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Hideo Nakata
中田 秀夫
Born July 19, 1961
Japan Okayama, Japan
Other name(s) Nakada Hideo
Occupation film director

Hideo Nakata (中田 秀夫 Nakata Hideo, born July 19, 1961, in Okayama, Japan) is a Japanese filmmaker.



Nakata is most familiar to Western audiences for his work on Japanese horror films such as Ring (1998), Ring 2 (1999) and Dark Water (2002). Ring was later remade in America as The Ring (2002), Dark Water (2002) as Dark Water (2005), The Ring Two and the The Ring Three.

Nakata was scheduled to make his English-language debut with True Believers, but later pulled out. He was later offered by DreamWorks to direct the movie The Ring Two (2005), which he accepted, making his English-language debut with a sequel to a remake of his own film.

Nakata made his initial breakthrough into film with Ghost Actress (1996). Although failing to attain any large-scale success, the film was responsible for leading to his directing of Ring.

Other Nakata films include Sleeping Bride (2000); Curse, Death and Spirit; and Chaos (2000). He has now completed a Japanese ghost story, Kaidan. He is currently working on Hearn, which is about the life of Lafcadio Hearn who wrote Kwaidan.

Hideo Nakata is represented by United Talent Agency.


  • Curse, Death & Spirit (1992 video) - Director
  • Don't Look Up (1996) - Director, Writer (story)
  • Tokyo biyori (1997) - Actor
  • Ring (1998) - Director
  • Joseph Losey: The Man with Four Names (1998) (documentary) - Director, Writer
  • Ring 2 (1999) - Director, Writer
  • Sadistic and Masochistic (2000) (documentary) - Director, Himself
  • Sleeping Bride (Garasu no nou) (2000) - Director
  • Chaos (2000) - Director
  • Sotohiro (2000) - Director
  • Chi wo suu uchuu (2001) - Actor
  • Dark Water (2002) - Director, Writer (screenplay)
  • Last Scene (2002) - Director, Producer
  • The Ring Two (2005) - Director
  • Dark Water (USA) (2005) - Writer
  • Hideo Nakata's Kaidan (2007) - Director
  • Death Note: L, change the WorLd (2007) - Director
  • Voice from the Stone (2010) - Director

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