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ヒバゴン (Hibagon)
(ヒナゴン (Hinagon))
Japanese book cover depicting the Hibagon
Grouping Cryptid
Sub grouping Hominid
Country Japan
Region Mount Hiba, Hiroshima Prefecture
Habitat Forest

The Hibagon (ヒバゴン ?) or Hinagon (ヒナゴン ?) is the Japanese equivalent of the Bigfoot or Yeti.


The hibagon is described as a black creature with white hands and large white feet, standing about five feet tall. Sightings have been reported in forested, mountainous areas of the country.[1] It has been reported in the forests around Mount Hiba in Hiroshima Prefecture and has been said to resemble a gorilla.[2]

The creature is reported to look like an ape and smell like decaying flesh. It is said to live in low shrubbery on the foothills of Mt. Hiba and also areas around Hibayama National Park. A typical sighting says that it is about five feet tall with a face shaped like an inverted triangle. The Hibagon has a snub nose, large deep glaring eyes and is covered with bristles. Theories to account for this cryptid range from a gorilla, a wild man, or a deserter from the Japanese army, to an individual ravaged by atomic radiation from the nuclear attack on Hiroshima. A sighting from 1972 reports that the creature has a chocolate brown face and is covered with brown hair. Although the Hibagon is said to have 'deep glaring eyes', in two reports by a Mr. Sazawa and a Mrs. Harada, the creature took no hostile action and fled from four armed residents intent on hunting it. Japanese Boy Scouts claimed to find footprints 25 cm (10 in) long and 15 cm (6 in) wide. As with most hominid cryptids, the Hibagon is said to have a most unpleasant stench, like a decomposing human body.[3]

Popular culture

This creature was featured in the 2005 movie, Dear Hinagon, directed by Takayoshi Watanabe. It also appeared on The Secret Saturdays, a Cartoon Network animated series about cryptids. It rampaged in Tokyo, Japan in the episode "The Vengeance of Hibagon."


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