmstadt 98 and KSV Hessen Kassel (both 4th League) will meet soon in the competition, in the quarter finals. However, in earlier years, the nord hesse club Kassel always have misfortune, often defeated in hesse cup by very weaker clubs before, will not be the favorite in march 2010, when they play against the south hesse club Darmstadt, who wins three of the four last hesse cups in the past and takes cup-games very serious.

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  • Die Regionalligen, Yearbook on German amateur football, published by the DSFS (German)


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